View Full Version : Sweet Tasting gold from dead sea salt..

11-23-2013, 11:26 PM
well the wet method is a good source for ormus.
ist still very contaminated with magnesium hydroxide, so after doing some experiments

i found that this method described in this thread is ok but still has allot of magnesium hydroxide in it,

so after doing some more experiments if found a great way witch is also the most easy method :)

take the normal wet method precip and washed it one's and i let it drop for a day, now take of all the water and add some new to it but not allot, now slowly add HCL to drop the ph to 8.5,( i had about 1 liter of concentrated precip an added about 50ml of 30 % Hcl, now when the ph is stable on 8.5 you can wash it some times, this yields a very nice fluffy precip, when dropping looks like snow flakes,
and gives some strange behavior like flakes falling upwards.
you can drink this,

or you can filter this true a filter and you will have the powder
than you can dry the powder

after drying the powder you can eat it and it will tast very sweet,

and if you like you can when concentrated in some distild water drop the ph to 6.5-7 this will give a clear solution of gold, witch tastes very Sweet!!!

the dry powder does not dissolve in hcl but when added to water does became fluffy agean :)

with love...