View Full Version : Great Lab equipment sale

06-24-2013, 07:30 PM
In case anyone is interested , thought I would let people know of a really good sale.
I got some fantastic goodies. Best for people in Ireland, UK or Europe

I guess people would mainly be interested in equipment

http://www.lennox.ie/current-promos/ check the "equipment clearance" pdf

They have a 500ml /1000ml heating mantle 92 euros down from 370 euros
A digital hotplate at 186 down from 687. Also water baths etc

They can be a bit stuffy about selling to individuals, but if you don't go near chemicals - just say you are a hobbyist such as essential oils etc then the gate opens. Might be easier if you give your work address but pay by credit card

I like to think the Universe gives you some encouragement when you are going in the correct direction in your experiments so hope somebody gets some benefit from this.