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04-16-2013, 08:20 AM
What do we consider to be "Good?" How about "Evil/Bad?"

M"any" of us have had experiences we deem "Good," and likewise we deem "Bad/Evil." But why is it that we define these experiences with these labels? Why do we set the apart as to be of a dualistic nature? To understand this we must first dive into the meaning of each of these terms.

From this dualistic perspective;
*Good - seeks to bring peace and harmony to ALL by creating order.
i) Order - laws, rules, guidelines: most perceive this as a bondage which attempts to act as a prison or a dominus and we, the slaves.

*Evil - seeks liberation from the bondage of the "Good" and replace it with "Freedom" bringing true free-will.
i) Freedom - the ability to act within the "random" and become set above all things as one's own "god."
ii) Random - most perceive this as the "Chaos," or the "Void." This chaos/void is, according to mainstream Gnosticism, what birthed the universe and ultimately is the "source," of the ALL.

Ok, now that we have the two clearly defined, let us determine what sets them apart. Now at first glance one would say, "It's obvious! Good seek harmony while Evil seeks Chaos." However this is not so; chaos or void IS harmony. "How so?" you might ask? Well the answer is simple, if "In the beginning was Chaos/void," then returning to a state of void/chaos is returning to the original harmony. So the only difference we truly have is the fact that "Good," wishes to find harmony by adding rules and guidelines and "Evil," wishes to tare down the rules and let ALL return to a state of Chaos/void thus restoring the original harmony.

See this is the illusion; to divide and separate the truth as a whole; to exist as a separate being. We spend so many years of our lives trying to hide our true selves from others that in the process we hide it from ourself and become truly separate. We then define our existence as if we are the "god(s)," of our own universe and are outside of the ALL, not able to see the whole, the Harmony that IS.

GOD Bless, be Love, Light, and Peace, LGO

solomon levi
04-21-2013, 12:42 AM
I really vibe with that LGO. :)

For those to whom God is all, All is good. :)
But not polar good. Even bad is good for a warrior who loves challenge...
Challenge can be someone's peace/harmony when they see it as the portal to the next bigger picture, and the next bigger picture,
the next puzzle piece, the next layer of clothing our Beloved sheds... I'm in love with that.

I recently had a challenging time being my own god...
it seems true that with great power comes great responsibility (ability to consciously respond).
Everyone is always god, but it's challenging to consciously be god.
We all hold the power of forgiveness, of love, compassion... it's a challenge to choose that when it counts.
We all can make a bad day for someone if we choose to withhold our love, to place place/see boundaries and limits...
We each make our own personal you-topias, or hells. We each stand at the gates of this heaven/hell and decide who
shall enter or not, on a personal level.
What I'm talking about is little things as well as big... the million tachyon speed ninja decisions we make every second...
you gotta be quick to see them... they create reality, but for most people they are "behind the scenes".

Void, Chaos, Order, Harmony... these really are stages/adaptations of the One. Emptiness is form and form is emptiness.
For me, i seek to be it all, the whole smear, from nothing to things... anti-matter isn't outside of that... anti-matter is matter, matter is anti-matter -
the head and tail of the great dragon; and they switch being head and tail depending on whether I look up or down stream.
This is the immortal view, as far as I know. For the mortal part/portion seer, there is beginning and end, creation and uncreation, etc, etc...
to me, in my biggest pictures, these are one thing.

04-21-2013, 04:55 AM
Yeah this is a Taoist perspective and I happen to love the simplicity of it ALL. PEOPLE are what makes it confusing, they must have their war, they must have a conflict, they must have a meaning of life deeper than simply to exist in harmony.

I am in love with this as you are Solomon. I am a Scorpio and by nature I like a degree of conflict and waring; ask Seth-Ra, he knows me better than any other person does. However I prefer the peace and silence. The Chaos does not resonate with me, I am a planner and Seth-Ra can confirm this too, I hate being late, I hate to "just-wing-it" most of the time, although it can be more relaxing to do this at times.

I am a worshiper of Life, and Harmony, of Peace and Comfort, and I am above all else one who seeks the simplest of things, ALL.

GOD Bless, Be Light, Love, and Peace, LGO

04-21-2013, 12:01 PM
Hey all
LGO what I think your saying is that your are trying to compere the expression Good and Evil with
supernatural phenomena. I think that it depends where you want to put the words. In society Good is when example
someone helps another and Evil are mostly named the ones that try to hurt others.
Basically what I think here is that words Good and Evil are philosophical words that were created from words Pleasure and Pain.
Anything related with pleasure is good anything related with pain is bad-evil. After all how could we know pleasure without pain
how could we know good without evil, how could there be a creation without chaos. As human beings we judge the two black and white
by seeking colors.

solomon levi
04-22-2013, 02:28 AM
i want to expand on my recent experience... i think this is a good place for it.
in short, i was talking to an acquaintance and she asked to, let's say borrow some money (it was a little more complicated than that) and she would return it the next day cause she was coming into town for this event where i work. i hesitated... she added something like "i promise. trust me, this will be the foundation of our budding friendship." now that intrigued me... such talk reveals awareness, signs of consciousness... so i agreed. and the next night she didn't show or call. i texted her and got some excuse that she didn't make it to the show. duh. so the money doesn't bother me. but that someone basically went all in on a friendship bet and then doesn't even call or apologise or make plans to rectify. it's just unexplainable that people can be so bipolar.
but this isn't people. (it is and it isn't) it is a gift from spirit. you learn alot about yourself when someone wrongs you... they give you an opportunity... cont...

solomon levi
04-22-2013, 02:28 AM
an opportunity to be unexplainably compassionate, loving, forgiving... to exclude no one from your friendship.
that challenge is priceless, and my amazing beautiful friends don't really give me that opportunity, they love me and are good people.
so what is good? it's all relative. even bigger picture... it's completely unapplicable.
but if it were applicable, one could say that those who challenge us to be more are our best friends.
love your 'enemies' is not charity (the usual def. it is indeed grace)... it is for your sake, not theirs. it promotes both you and them.

04-22-2013, 02:38 AM
you also learn alot about the other person ;)

Like learning to define 'Good' by witnessing 'Evil'.
Or learning to define 'Evil' by witnessing 'Good'.

That's a short summary though.
I'm tired and drinking and watching the moon and waiting for the spring.
I perceive this as 'Good' (because I'll actually get some sleep tonight!)
'Evil' I perceive as when my roommate gets home from work and wants to talk about how his job sucks...

solomon levi
04-22-2013, 04:53 AM
this leads me back to the chaos of subjectivity.
Gurdjieff spoke of sin/hamartia meaning 'to miss the mark'.
good and evil are relative... simple and complex... peace and stress...
if your aim is complexity, then it's good to hit that mark.
if your aim is to receive the stress your roommate brings home and dumps on you cause you want to be a christ capable of receiving the sins and burdens of the world, then evil becomes good in that case.
now imagine the millions of different possible scenarios where good and bad trade places and you get a glimpse of the quantum world of spirit, uncertainty, virtual particles, etc...
there are no absolute definitions. neither are we absolute entities. definition/confinement is one direction and undefining is another, and refining is the continual circulation/evolution of life. our definitions will change, guaranteed. the world will appear different accordingly, but there is just one world, one substance... the quantum flux/foam. :)

05-02-2013, 04:03 AM
Solomon all your posts are awesome, I've read a lot of them lurking this forum, thank you for them.

Keep up the good fight!

To address the point though, good and evil seem to me to just be necessary parts of the whole.

Like a boxer who needs a good sparring partner to increase his skills, so both sides need each other to help each other grow.

solomon levi
05-02-2013, 09:40 AM
thanks BasedZyzz.
yeah, i notice the more we define something as good or evil, the more the wheel slows down... the wheel of circulation or evolution... kind of like a baton... easy to spin at the center, more difficult and clumsy to spin at the poles. they are both part of life, but the labelling, or attachment to labels, seems to complicate life more. :)
in nature excessive yin becomes yang, etc, but labels and beliefs can interrupt that flow and fix us. i notice too that labelling attracts those labelled things/events more... something like hitting all the red lights when you're running late.
welcome to the forum!