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10-25-2013, 02:13 PM
Here's an interesting article on the different energies of candles and ghee, or oil-based lamps brought to us by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation:

Comparative study of the effect of holding a lit candle and a lit ghee-lamp using the electrosomatographic technique (http://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/articles/id/spiritualresearch/studies-with-biofeedback-and-other-equipment/candle-lamp#22-age-group-of-the-subjects)

Haven't read through all of it, but it mentions how candles emit Tamasic particles and ghee-lamps emit Sattvic particles.

For those who are unfamiliar, Tamas is one of the three gunas of Vedic philosophy (Tamas, Rajas, Sattva are much like the Principles of Salt, Sulphur Mercury), that of inertia and coming-togetherness, whereas Rajas is interactive motion and energy, and Sattva is pure existence.

02-12-2015, 03:55 AM
Here's an interesting video on electricity and candle-fire. Shows an experiment of passing currents and large voltages through a candle flame.

What's in a Candle Flame? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=a7_8Gc_Llr8)



02-12-2015, 05:22 PM
A very interesting topic.

I had a spiritual experience one with a candle. I was chanting some mantras "Om Maro Ruke Sabaha" and a force came out of the flame and clensed all my aura from the top of the head to the feet.

I strongly believe in the nature of the fire in Alchemy, and sincerely believe in the mediator of the fire. Water, vapour, sand, iron fillings ... nude fire, glass, or clay.

I also believe in the nature of what feeds the flame : olive oil, ghee, essential oils, alcohol, beeswax, parafin.

There is something else than "just a ionised plasm/flame" coming out of, or light/photons. There is a spiritual energy that can be very useful to fuel the life force in your matter.

02-13-2015, 12:18 AM
Very interesting experience you had with that mantra!
I agree that there is definitely a Spirit in fire. I've had a couple kool encounters with Salamanders to help me understand it better :)

If a property of Life is to digest and transmute substances, Fire is an incredible adaptation of Life.

02-14-2015, 05:04 PM
There is also a book by Michael Faraday titled The Chemical History of a Candle, (http://www.amazon.com/Chemical-History-Candle-Michael-Faraday/dp/1605978841)in which various experiments are undertaken in order to better understand the nature of Fire.

One experiment which is particularly interesting, and perhaps more 'chymical' then 'chemical':

There is a substance called the black oxide of manganese; it is a very black-looking mineral, but very useful, and when made red-hot it gives out oxygen. Here is an iron bottle which has had some of this substance put into it, and there is a tube fixed to it, and fire ready made, and Mr. Anderson will put that retort into the fire, for it is made of iron, and can stand the heat.

11-23-2015, 11:03 PM
How Fire Burns in Space:


Interesting video of what happens to a candle flame when gravity is taken out of the equation.
Especially appealing is the photo of the phenomenon @ about 1:56 minutes:


Because there's no gravity, the flame reacts with the oxygen on all sides, evenly!

02-06-2016, 08:50 PM
I just read an article about Morocco's Solar Power Plant (http://www.iflscience.com/environment/morocco-switches-worlds-largest-solar-plant), the largest in the world once it's finished. Morocco expects to generate more than enough electricity for their whole country, and then some. They switched on the first section recently.

But this isn't the only interesting thing about it. The most common form of solar power uses photovoltaic panals to charge batteries. According to the article, Morocco is using the Sun's energy to heat oil:

Built near the town of Ouarzazate in central Morocco, the plant uses solar thermal technology, rather than photovoltaic solar panels. Solar thermal technology uses mirrors, which track the movement of the Sun, to concentrate solar rays to heat oil in pipes. The hot oil is used to create steam in order to power turbines, creating the electricity. The advantage of using this technique is that the oil can then be used to melt salt, which holds onto the energy, and can be used to produce power even after the Sun has gone down.

I've emboldened the most revealing and practical bits, in my opinion.

Some greasy food for thought: Sun, Mirrors, Oil, Salt.


03-05-2016, 06:22 AM
Here's what I've been thinking lately, about fire.
We have a Soulphur, which must be matured. It doesnt really matter where this particular adaptation stems from, as long as the focus is directed towards it's involution.

Right now, the only resonate path falls under the definition of 'ritual':

a religious or other solemn ceremony or act.

But this begs a question. Why can't fire involve itself?
The only answer I can think of at the moment is that, being volatile, fire needs something to fix it.


03-05-2016, 06:34 AM
"Om Maro Ruke Sabaha"

This mantra, how playful! :)

03-05-2016, 09:19 PM
I visited some friends two days ago... and I investigated the part of their bibliotheque that was devoted for "weird objects".

I found something that amazed me there. It looked like an antique light bulb, but it was a Crookes' Radiometer.


A XIX century device created to show that photons have a mass... and that this mass can go "through" the glass. The effect is that the little "mill" inside the glass spins.

I've been reading about this device and I saw that since its invention the reason that makes it work has been discussed a lot. It seems that for a long time Crookes theory was debunked and other theories emerged: that the "mill" spinned due to a difference in the pressure of the air caused by the heat (quite similar to the reason that makes airplanes fly)... though recent theories have returned to the original theory and new versions of the device were built in a perfect vacuum... and they also work (though they need more energy, this means more light).

This scientific device that became a "toy for kids".... I found it fascinating. It made me think a lot on the power that light has and how most of us have completely abandoned sources of heat that involve light (due to the most modern electric heaters).

03-11-2016, 03:35 PM
Interesting little light-device!

03-11-2016, 07:11 PM
I had one before I dropped it. And yes I did try to make it move by particles directed from my own mind, but they must have been too ethereal.

If Uri Geller could make that move, then I would be impressed

03-12-2016, 05:21 AM