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So through my m-state works i found a lot of the techniques had some flaws to them. So i did some work on them. I don't mind sharing this information if anyone is interested. If you find anything wrong with this work or ways to simplify please speak up. If you would like to post your methods, please do so.
There are a good few different methods i will post here. Some of these methods are from others work. So i surely do not claim them to be of my own.

M-state modified wet method.

How to make M State gold from Dead sea salt.

1 Take 1/2 cup of Dead Sea Salt,

2 Add 2 cups of distilled water.

3 Now have sea water from dead sea salt.

4 Pour sea water through a coffee filter to filter out scum.

5 Pour the sea water into a stainless steel pot. Slowly, drop-by-drop,add the food grade lye solution WHILE STIRRING. Every ten drops or so, test the pH. You might want to take at least 3 to 5 samples from different regions of the liquid.

6 bring the pH up to 9.5, then stop to be on the safe side. If you are using a pHmeter, stop just before you get to pH 10.78.

7 A white precipitate which includes m-state elements will form.

8 You must proceed slowly and patiently so that you do not
exceed pH 10.78 with a meter or pH 9.5 with pH paper. If you go
higher than pH 10.78, you might get a "Gilcrest precipitate" of toxic
heavy metals. It is alleged that the Dead Sea salt water does not produce any Gilcrest precipitate. This has not been proven and should not be assumed.

9 Once you are at the correct pH, stop.

10 Pour the solution into a clean glass jar or test tube.

11 The white precipitate (slurry) slowly settles on the bottom of the jar.Let the slurry settle overnight. If metals or other toxins have been ruled out by prior testing of your starting material, the slurry is probably mostly calcium hydroxide, Mg(OH)2, lye, and a small amount of m-state

12 Using a large syringe (or siphon), remove the liquid above the slurry

13 Add distilled water to the precipitate (filling the jar), stir thoroughly, and let it settle again for at least 4 to 5 hours, preferably overnight. Put the jar inside of a metal cookie jar inside of another metal jar . Steal wool between the jars will keep the solution away from magnetic fields.

14 Do 12 and 13 4 times to wash the material well. Using distilled water each time.

15 This step use to be to boil the solution for 5 minutes. Boiling is probably not the best idea unless you are using straight sea water and not using the dried sea salt reconstituted in water.

16 Take ph to 12 .

17 Filter material and keep liquid.

18 Use vinegar to bring the ph to 10.7 . Jello like precipitate will form.

19 To further filter the material to dry material m state elements.

This procedure removes the Mg(OH)2 by dissolving it below pH 9. First get some HCl (or muriatic acid) and coffee filters. A safer alternative to HCl is distilled white vinegar.

1. Dry the precipitate in a dark oven at about 275 degrees F for
one or two hours. This forms a dry powder.

2. Take the dry powder and pulverize out any clumps.

3. In a glass container, cover the powder with some distilled
water. For example, one liter of water for one cup of powder.

4. Add HCl or distilled white vinegar drop-by-drop to bring
the pH to 5 or 6.

5. Shake the bottle and let it sit overnight. The dried m-state
should not dissolve at that pH, but the Mg(OH)2 should

6. The next day, after all the Mg(OH)2 has dissolved, pour
everything into filter paper.

7. Wash the powder collected in the filter paper several times
with distilled water to remove any residual traces of HCl or

8. The washed powder may be oven-dried again at about 275
degrees F, and you should have m-state powder free of
Mg(OH)2.here is another method of obtaining m-state elements

Another Ormus application.

Take glass jar 8 Ounce or bigger.
Get Magnetic tape.
Spiral the tape all the way up the jar.
You can use mineral water. Shake it for 5 minutes up and down.
Then drink.

OR take Sea Salt and grape oil shake for 5 mins and leave overnight. Take the oil from the salt and massage or whatnot. eat it. Use salt in bath. Both have Orumus.

Another Application.
Ormus water bubbler- concentrator .

Take a fish tank air pump and put ceramic magnets nn ss so the all hover over each other over the tubing. Put the air stone on the end and bubble your water to charge your ormus in the water. Different types of water have different amounts of Ormus elements . City water will have the least amount of Ormus. charge for 5 minutes or longer. The longer it runs the more iridescent and cloudy the water will become. Some postulate this is due to fine m-state elements being in the air. Or the super charging of the M-state elements in the water. This procedure has also produced the oily film that moved through the glass and has a sweet flavor.

Magnetite apparatus.

The apparatus for making this water is very simple. It consists of using an empty cylinder shape container, like a large oatmeal container, that is about 5 inches in diameter. At the center, an 8-inch long length of a 3-inch diameter mailing tube is placed. In the space between the inner walls of the 5-inch diameter can and the 3-inch diameter mailing tube, the black magnetite sand is poured.
This makes a cylinder of magnetite about 1 inch thick surrounding the 3-inch diameter hole in the center. Into this hole a standard bottle of spring water is placed that is about 710 ml in size - this is about one-pint of water. It fits in very nicely. You put together a minimum of five of these units and allow the process to proceed. Then after five days, you take one bottle out everyday and drink the water and replace it with another.
This gives the water 5 days in these units for magnetic activation. The units should be placed at least 6 inches apart to get maximum concentration of the Earth's magnetic fields. The strong magnetic fields are suppose to gather and concentrate or charge the ormus elements.

I also wanted to add that if you want to super charge your ormus and turn it into more of a high spin state then you must anneal your product. This has said to turn heavy m-state element's into high spin super light fluffy elements.
Magnetic elements from grapes, an experiment

200ml of concentrated grape juice were poured into a beaker and NaOH pellets were added one by one until the ph reaches 14. Only two pellets (0.4gr) were enough for this case. Then the solution was left on the hotpad to evaporate at the lowest possible heat that allows it to be at the brink of boiling. Evaporation of about 2/3 of the solution took almost 5 hours and resulted to a purple-red thick syrup, covering about 1/3 of the volume of the beaker. The evaporation procedure was stopped far before dryness (because the syrup started to bubble uncontollably and fuming) and the syrup was allowed to cool at room temp.

Then, a small portion of this honey-thick syrup was removed with the glass stirrer and put into a small beaker for further evaporation on a gas heater, at low temperature. The heating proceeded with the material fuming heavily and within 10 minutes ending to a black porous crust. Then, the crust was crushed to dust, and the dust was poured onto a paper.

Finally a Nd magnet was moved circularly under the paper and some portions of the dust were observed to follow the magnet, bahaving like iron dust. When the magnet was put directly on the dust, it collected some of it, leaving the rest untouched. The isolated magnetic dust by means of magnet attraction, was a small portion of the whole.

If the syrup is not dried thorougly, magnetical behaviour is not observed. Baking at low fire is an essential step.

I'm curious - the definition of a superconductor, one part of the definition anyway, is that it doesn't allow
any external field into it, so I would have thought the superconducting material would be repulsed by the
magnetic field and not attracted.

I could be wrong. It's just how I imagined it.
When Doing the "shaker" Method, the Shaking, and the "0" Point of the Magnetic Field Generated by the Wrapping of the Magnetic Tape around the Jar Draws the Ormus out of the Salt and into the Grape Seed oil, as well as Coalesces the Salt & Grape Seed Ormus.

This Ormus is Wonderful for Topical Applications.


...boil solution for 5 minutes. *PLASE READ* If You Are Using Dead Sea Salt to make Your Ormus, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BOIL THE PRECIPITATE, as a Matter of Fact, WE Strongly Advise You NOT to, there are Some Volatile Compounds there. The ONLY Reason You Should Boil is if You are Using Salt WATER, to Get out the Biological Contaminants.

Love & Light.
1. I wonder if somebody know, WHO invented that ormus can be made from sea salt?
2. Its possible to make Ormus from sugar?
Thanks for all of the replies !!

I will have to make that adjustment to the wet method guide concerning boiling the solution.

There are a few things that i have heard that makes sea salt a great candidate for ormus.
In an alchemical view the salt sits in the sun all day and steadily over time absorbs the astral energy from the rays of the sun.
There other i have heard is that everything from the top of the mountian and volcano's eventually end up in the see with wash down. Rain erodes and brings minerals down. So at sea level there is a concentrated collection of minerals and elements that collect and when the sea water dries it has vast amounts of these minerals.
I have heard the best solution to deal with is tibetan sea salt solution. Supposedly there is a site that sells it as a concentrate and they state that thus far this has by far the most precipitate in it.

I can attest to the grape seed oil and magnetic tape method. It is great for a topical rub. And the more you use it the more ormus seeps into the skin and heals the area from affliction. I have my wife give me a neck rub with it here and there and i can Truly say my pain level has gone down greatly from what it use to be. Just using the topical ormus grape seed oil.

Also i have to say it might be impossible to know who first thought of getting ormus from sea salt as people have likely been doing this for thousands upon thousands of years.

1. I wonder if somebody know, WHO invented that ormus can be made from sea salt?
2. Its possible to make Ormus from sugar?Sea Salt Contains Ormus, This IS a Fact. Different Sea Salts Contain Different M-State Minerals as Well as Different Yields. Of All the Sea Salts, Dead Sea Salt is the Purest and Has the Highest Concentration of M-State Gold of All Sea Salts, Roughly 70%, And Has Little or NO
Gilchrest Elements i.e. Toxic Heavy Metals.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Aristotle wrote about the remarkable waters of the Dead Sea. Jesus, John the Baptist, King David and King Herrod were closely linked with the Dead Sea and its surroundings. It is said that Queen Cleopatra obtained exclusive rights to build pharmaceutical and cosmetics factories in the area during the Egyptian conquests. After the knowledge of the Manna was lost, the Nabateans discovered the value of bitumen that was extracted from the Dead Sea and used by the Egyptians for embalming their mummies. In the times of the Roman Empire the Essenes settled in Qumran on the northern shore of the Dead Sea. It was a place of refuge. During the Byzantine era the remoteness of the region attracted Greek Orthodox monks. Monasteries such as Mar Saba in the Judean Desert and Saint George in Wadi Kelt are still places of pilgrimage although Bedouin tribes have continuously lived in the area.

The elevation of the Dead Sea is about 411 meters below sea level making it the lowest point on Earth It is overlooked by the Masada fortress and is home to a unique climate. Its waters contain 21 minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium and bromine. Of these 21 minerals 12 are found in no other sea or ocean. Comparisons of the composition of the Dead Sea's chemical make-up to other oceans and lakes show that the Dead Sea water contains 31.5% salt. The SO4 ion concentration is very low and the concentration of the bromine ion is the highest of all waters on Earth. While chlorides neutralize the majority of the calcium ions in the Dead Sea water the NaCl concentration is only 12% to 18%. The NaCl concentration in other seas is 97%! The Dead Sea is fed by several major streams such as the River Jordan but, like the Great Salt Lake, there is no outlet except through evaporation. The unique climate of the region allows the water temperatures to vary from a low of about 19 degrees C in winter to a high of about 31 degrees C in summer.

Hope This Helps, And NO, Ormus Cannot be Made From Sugar. And Unless You are Using "Raw" Sugar, You are most Likely Full of Toxicity, as Well as Feeling Pain More Intensly, "Granulated" Sugar is a Pain Enhancing Poison.

Peace Profound.

P.S. Happy New Year Dear Brothers.