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Electric Wizard
07-08-2013, 03:51 AM
In regards to that adverserial vision of change and transformation presented by Beelzebub, I've come to terms by means of the energies I've worked with and how dualistically polar they are. As of late, the biggest has been a sudden momentous shift from outright saturnine imbalance in the state of fermentation to, transforming the 'impure essence of the stone' (which may itself be everything from my body, to being social, to the black arts) to a vigorous, vitality-empowered and rejuvenating surge of force from the Sun. I've incorporated the Sun into my aura.
But where does the shift from gloom to Noon fit in the subject of duality? Well I've come to cause quite an array of trouble around here. In my own depressive filth pit I've managed to find a new gold of reason with the illuminating application of the sun. I have found a vital reason for my surge of momentous power which for all intents and purposes has been unstoppable to outside forces (and even the 1 'close encounter' to a fight was just a girl driven crazy by my occult 'lesson'- I was instantly rescued from a admirable individual who seems to at least in part host their own intuitive reason to or at least condone my actions as justifiable. But I've been causing ruckus in many circles while maintaining a sense of "WELL TECHNICALLY HE HASN'T -DONE- ANYTHING WRONG..."
I found that my own hatred has whipped out furiously with ease, and subtle little tricks of tact and potential energy have been found in the grimoires written in the dirt. In alchemical turns, the spiteful little daemonic imp ascended to the sky above. For a moment it touched that scornful visage of light and was burned, a price payed for its quintessential power. When heavens guards were riled, the daemon descended back to the Earth and perched itself upon the Mountains.
The only injustice is that you aren't true to yourself.
The desire to hurt people took a sudden patriarchal shift which seems to work almost as a form of chivalristic zeal- I'm hurting people, and they know it, but they seem to be 'learning'.

In my wicked moments, I am Saturn.
When Saturn's Son overthrows him,
He becomes the Father of the Other Gods.


solomon levi
07-11-2013, 05:50 PM
To my seeing, what makes it black is the idea or thought that you are doing something.
Nothing happens without the will of the One, which is neither white nor black yet both white and black, etc...
It is also a will-less will :)
Black and white, good and wicked, are all about identity. Alchemy shows us that every poison has medicine in it, and vice-versa.
Every yin has a dot of yang, etc... eventually, we realise we are not the doer, we are the whole.