View Full Version : Alchemy applied to Grimoire construction.

Electric Wizard
07-25-2013, 11:52 PM
-Alchemy applied to IMAGES: Calcinate a fantasy image, take its

base components as a spell. SATURN, the 'bones'
-DISSOLUTION: the 'floodgates are open, the primary 'powers' of

the process are found and dissolve the rest.

SPELL. AIR and may involve mercurial invocations. Here we will

also take the conscious force of the Sun in the process, and

examine the subconscious forces of the Moon within the image,

using the 'higher self' aspect to find the 'treasure' beneath

the Earth's Darkness.
CONJUNCTION- the conscious direction of the HGA aspect

empowering the sort of 'sigilized' images within the image. Its

the highest mental process before moving on to the more

ritualistic effects.

FERMENTATION- Here, where mercury is expressed as voice and

word, and also where venusian aspects manifest as a tendancy to

art, creation, etc, the 'spell' is given a new image form by

the break down of what remained in the hermaphrodite of

conjunction. Furthermore the object is placed in a box made for

this purpose- preferably something deathly or small, homemade

coffin, and allowed to 'ferment' in ritualistic 'burial

treasures', stones, herbs, anointed in oils and left to sit.

DISTILLATION: The 'usability' of the 'spell' imprint is herein

adapted to final use having sat under the rays of the moon (I'm

thinking waning is the best phase in general, while waxing will

be used to apply the 'spell' as a manifested result). Its used

over and over, applied to different things and goals, until its

main 'pressure point' of application is found as the GOLD of

the process.

Thus, COAGULATION. As a side note, for higher workings of self

transmutation, this is where the 'energy' of all the work is

integrated into the highest form of the self.

07-28-2013, 12:04 PM
I refer you to 'Alchemical Ritual' in the late Israel Regardie's Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic which adopts a more technical orientation to the amalgamation of Alchemy and Ritual. It does not follow the basic theory or practice required by Alchemy but is never the less very interesting to do.