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04-19-2013, 04:31 AM
Rudra/Inerton Device by http://indra-scientific.com/

Developed by Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets the founder of ‘Inerton Theory’ the device can be used for measuring the Inerton Fields in Pyramids. Although not commercially available as of yet, however I contacted the company and they will be made available to the public.


This device named Rudra is able to measure not only the intensity of inerton fields
but also the spectrum of measured inertons in a range 1 Hz o 100 kHz. We found
that on the surface of the Earth the majority of the background inertons fall within
a frequency band from 1 to 4000 Hz.
Signals at each frequency from 1 Hz to 100 kHz increase in intensity in comparison
with the measurement conducted out of the pyramid. All signals grow in intensity in
the same ratio. The distribution by intensities is complicated. The minimal intensity
is at the centre of the floor where the pillar is embedded. The intensity increased up to 5.5 – 6 times at the top (at the measurement inside the pyramid). The intensity increases 2.5 – 3.5 times at
each stiffening rib and at each corner. The intensity along the west-east line is
larger than along the north-south line 1.5 times; the same occurs out of the
pyramid. The measurements strongly depend on the state of the sun and the
atmosphere. In time of a so-called “magnetic storm”, which last for a few hours, we
observed an interesting situation: the pyramid does not amplify signals;
measurements inside the pyramid and out showed the same results. The degree of
amplification also is a function of the season. The most power work of the pyramid
is observed in a warm and hot period of the year. Unfortunately, we still did not
measure the pyramid in the night-time. The pyramid has also a large pit under the
wooden floor (the depth is 1.8 m, the base is 4 m x 4 m). The device shows the
increase of intensity of inerton signals 1.5 to 2.5 times, especially at the ceiling of
the pit near the centre. It was caught out that worms did not like to live under the
pyramid (i.e. in the pit).

The shape of a pyramid, i.e. the angle to the horizon is our case is about 52
degree. In the case of Alexander Golod’s pyramid the angle is less. We measured
model small pyramids with smaller angles as well. In general, the effect of the
pyramid is still preserved. The most important is the orientation of two faces along
the west-east line. Although in pyramids with a sharper angle inner inerton fields
are unstable – in the same place measurements can show different results, i.e.
more dispersion. Architect Andrei Tsyganov (Moscow) who designed the biggest
Golod’s pyramid, told me that mounters /installers of the Golod’s biggest pyramid
had problems with the head when worked at the top; they fainted and the
ambulances visited the construction site regularly. For the workers it was strange –
they were specialists to work at tops of towers, buildings, etc. And only working at
the top of the Golod’s pyramid they had syncope. In my opinion, that was the result
of the inerton field concentrated at the top of the pyramid. It will be interesting to
measure the intensity of inertons at the top of this Golod’s pyramid (when the
pyramid was building, there were not these devices and even an idea of the
reasons was not clear at all).


The Great Pyramid as an Aether Wind Trapping Site www.inerton.kiev.ua/HERA2.html

04-19-2013, 02:17 PM
. . . . mounters /installers of the Golod’s biggest pyramid
had problems with the head when worked at the top; they fainted and the
ambulances visited the construction site regularly. . . .

That's a relatively common effect on the consciousness but only seems to happen at the beginning until one is used to the energy. I've had those same experiences, I would get a heating up of my body, with this strange overwhelming rush of energy to my head (as if my head was floating); yes, feeling of fainting to some degree. Once the body has stabilized to that frequency, then that's no more.

Great posting! Thanks for the link, HappyPotter.

04-19-2013, 02:20 PM
I meant to add also, that it's been clear at least to me that not every organism, or I should say human, can tolerate such force, such energy. Some just can't relax into that sensation, they fight it, and it leads to distress.

04-20-2013, 02:19 AM
Thanks Krisztian, yeah I like this Dr Krasnoholovets because he is a science based physicist but is also a yoga/vedic nerd as well. Apparently these little devices can be used for detecting geopathic stress zones/spots as well as harmful radiation coming from electrical appliances etc and of course sweet spots in pyramids and so on. So I thought great finally a highly sensitive little tool for all us energy nuts to replace dowsing rods and basic em detectors. But for now they said they are available to folks who want to do research, however that they will be made commercially available to purchase.

From the site;

Besides, the device is very need to those builders and architects who do not wish to offer their customers environmentally vulnerable residences.

The device can also be very successful at a geological exploration, because it is capable to indicate oil and gas pools, water pools, oil-shale deposits, commercial orebodies, etc.

The device can assist archaeologists at their archaeological dig, as it can easy to indicate burial places and recondite entrances, caves, rooms and tunnels; The device can help researchers of pyramids to determine the intensity of the pyramid power.

There is also the hard information that the inerton field is able to intensify many chemical processes in liquids, up to tens of thousands times!!