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solomon levi
05-18-2013, 12:21 AM
I haven't posted in a while... not much new to say. My life is good. One of my teachers
who taught how to manifest said (maybe 20 years ago or more) that one day instead of
wanting to manifest more things, we'll just write "More" on our cards. Well, I'm finally
there. I just want more of the same... more of the more... always the next bigger picture.
Anyway, from what I see now the world is not going to change in this generation unless
something drastic happens that forces a change. I mean people are still so scared, afraid of
love, afraid of truth... it's just not gonna happen except in pockets and individuals. The changes
people claim to want in the world, the changes they post memes on facebook about, the unfairness
in the world... it's not going to change because people don't want responsibility. Responsibility
starts with oneself way before you can be responsible for war in the world or hunger or
whatever... Responsibility starts with little bitty things of truthfulness, acceptance, admittance.
People aren't even close to that... everyone is still afraid, still hiding, still presenting the protected
masked version... they don't understand that nothing will change in the world as long as they
do that. Why do i know this? Because I am vulnerable, i am real, I am out there... I tell my
friends I love them all the time because I know that's important, i know there may not be a
chance to tell them tomorrow... I don't have the luxury of tomorrow because i learned to
live as a warrior seer... but everyone else does. Nibiru excluded, I've met so many people here
and some are really good people, but they still put the brakes on, put the shields up... they like me,
they know I'm a decent person and that I think of others, but I'm still a question mark, a cause
for suspicion, uncertainty, distance... because I will change a human being that let's me close to them.
I can't help it. I don't want to change people. I love people and allow them as they are. I have
compassion and understanding and wisdom to know that only life changes people, not knowledge.
But spirit in me changes people and they don't want it, they don't want to see. This is not my judgement,
nor a complaint or pity... I'm just telling you what I see as an unattached observer. I see how people
respond, just as I did when I was younger and less wise... we think this will be cool, I'll be spiritual
and interesting and la dee da. But then you walk the path a ways and it's not what you thought... it's
not a new image - it's the death of the image. And people say, "I don't want that." "That's not what I
signed up for."... many are called, few choose themselves.
I'm not saying there aren't people that can handle it. I'm saying there aren't enough. I want to say
that we have to believe in each other. As a healer and shaman, that's really what i do - introduce people
to the larger version of themselves through my eyes... and they like what I see. But I'm not here to
stroke you or blow smoke up your butt. I love people more than they love themselves. I can't help
it. I'm awake... i love the whole of myself... I can't help but love others as myself. But I can only carry
people so far. I'm not trying to be the tree that overshadows and kills the smaller trees... I'm trying to
say "look! you're a huge tree too! you're infinity." But people don't believe it... won't take responsibility
for it, which will empower them, like I'm empowered. I help people all the time... send them energy,
focus on their dreams manifesting... and I get results. I have people texting me asking me to send
energy, and i love to... my source is infinite and they don't yet know that theirs is too, so i mediate.
But I long for them to ask, "How can I learn to do that for myself?" "Teach me what you know."
No one asks. It's the same as when i met my teacher... everyone came for handouts... it took years
before we wanted to be the genie instead of asking the genie for wishes.
Anyway... there are no separate individuals... everything is agreement... every thing is a relationship of
two or more forces... there is no single isolated force or entity that is not in relationship with the whole.
What does that mean? This work must be done together or it won't be done at all. If the second coming
is to come, it must come through us. Jesus had 12 disciples who believed in him and he believed in
them... most did not believe in themselves enough to be like him. The same thing is happening now.
I'm not trying to make a cult. I'm not trying to be Jesus. I'm just living as i see. I'm just sharing the
vision in case anyone is interested. I don't care if it happens or not... I'm taken care of. I'm just saying,
it ain't gonna happen if more people won't step up and do the work on themselves. I don't care how
many people become aware of the wrongs... how many petitions are signed... etc, it's not going to
change the world unless people change themselves. It's not about changing what's wrong in the world.
Look at yourself... be complete, whole... love the totality of yourself - not just the good... or this
world won't change. Love the wrong, because YOU have been wrong, and it was necessary. You
can't change what you don't love. Love is the changer, the healer. When you love in others what they
can't love in themselves, you shine the light for them... open the door for them. This is the only way.
I'm just telling you what I see. If i saw judgement working, separation working, exclusion working...
I would tell you. But I haven't seen that. I've done it and it didn't work. I've done love and it does work.
Judgement/separation/shame just creates the shadow, the self-judgement... the hiding. Love is light.
People tell me their lives, their darkness, and they watch me and wait for the judgement, for the brakes,
the distance, the disapproval... and it doesn't come... and they share more... they test me, but there is
only love here. And they get the idea that others should not judge them either... they reject judgement.
The hard part is not to judge ourselves... and if the judgement persists, if we find it to be "true", then
we have to make amends... we have to do an action now that balances that action then and tells us we
have learned the lesson.
I'll stop rambling. Thanks for reading. I look forward to your responses if any.

Seeker of Truth
05-18-2013, 12:31 PM
Awesome ;)

Thank you :)

Illen A. Cluf
05-18-2013, 04:00 PM
Thanks for your words, Solomon. They parallel my own thinking so much that there is not much I could add to it. IMO Self responsibility is indeed the real secret behind human advancement. In this society of today, we expect authorities to take care of all our decisions and directions. I recall the "revolution" of the 60's. Yes, as often reported, some were only into drugs and sex, but the group I was involved with (I was in my late teens during that time and lived in a University City) were primarily into trying to change the world into a better, more honest and principled place. I myself remained a virgin throughout those times, certainly not out of desire, but strictly out of principle. Today, very few historians mention that world-changing aspect of the 60's - they seem to like to focus on the excitement of the many misfits who were primarily into drugs and sex. In any society, there will always be the minority who think for themselves and try to take responsibility for themselves, while the rest enjoy the material benefits and continue to depend on others for taking care of advancement.

There is much more going on in this world than most people are aware of - politically, religiously and socially - and these are not going in a positive direction. These three fields are largely being usurped by those who see personal value in exploiting these institutions for their own personal benefit. Most of the major religions are based on very incorrect histories, deliberately changed throughout history to give control and power to those small groups of egotistical opportunists who sought and continue to seek to exploit the masses.

Also, I have always maintained that many people wish to be ripped off. They like to vote for political figures that are obviously devious and materialistic. Many people are also addicted to lotteries which, statistically, is a form of approved rip-off. The chances that the majority of those buying lottery tickets will lose is statistically ensured. Gambling is another such addiction where people desire to be ripped off. I have only bought lottery tickets or have gambled less than half a dozen times in my life, and those times were under peer pressure. What the sociological reason is that people desire to be ripped off (like buying obviously overpriced cars from used car salesmen only because they create a kind of "show") is beyond me. It is like the circus that goes with it has so much entertainment value that the entertainment justifies the rip-off. Advertisers are well aware of this phenomenon, so the cover o any product far outweighs the content. In short, IMO most people have been indoctrinated throughout their lives to only see the outward and rarely the more important inward. Today, fictional Hollywood shows become the reality. Often, when I mention a real even. the people I am communicating with will say "Yeah, I saw something like that recently in such and such a (fictional) Hollywood movie". Odd how fiction is now used to confirm fact!! That's how twisted our concepts of reality have already become.

The same with how we elect our politicians. How many vote for the most attractive candidate without even checking their background and qualifications? How many of the most attractive leaders have proven to have very dubious characters? Everything today is based on appearances. "Quality" has gone downhill. (Read Robert Pirsig's two excellent books on a good philosophical understanding of the meaning of the concept "Quality").

Well, I have also rambled on long enough. I rarely do that anymore because most people don't seem to have a clue as to what I'm talking about. It's good to know that at least one other member here understands.

05-18-2013, 08:07 PM
I agree with most of what Sol and Illen said, great posts. I have had a major disconnect with my generation in that I'm not interested in drugs or having sex with someone just because they're physically attractive. This whole everyone screws everyone concept just doesn't interest me, it lowers the meaning of relationships. I'm not judging anyone as I respect all paths, just stating my current preference. I mean I still have desires myself as well but I'm really far more interested in finding a loving and very sincere relationship. One in which someone wants me for me and I want them for them, nothing else. I don't feel that I need a government contract for that either or to ask some higher being for approval. It took a long time for me to deprogram myself and I'm still not completely finished.

I also agree with taking responsibility. If someone wants something(good,bad,neutral,whatever) they basically just have to take it, find a way or make a way. Illen is so right, people do want to be ripped off. They are willing to believe anything as long as they don't have to think, face the truth, take responsibility, or actually do something.

The worst part being even if we can point all this out and try to help it's amazing how people just don't care or force themselves to not listen. Of course I've got my own plan to change things but it will take a while.

solomon levi
05-20-2013, 08:46 AM
I overheard a conversation at work the other day... a guy was showing another pictures of his smashed
car from an accident he was in. The guy he showed them to said "you were blessed to survive that."
That's how most people think... they need something drastic to wake them up and appreciate something
very ordinary and everyday. We survive everyday! We're blessed everyday. The only difference is awareness,
perspective, context, attention, wakefulness...
You have the same 24 hours a day as everyone else. The difference is choices, what we focus on, emphasize,
how we define things and ourselves...

solomon levi
05-20-2013, 11:16 PM
I'm not sure if I can communicate what i want to. It's one of those things one can only point to,
and people will look and see what they know... "he's pointing at that, no that..."
To me, I am pointing at more. :) More is different for everyone depending on their evolution.
For me, more has to do with encompassing... dimensions, time...
one of the most amazing things in my life is my understanding of time and frequency... all my magic
comes from that. This reality is one description among billions. This "time" is one among billions.
What I know myself to be is All times, all realities. It takes some time to make those other parts known.
I can't manifest the totality of all that is right now... don't know if I'd want to. But I want to be more.
And more can come slowly or quickly, depending on oneself.
More is all we can ever have. More for some is a new car or a new relationship or more money...
There is one substance, one thing... we transmute the impersonal more into our personal dreams...
that's life. Life is equal to your ability to dream it... to define "more". Everyone defines it differently...
it is one thing with a billion names.
I want to share what i know about time with you. Thought is one level of time. If we aren't prejudiced about
what is real, thought can be allowed to manifest via emphasis. The thought/desire to have lunch, to meet a friend,
to make the Philosophers' stone, means that it has happened... I can follow that thought to its completion/evolution...
it doesn't matter to me if it has happened on this "physical" plane yet... that is not my criteria for "real". If it is yours,
your reality will be smaller than mine... you'll call mine fantasy... armchair philosophy... That's from your perspective.
Light is moving at 186,000 miles per second to some perspectives... to light, light isn't moving at all - that is perspective.
What you deny, what you judge, what you define as real and not real, is your more/one thing, not everyone's.
If the void is infinite potential, what isn't real? Real is what we select to be real. For some, magic is not real.
I'm not saying fantasy stays fantasy. Every invention was first fantasy. What makes fantasy real is repetitive (frequent/frequency)
thought/attention/emphasis. But you should realise that the thought of doing something is complete - it is done in the thought...
you can walk the path of the thought and see it. Now it just needs more definition, more context, more sulphur, more texture...
When someone asks me for healing, it is already done in the asking! My "job" is just to emphasize that. I don't really DO anything...
We don't DO miracles... we SEE them. We see that they already are. We emphasize them. You must understand what that means
to a subatomic particle! It is everything! Your observation, your agreement, your thought/intent is LIFE to those particles - it's how
they breed, multiply, condense, manifest. If you close the door, it's no one else's fault. I cannot heal someone against their agreement.
I wouldn't even want to. I want only what you want for you.
My life is wonder-full. It wasn't always seen that way. I share my realisations as an option of what worked for me. Finding what
worked required many "failures" to realise what doesn't work. And that is just a change in definition... it doesn't work ANYMORE for you.
Fighting with your significant other may work for you until it doesn't work anymore. Transmutation! There's nothing right or wrong, good
or bad... it's all relative. If it's not relative for you, then you've stopped changing/growing. :) It's great to stop for a time - make a camp from
which to plot your next adventure... It's another thing to build a church and call this particular plateau "the truth".

05-26-2013, 10:05 PM
A wonderful explanation Sol...

I tell people they can have anything they want if they can concentrate on the thought of it for six weeks...hehe...I believe this although
I am not sure if it is true, but im fairly sure that no one can concentrate for that long on the thing they believe they want as life gets
in the way and other stuff becomes more important.

I do believe that those that believe they can have something usally get it and those that doubt dont.

You mention above that light isn't moving at all...to me light has some very peculiar properties that people just take for granted:

If a car were travelling at 40 MPH and another car was behind it tavelling at 50 MPH then the car behind would be approaching the
car in front at 10 MPH, whereas if the car was tarvelling at three quarters the speed of light and the car behind put its lights on, the light
would approach the car in front at the speed of light...the speed of light doesnt change with respect to the motion of the bodies concerned.
How weird is that.

Also if a photon can move an electron as in the case of a photo-electric-cell then it must have energy and with the assumption that the photon
has energy and energy equals (mass) x (speed of light squared), then one could assume that a photon has mass, but as any mass accelerates its mass
must also increase due to greater kinetic enery therefore as an object tends to the speed of light its mass tends to infinity. If I have not made a mistake
in those assumptions then how does a photon travel at the speed of light...unless it doesn't and we just percieve it so...too weird to get my head around.

N.B. Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photon) says a photon has no mass, but if that is the case then applying the energy formula to it
it must have zero energy as E=0 x C^2 = 0 and if that is the case how does a photo-electric-cell work?


Edit: For more confusion read "Speed of Gravity (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_of_gravity)

solomon levi
06-10-2013, 10:36 PM
Hey Ghislain. :) thanks.
I don't really concentrate in the sense of effort. I think people try too hard sometimes and that makes it unnatural.
Our reality is before us with no effort at all. What manifests is our "common thought", the ones we don't question.
When we remember an event, there's no effort in trying to create it or believe it because it already happened.
We can apply the same to remembering the future. The "trick" is to present it to the brain and mind with the same
degree of certainty that I am typing this now, for ex. This is where "belief" can fail, as it leaves room for doubt.
But seeing doesn't. :)

Donna Matrix
06-11-2013, 03:00 AM
OMG I freakin love you guys!!!People do not want to be free bacause its too much work. They don't want it intelllectually as only maybe twenty percent bother to flex their mental muscle. This weekend Ii hosted a suarez..The universal opinion among several feng shui wizards and witches was theie s a separation in the energies going on right now.. The oil is coming out of the water. The mercury and sulfer are separating. We are called to close portals to darknness around us within us in our philosophic chikldren. It involves virtue and it involves the children.

Our feng shui master is trying to get children to pray for the worlld as he believes this is a kind of mmedicine for the whole world.

I see such a difference in consciousess in the young people some of it very hopeful, some scary. Free Yourself!! What have you to lose?