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06-24-2013, 02:44 PM
Suppose its common in places where secrecy is a must, that those into said secretive hobby tend to work alone, coming together in small circles if at all. Not quite a worldwide phenomena but its certainly the case in western countries where active spirituality is seen as fringe worthy... the popularity of certain cultures, Yoga etc has hardly helped as these are often watered down to a fluffy bunny like nothingness, their adherents hardly having the real life grit to them a lets say Magician or active Tantric would.

So... Alchemy is fringe worthy, "weird" its participants subject to hiding a life's work behind closed doors. A lonely man is a keeper of secrets. Still, much like in the arena of Magic there are Practical Alchemical Circles, Schools that are somewhat hidden but very much active... was wondering if any would like to digress and list a few... perhaps some intend to start their own study group? Of all topics, being the most literal Alchemy is one I'd say is the most worthwhile when it comes to working with others, mentoring etc. Too many mistakes to be made, those mistakes being way too costly to make so thought it wise to ask if people know of any clandestine guilds out there hiding in the shadows, peering toward the light.

Perhaps people have info on joining a guild, what to expect, how beneficial its been for them etc...?

Spill the beans, let something new grow. :cool:


06-25-2013, 10:29 PM
I think this is probably my first post, but I feel like this is the best place to start. Let me begin by saying that I haven't practically applied myself in the pursuits described in the practice of alchemy, but I have been devoting myself to acquiring a greater understanding of All things, and my path has led me to Alchemy.

My intuition has guided my scholarly pursuits to incredible places, and my thirst for the unknown has only grown, fueled with possibility and a little understanding. I have generally encompassed a large cornucopia of various subjects of interest yet have not delved deeply in anyway, for I am missing something that I believe is quiet essential. I need a guide, a partner, a teacher. Someone whom I may ask questions, and someone who can ask questions of me.

My problem is that there is no one I know who shares the same interests and would devote themselves in alchemical pursuits. I'm left alone in my own search, with no one to turn too, whilst also being ridiculed for giving any credence to the claims of Alchemy.

The most significant factor that could aid the evolution of this Community of like minded individuals would be the formation of an organization, that could possibly extend all over the world. People who are devoted to both truth, virtue and knowledge. A true Brotherhood is what we need.

06-26-2013, 10:15 AM
Didn't want to answer my own question but there are several online schools that are open for you to join: http://www.alchemystudy.com/ http://alchemyguild.memberlodge.org/

There are also study courses available, worth buying for the information alone: http://www.triad-publishing.com/.

Depending on your personal interests there are functional ritual orientated groups, usually based on the Rosicrucian tradition - Hermetic Golden Dawn that have a focus on Practical Alchemy in their curriculum, would have to do a search for them. There are many temples but not all have an interest in Practical Alchemy... in typing this I'm assuming that you're looking for a Laboratory styled approach to Alchemy over an Inner one.

Alongside all of these there are functioning groups that are more devout toward furthering work in the Lab, usually small groups, tutorship's set up by past pupils of notable Alchemists some claiming lineage back to past ancienty groups of old with all kinds of (apparently) secretive knowledge... much as you would a Golden Dawn or Magical occult order but 100% focused on Alchemy!


An example would be The Heredom Group, there are others out there but we have to wait for more beans to be spilled before we can let that tree grow .lol.

06-26-2013, 04:00 PM
My boy just visited the Science Museum and said there is an Alchemy Exhibit there right now, but couldn't tell me much about it.

Slightly off topic, but I didn't think it merited a thread.