View Full Version : The Tower - an analogy of a personal journey

Electric Wizard
04-24-2013, 08:21 PM
Two lords rule a tower
A wizard of hidden power
And one a brutish knight

The tyrant sought to steal power
And the wizard put up a fight
His council warey of the knife of betrayel
Schemed to mock his might

The tyrant droned and roared
But the wizard seethed in hatred raw

His power in bursts soared
The Knightly Wizard pulled the straw

A doomed plight of the pit
Descended upon the bull
The disciple of the evil Knight
Revealed his corrupted soul

And so the wizard turned and spoke
as a beacon of shining hope

Brought the tainted tower to his Might

"No rebellion will see the Day,
And nows the end of Night
I leave you to your trap in time
And let Saturn's poverty drain your life."

Like a guillotine his words
The tower sealed from strife
Evil would fall and as well its sword
from the tower out of time

And one day the wizard would return
From a long moment's decay
An evil sorcerer who burned
and inside revealed his way