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07-15-2013, 04:04 PM
Hope this is the right space for this. :confused:

Am in the process of rounding up a few projects I'd left on the side line, of these projects I was quite proud to recall my Triple P experiment, using Peaches/Pears/Plums together (under venus) for a tincture. The other I'm quite excited about is an Onion experiment I have attempted, utilizing John Reid III's text but crafting a working from it in parts I'm now left with a Mercury solution that smells extremely potent to the point where dosage will likely be a consideration... I mean, its been put away in a cupboard and the smell still effuses the room, can't wait to give it a try :cool:

The goal in Alchemy is of course to create the most refined end result as possible one that would mark the beginning of an initiatory experience... while I'm only an amateur more into Magick than Alchemy per se I thought it'd be interesting to hear the most interesting experiments others have under taken in the art of Practical Alchemy, what the ultra refined end result was and, if you're willing to share, what was learnt in the process.


07-15-2013, 06:19 PM
Wile I was calcining the residue of a plant, I noticed wile the fire was still going on, drying the residue, I realized that the fire was only burning the spirit
but as the spirit would vanish in the thin air the fire started taking over the body and slowly turn it into black ash.
I was expecting for white powder but that didn't happen until I realized that the black impurities are just a bit heavier than the spirit to vanish in thin air
and I started blowing the residue with my mouth and saw up close the white salt appear. At that moment that took me back when I was a kid. playing with fire
and how I would blow on the woods to make the fire grow and how the wood would turn all to white ash.
I know that this experiment was one of the simplest alchemical experiments that there are but in a way it made me believe that
Calcination is achieved not only by the force of fire but also the force of the wind.