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Electric Wizard
04-11-2013, 04:28 PM
Okay, so I lied a little, the main purpose of this thread is so I can get a clear and precise explanation as to how the terminology of the alchemical formulae is converted into something psychologically and ritually feasable, does anybody have an idea?

I keep being told things that I don't yet understand and its not helping. The failures of occult students seem to be at the hands of 'enlightened' teachers who won't give the details of things that usually can't even be described accurately without experience. They think the directions they give are somehow helpful. I know why lavey laughed at them all.

I'm familiar with these: 'feeling currents in my mind when its clear' (very organic feeling, different feelings, some are abstract, etc, the main one is the area I live in: a business oriented historic downtown part of my area where all big festivals and such happen in both the two cities I live (like living in a mini las vegas, thank you Belial for giving me such a good place to earn renown :D) . The problem here is that when my mind is clear, its not at 'peace'. Its very far from it. The strong, undeninable sense of dread that blankets under this whole area is felt more strongly after I meditate. I'm also familiar with ceremonial magick and chaos magick ideas but these are thoughts for other subjects.

Other than this, the art bit is in regards to playing out alchemical emblematics in either meditation or visualization.