View Full Version : How has your health &/or life improved by ingesting alchemical substances?

04-10-2013, 07:54 PM
I've read from a variety of places, different reports. We know that alchemists were some of the first apothecaries, some say with a tendency to exadgeration. Herbert Shelton in his naturopathy magazines back in the 50's, accused alchemists as being some of the first pharmacists (the word 'pharmacy' comes from the root "pharmakeus" for "sorcerer, or mixer of poisons.") So I am curious how alchemical substances have affected you personally; have they helped you levitate, communicate with angels, leap tall buildings, astral project, or just prevent you from catching the common cold? Do you feel a consistent improvement over time? I suppose a corresponding thread to this might be what killed the alchemists?

04-10-2013, 08:18 PM

Alchemical substances that I ingested

Salt - made my food tasty
Aqua vitae - guided me through my college years
Green vitriol - Helped me in my low red cell count
Natron - from soda crackers that i eat. good with cheese whip
Sweet Vitriol - when i experimented on alternative highs

These alchemical substances improved the quality of my life i guess.

To answer "what killed the alchemists?" is ingesting the rest of the elements that i didn't mention.

Donna Matrix
04-23-2013, 09:37 PM
I have ingested Ormus from trap water and made from dead sea salt. Thiis woke me up terrificcally btu I had to stop taking it due to imbalnce. Now in all fairness i have suffered from effects of severe stress, poor environment and evironmentl issues, multiple pharmaceuticl use for hypothyroidusm, diabetes, high blood pressure and basic metabolis syndrome. I have lost 65 lbs since Jan 2012, am now off all blood pressure meeds, off insulin annd byetta. Am getting my sleep under control.

I have made annd taken elixers of :
life everlasting
dittany of crete
ladies mantle
true unicorn root

All of these have effected my consciousness, mostly as teachers and as connectors of consciousness to entities who can teach me more. My hhealth is better than it has been in yeaars, possibly in all my ife ( I am fifty). My beauty has grown noticeably. But I also use magic in my alchemy, as well as other natural products and ssupplements.

I think this path is indispensable for deep healing. Ideally I would learn how to make eleixers based on astrologiccal charts for the deepest possible healing and balance. I have recently started back up on the ingestion of my eleixers which I had to stop un Feb 2013 due to imbalance. I have gone thru several periods of imbalance and chaos but emerge stronger and wiser.

I rely on spirit and alchemy is done with this objecctive- to strrengthen my virtue and progrees me on the path of the great work. Without this goal I think it becomes perverted. I hope to manifest a lab somewhere in the middle of nowhere where I can do the metal work like Seth-Ra or Leo R. Then I can really call myself an alchemist.

Donna Matrix
04-24-2013, 08:50 PM
I also failed to mention that sweating my ass off at the gym also did alot for my health:)