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HI, I'm valerio72 form Italy, I'm an alchemy lover in search of all good news about it.

Please excuse me if my english is not perfect.

My interest in alchemy is based in the search of the elixir of life and the trasmutation of the 'Vulgar' man in the 'Gold' Man, wise and right.

so not only medieval alchemy but I'm interested also in various philosophic knowledge like tantra, buddhism, taoism, gnosticism.

in my life I have come in contact with various groups and people that claiming to 'KNOW' the real secret, the real knowledge, so let me say something to the young alchemy lovers...BEWARE from someone wants your fate and your life, yor money etc. in change of that 'knowledge' !

Hello people of the forum,

I am Mano,and here's my story,
I took an interest in alchemy when i was a youngster, I found a copy of the kabalyon in an old used book store, and that's really where it all started, and now I still find myself, wanting to understand it better.
I have done alot of laboratory work, my main interest being in the Acetate path, and with authors such as wiedenfelt, becker, G. riply, and also in the Ens process (I really like this stuff)
I also have a great deal of practice with psychological matters, an interest in Carl Jung, any western esoterica, NLP is a big favorite, I am also a certified hypnotherapist. I really liked the golden dawn when I was younger.

I had several months back given up my laboratory for the life style of a gypsy, wandering around having fun exploring meeting people and seeing the world, hiking back packing and camping or what ever.
I found a nice place up in the mountains of California, and am settled down and ready to get back to the old drawing board.
With a big focus on being economical...!
as I begin to set up my lab once again.

What do i hope to get out of alchemy?
A working theory of everything, knowledge, results...more light.
So as I sit here contemplating Alchemy, I think my first major investment will be a High quality pH meter, and a retort, I have been wanting to have alook at these precipitates of sea salt(ORMUS stuff), and the "water works" such as with rain and dew.

I am a seeker of the mysteries of life, as are all the people on this planet, whether they know it or not, and will come to the ALL ONE, at ONE point or the other, i seek to know the above and the below, that i may enter into the sacred union of THE LIFE, i try to work on the inner as well as the outer, as much as is possible with the circumstances one finds oneself in... Thats my introduction in a reduced sense...

Hail the mystery...
Hello everyone at Alchemy forums, I go by James or my username. I am currently reading a book called Mendeleyv's Dream: The Quest for the Elements.. It's a very good book about the history of alchemy and the pre-chemistry. It talks about the famous Philosopher's and Alchemist, as well as the people who influenced them, mainly mathematicians. I encourage people to read it, very good.

Other then my introduction, I plan to post a decent amount to figure out the endless amount of questions I have about the old' alchemy, and no I am not talking about the Spiritual Gibberish (Yes that's my Opinion, please don't be insulted). I am talking about the quest for base metals into transmutation. I will post a different topic soon. Anyways Thank's for your time, please drop a reply.

James Bryan
WE Greet You in Wholeness,

Blessings Upon You Craftsmen of Perfection. i Am Hiram Abiff. After Advancing Through the Mystery Schools

and Becomming One With the Mysteries of Creation, WE Began Our Practical Applications of The Royal Art in

Pursuit of The One Thing. WE are Pleased to Connect With Kindreds and Look Forward to Advancing Our

Knowledge & Skill in This, Our Present Unified Goal. May the Blessings of Heaven Rest Upon Mankind in

Full Realization of Bliss Absolute.

Peace Profound,


Check this Out, Written & Recorded Here at the Lab, Listen to the Whole Thing, it's the Intro
to Our Album, LionHeart, Comming Soon.......
hi i decided to check out this forum as i am interested in many things, but in particular to the substance called "ormus". I have found some other sites relevant to this subject. At the moment i am in "soak mode" absorbing as much as i can on the relevant subjects and alternate avenues of research including alchemy
cheers Al
Hello everyone,

I joined this forum for the wide array of Alchemy information and the interesting practical alchemy section. I have read a few books on the subject and performed a number of experiments. But mainly I am here to listen and learn. I hope to get some tips and advise to lead me to the creation of my own stone.

I have been researching human potential, occult, magic, ancient science, lost technologies and so on for more than 20 years. The goal of which is to apply what i've learned to myself and the local environment. To help nature to evolve and ourselves along with it.

May the journey begin.

I am new here at the Alchemy Forums so naturally I'm now posting an introduction. I do not consider myself, nor have I ever considered myself, an alchemist. However, I have been very interested in alchemy since I first discovered its existence.
I do not know much about it at this point, I hope to learn more. And I hope that these forums may be of some use to me towards that end.
And of course, I hope the discussions here and the people here are interesting and enjoyable.
Thank you for creating this helpful forum. As an introduction, I have been interested in alchemy for many years, and am primarily interested in the traditional approaches, particularly the dry way. In addition to many of the alchemists from long ago, such as Geber, I am also interested in the works of some of the relatively more modern alchemists, such as Sendivogius, Boyle, Newton and Fulcanelli.
Hello everyone, I am a new member and I really liked the theme and the respect with which, you people, outlined the ideas in this forum. The English is not my natural language, (as you have noticed). The path that I´m working right now, is a long wet path that I like to call, Natural Vitriolum Path.(not Iron sulphate). I live in Brazil and each time traveling to different sections of this forum, I´am glad to be here.

Just wanted to say Hi from Washington, USA.
This is not the first time that I have come across this group, but I never have been particularly fond of message boards, which is why I have never joined.

It has always been my belief that the transmutation of elements is a forgotten science. I believe it's been said that the founders of our modern science weren't the first to the age of reason, but the last of the true wizards. Alchemy has been an interest of mine since I was a child, absorbing every piece of literature that I could find (whether they be based in truth or not). I've begun to experiment and distill my misconceptions from the truth. But I am not skillful enough to discover the things I can not see.

What do I hope to learn from the art? What do you hope to learn from life?

From one thing, know ten thousand things.

It's not what I'd like to know, but who I'd like to be.
Hi, folks. I came across this site this morning and am quite excited to have found an actual, real-time alchemical community. So, Thoth's man in the Frozen North is coming on board, if that's alright with you chaps?
I'm just starting out with this and Hermetic Magic, though I've been one of his 'minions', if you like, for a while now. Hopefully this forum will steer me in the right direction!
Hello. I am Loki. I am a young male in Northern California.
I am interested in alchemy because i guess i am power hungry by nature. I enjoy control. I like to live in states of being that I have preselected. I think Art, Creation, and Intent are divine attributes. I guess you could call me a "compassionate" objectvist. I hope to further articulate my ethos and to actualize as much potential as possible.
I have studied metaphysics for about 30 years beginning with Seth (I am 57 now). I have no educational or experience in chemistry.

When I first heard of David Hudson's discovery of ormes about 5 years ago, I ordered and consumed 4 vials of wpg. Not noticing any effects, I lost interest in ormes.

I was recently diagnosed with ataxia and because there is no known cure in "modern" medicine, I decided to try ormes again for a cure using "ancient" medicine. Since June I have been taking many products from Don Nance. I have noticed subtle effects and improvements, and realize that my ataxia condition which took decades to develop will take longer then a few months to cure.

My goal is to learn how to make ormes/manna myself and reduce my dependence on others, especially if Big Brother steps in. I have begun to make manna with the Wet Method and will work to increase it's purity and potency. I am determined to increase my alchemical knowledge and experience, as well as health improvement and spiritual growth.

My best to All,
Hello everyone,

I have approached alchemy through the path of experiments. Through my life, I was seeking to find out (and probably surpass) the limits of our knowledge and science. Looking at alchemy, I understood that there is no new knowledge to be discovered; its the same things which resurface (probably with a different cloak) through history. So, I am eager to follow the path and share my interests with people who might be interested. And though I've reached here through experimental research I'm glad to see that the spiritual aspects of alchemy are incorporated in lab work in such a way that it is impossible to progress and achieve results without learning them. I have a small website (always under construction...) where I upload experimental results trying to replicate experiments I find online or in books. I'm specifically interested in experiments that our present science is inadequate to explain and relate to the aether. Wish a nice journey to everyone.

Merry Meet everybody! I am not an alchemist but am in the process of beginning my lessons and learning to be one. I am a quiet person at first but when you get to know me I am pretty much down to earth. I am a volunteer firefighter and the local Fire Deparmtent in the small town I live in.

It's a pleasure meeting you all and I hope to chat with you all more.
I am a novice to alchemy. I've always had an interest in the subject, but never quite figure out how to properly get into it. Then the other day I saw a member on Above Top Secret named Aleilius start talking about Fulcanelli and became greatly interested. So, I proceeded to do a quick wikipedia search on Fulcanelli and became even more intrigued. So, I contacted Aleilius about alchemy and he directed me here. This however is not a new fascination. I have always seemed to be drawn to alchemy and the Hermetic arts as a whole, but like I mentioned before I never really had any guidance on how to get started. I've just always felt that this was the way to deeper truths about the universe. I don't know how to explain it, I've just always had the sense that alchemy has the answers I'm looking for. So, I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me in getting started.
Hello, I am a philosopher, and an info junkie, who is close to seeing the bigger picture but still needs a few more details and some help along the way. That is why I am here. I appreciate all the believers in the world, sometimes that is the only way through to the truth.

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I'm new here, just wanted to drop a line to everyone and say hey. Hey.

I recently acquired "The Experience of Eternity", by Jean Dubuis and the Philosophers of Nature (PoN) course work on alchemy, etc. published by Triad Publishing. Has anyone read this material? What do you think of it?

I'm going to start reading through it and doing the "assignments", posting reviews and thoughts, lessons learned, etc on a site I'm setting up soon and here for those that are interested.

My name is Luke, my friends call me Ihib. Long story.

I like math and science, but they seemed a bit too dry for me. I decided to start researching some of the more arcane institutions, see if maybe the scientists had missed a step or two over the years. There's a lot of ego and/or marketing involved with the science of today. There's something wrong with that.

I'm comfortable in both the spiritual and technical aspects of the art and I don't mind hearing any ideas, I'll listen to anything, because as they say, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

I consider myself a chaos magician of sorts. If it works I'll use it and figure out how it works later, hopefully before it kills me.
Sat in front of the computer several times, to write an introduction.
The thought might occur that it is seemingly easy to do so, ..
Pages can be filled with words but none of these words and none of these pages will give a glimpse..
of 'who', rather 'What' I Am.* (edit: in a flash i remember it is possible, yet very rare.)
What seems to be a simple question is in fact One of life's Greatest Mysteries…
So, I will not attempt to make this effort.

Although am in touch with Alchemy for a very long time already,
Am fairly new ‘studying’ this particular part of Life’s Great Art Work.
Mainly known in the field: ‘Self Knowledge’ (Gurdjieff).

Share the fruits and not the roots..

Thanks for being a resource on my journey

Everything is All-Chemy
Best regards,


(second attempt to post this! )
My name is Deborah. I found this site by following a link - I am 99% sure the link was ( Beautiful Evil's ) . Gematria was the topic being discussed. I do not have any knowledge of Alchemy - although I did associate a very powerful dream I had as a child with the Ouroboros . In this dream II found myself in the most beautiful city, surrounded by stone walls, columns and temples. There was a huge earthquake - everyone began running - a small group of people ran toward me - pushing me quickly toward a secret stairwell that led up out of the city into a new world . Dry barren earth lay all around me, void of any life - I reached down to help the others but was too late - the hole was completely swallowed by the shaking earth - to my horror I realised everything had gone - but I think the greater shock was realising the world we had known was an optical illusion . Suddenly off in the distance I watched in horror as a huge snake (Cosmic / Rainbow serpent ) approached me. It made a huge circle around me - even as a child I knew the circle was particularly significant ( I would later learn it was the Ouroboros ) it did not harm me - the circle was my protection. Through my many new associations - that began just over a year ago I found the myths of the Hopi Worlds and the Ant people. Which very much correlated with that dream.

I have an interest in mythology, 2012, psychology, metaphysics, dreams, synchronicity - too many others to list or mention lol I believe the human mind is like a matrix ( a very complicated and vast maze ) - the key to life is in finding the centre and connecting to the Universal mind - The matrix I see is actually spiritual - something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form. A source ( centre ) that ultimately all paths lead back to. I have never really thought about it before but it is all Alchemy of the MInd.
My name is Brandon, and I have been attracted to Alchemy for many many years. I practiced many branches of Magick over the years, but none of them felt right. Finally, I began reading up on alchemy. For some odd reason, this just seems like the place for me. I latched on to the knowledge immediately and it has consumed most of my life for the past several months. I guess I was just meant to do this. I don't know, but I can't wait to learn from everyone here.

(By the way, I apologize for the Subject .... I am listening to "Sympathy For The Devil" ....)
Hello, I am 23 years old in March, I have two sons, one 3, one about to be born in Dec. I just finished organizing, having edited, indexed, a book that I worked on for the last 3 years. I have invested thousands of dollars into this book, and before I started working on it I studied for 7 years.

[link broken]
Hello All!

I believe we're interested in the same subject, which really comes down to the application of chemicals (enhanced by harmonics or not) or extracts which will allow us a better life and more time on this plane in which to complete our lessons.

There are two forms of organic life extension being studied now world-wide. The most popular is Stem Cell Research. The second is Telomerase Enzyme Research.

I have found that by taking telomerase every 6 months my body has regained a more youthful energy. I'm also convinced that my physical aging has halted, 7 years ago, when I first began taking this dietary supplement. I will only mention the supplement's name; RENEUVE, so that I will not appear to be spamming this useful site (just Google "Reneuve Dietary Supplement"). All the information is there, you only have to check into it and decide for yourself.

There are many things on my agenda which only a healthy and extended life can help me achieve in this life. I'm convinced that I will be able to do so now!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Al and Im studying alchemy and stumbles on your site here and hope I can learn from some others.

A little about me. I started courses at Flamel College this spring, and completed Alchemistic Philosophy. Im currently taking spiritual alchemy and working through Calcination. This hasnt been easy. Im working on fanning the flames to crush the ego.

Anyway, personally I live in the Washington DC area, and im originally from New England.

I also study Enochian Magick, but Alchemy is my main focus right now.

Thanks again. I look forward to meeting you all!

Well, that part of the forum is a kind of hall, isnt'it ?
Thus before visiting the rest of the building, here is my introduction :

I first thougth that Prima materia was coal.
The coal is black, dirty, friable, it stains fingers. Carbon belongs to the 3 kingdoms. "Coal" sounds like " khol ". By using the hermetic cabala, the short path is indicated by an arm, " brakion " in Greek (see Philosophal Dwellings, Dampierre Castle, chapt. "FELIX INFORTUNUM" ). Thanks to an almost perfect anagram (as would say Galeidoscope), " brakion " can be turned into " karbon ". Finally, during a journey in Scandinavia, I noticed that in a certain nordic language, the scientific name of the sugar, carbohydrate, is kolhydrate.
But I made some cyanide and I became afraid.

Then I thougth that Prima materia was PbS2. Because of Gal, Galle, Gallus, Gaule, cats, electromagnetic waves, kaleidoscopes, Saturne, the low fusion temperature. But I had no PbS2 aroud me.

Then I thought it was the niter.

Then I started to meet people on the web, and I hadn't thought anything, following some promising "Adepts".

Then I saw time pass away, I remembered Bernard Trevisan, and I realized I wasn't as wealthy as him.
At present, I'm working according to a dry path. I am inspired by Fulcanelli, Canseliet, Dujols and my meetings, but I allow myself some infidelities. Sometimes I try to forget everything, and to replace myself in the skin of the first alchemists, who were only on their own.
IMO, beginning the quest by seeking a matter is a trap ; Nature's laws are more important than the matter they modify. However I do not deny a materiality to alchemy. Without labour on the matter, one make no more alchemy but only philosophy. Alchemy is nevertheless a philosophy, but not only a philosophy.

I notice that this forum gathers persons for whom alchemy represents very different things. It is brave on behalf of the moderators. One decade ago, the forum of Adam Mc Lean did not live still indeed this variety. I wish you more stability.

Concluding this presentation, let's speak about colors. Texts say that if one obtains a crow darker than the darkness, that's not bad. If the green lion comes later, that's good. If the white doves succeed him, it is perfect...
Then if after that I manage to make a pink panther, then I can say that alchemy is a pretty funny science !

Te nosce, unica virtus necessaria...To know thyself, only virtue is necessary. We are told that the stone either finds a good man, or makes one. Much as it changes the individual, it will also change the world. A great fire is needed to perfect our art, and so a great fire is needed to renew the world. Because of this, more will find the key to καλλιπολις (Kallipolis) then all generations before. I wish you all the best of luck, in natura et illius Creatis et generationibus sit tua Imaginatio.
Hello All,

I'm based in Nottinghamshire UK and have only recently started reading a bit about Alchemy although I actually work in a laboratory.

Got interested in Spagyric medicine when a woman in a shop gave me a book about crystals and their properties and a variety of healing crystals. I have been interested in the infamous Amazonia tribal brew called Ayahuasca and was reading some articles on a forum and by chance hit the links button on the site which lead to a site called Levity run by Adam Mclaine. I was instantly attracted to an article about Oil of Rose Quartz because one of the crystals I had been given was Rose Quartz. I decided to order some of this medicine from the USA (I am collecting it from the post office tomorrow) so I am looking forward to trying it hoping that it will make me feel more connected and less depressed (which is why I was interested in Ayahuasca).
If it makes a marked difference to my outlook I may well try making my own.

Hope to learn a lot from this forum

Shadwell (Alchemical alias Shadwellus Grammaticus!)

It is great to find this forum, as a practicing Alchemist, I definitely feel community is important. I have been on a hermetic (more thothic I suppose), for a year or so. I now work with a media group, Luxor Media (http://www.luxormedia.org), in hope of providing something and playing my part in the modern revival of this wonderful and sacred art, The Great Work.

I am currently still working with herbal spagyrics (calcination being my stage at this time, crushing my ego and attachement), and may begin mineral work shortly, although my spiritual alchemical path has been being led by some unknown force, and sort of goes where it wants to. I feel I am connected to the divine/global mind, which has indeed led me here. I am happy to offer whatever I can, to help ensure the path becomes well known to the new earth being born.

I'm excited to actually find a site like this. My name is Knowledge (as in Thoth/Tehuti). I have been practicing, teaching and studying the Hermetic Way for 10 years. It all began with a out of body experience in Dec of 1997....the last confirmation was in Sedona, in Boyant Canyon with a very powerfull tree. I love to study from both the occult and scientic perspective. I lool forward to being able to exchange information with everyone.
I thought I would make a post to introduce myself, I have studied alchemy ever since I first saw the cartoon show. most people here probably know what I am talking about. I am here to learn, and will not be posting all that much, only on things that are my expertise, I bring thought from Tesla, newton, Crowley, flamel, and others. I am not just after the stone, but wish to learn how to turn gold into lead, yea sounds dumb, but actually is what the true alchemist tried to learn, because most were in alchemy for the greed, or got tainted, or tainted others, by this knowledge! certain things are revealed to only a certain few, who are worthy.

The Alchemist
Hello everyone my name is Dark Lion but you can call me Mr Lion if you so wish, have recently taken an intrest in practical alchemy and am a practicing G.D'ist. Bumped into this site from the O.c forums and the Abrahadabra forums, I logged in and lurked for a while but theres only so much you can learn from being a perv so I decided to introduce myself.

Feel free to heckle my attempts at alchemy... although to be honest I can't really make much as I'm in a grade at the moment and have my hands tied.

Mr Lion.
Well, gosh, where do I start? I guess I'll start with how I got here. About a year ago, I had a very profound change in life. I was very involved with a local church but kept feeling something was missing. I mean none of us were walking on water and I just knew there was something more. One day, I just sat down in my chair and told God I was wiping my slate clean. I didn't want anything that any man had tainted from the truth - that meant the Bible, any teachings, religion, etc. I wanted TRUTH and I wanted it from "Him". Well, I got what I asked for. The following few nights I had dreams of starving, I mean really dying of hunger. Then, all of a sudden, there was this raw huge juicy steak in front of me. I ate about half of it as fast as I could and then it made me terribly sick at my stomach. I had a couple of dreams like this and I knew what it meant - that the TRUTH was going to be deeply different from anything I had ever learned. From there, I have had a truly remarkable path into alchemy. I have researched the web tirelessly, and now have decided to join this forum! I hope to be a positive addition.

I've come from Occultforums.com where I lurk obsessively when I have nothing else to do, I'm sure some of you know the feeling. But I am here to learn more about Alchemy, as my knowledge is very limited in this area. I have only read I look forward to learning new things with all of you.

A bit about myself, I live in Illinois, in the suburbs south of chicago. I got interested in the occult arts at a young age and still practice and study many different forms of ceremonial magick, I suppose for the sake of labels I fancy myself a chaote. I am a Freemason, and am looking for other Masons on this board to discuss the specifics of what really are the ties between Alchemy and our rituals, especially the Blue Lodge. I am serving as Junior Deacon in my lodge and am always learning as a young mason, especially interested in the more esoteric aspects. For now anyways, I am mainly interested in the practical day to day life application of alchemy, so as I can pair it with my Masonic interests if that's possible, but I've got some learning to do beforehand of course. I also want to explore the importance of Sacred Geometry and what place it might have within the realms of alchemy, if there is any. I will be doing some searching, hopefully starting some topics of my own here!

I also love music and art. When it comes to artwork, anything related to Sacred Geometry or creative spirituality is of interest to me, so Alex Grey is an obvious favorite. Some of my favorite music; Tool, The Flashbulb, Ulver, Antoine Dufour, Iron & Wine, Christopher Parkening, Radiohead, Cannibal Corpse, Aphex Twin, Behemoth, Squarepusher, Converge, Skinny Puppy, Opeth, Pelican, Red Sparowes, Genghis Tron, Isis, and Porcupine Tree. I hope to meet some fellow music lovers out there if we share any similar tastes!!!

hoping to learn much, see you guys around.
Hello dear brothers in alchemy,

I'm Salazius, french guy. I'm curently working on the golden water.
I'm pleased to see that there are people who are clever, inspired, in this art, I'm just a beginner, working since few month only on this matter.
I have worked on the dry way of antimony before.

Thank you,
Hey I've mostly been interested in internal alchemy from a young age, reading many books some of the most memorable being, Celestine prophecies, Conversations With God, Telecult Power: The Amazing New Way to Psychic and Occult Wonders, Carlos Castanedas Don Juan's teachings and the Kybalion. I think there is a definate simalarity to when Don juan is talking about the Tonal being the waking mind and the Nagual being the unconsicus mind or behind the waking mind which controls the will. Also when the Kybalion talks about the dulality of the mind having the feminine womb of waking mind and the male seeder behind it that also controls the will interesting
Of late I've been getting into John French the art of distillation, Real Alchemy by Robert A Bartlett, Johan Isaac HOLLANDUS and of course Nicholas D. ******** .
I'm starting a little practical alchemy. I'm interested in the Primum Ens Melissa. Cheers!
I would like to keep this short & sweet

I'm a Thelemic Magus, who's been studying the aspects of the occult since circa 1992. I attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi at age 20 in 1995, which is a Vast Samadhi to Void Consciousness, through ~4 hours of spontaneous music jamming while on 2 hits of LSD with friends (under the natural formula of "love under will"). But I came back down & didn't stabilize the attainment (I was too young really). Finally, here in ~3/08 I underwent the Crossing of the Abyss permanently & in earnest, where spontaneous alchemical imagery erupted from my unconscious as my soul transmogrified. I am now a fairly highly attained spiritual Adept, but wish to undercut any ego that might arise from stating such.

My major praxis has continuously been a unique Pentagram Ritual followed by pranayama Yoga(among other things), which I believe potently affects Change in the individual when practised well. I see it is all basically one's intensity of Will to rise & attain now, & I am singularly focused on the perpetuation & perfection of the Magick Art, taken as an umbrella word here. I feel blessed I am only 34 with the daily rapture that is writhing through me, & finally wish all the most potent blessing that they may attain--& bliss regardless, with assurance that spiritual evolution is real & of utmost import--deserving of infinite focus in this life. Indeed & in fact it is the only worthwhile endeavor, with the ultimate rewards of Being so Virtuous conferred upon death--& even now continuously ever so intensely is the amazing thing! Ha, The ABRAHADABRA is so amazing as to baffle Zeus Himself (but not for too long)!


OROBOROS = 124, 682
(H.H.H.H.H. = 4774).
More greetings from Europe from me. I'm a student in the occult arts - and computer science - living in Germany. I don't really know what to write about me aside that i was a very selfish and self-centered person when i started with Magick (Chaosmagic) 8 years ago and now trying to be as sacrificially as possible. In all the time of my life i felt a very strong drawing towards the occult which i wasn't able to explain. So i looked for some nice people that were willing to help me gain some experience in the path of magick. But i couldn't stay with them, because the same drawing towards the occult drove me away from sigil- and experimental magick. It was to me to figure out that magical "power" doesn't come from the sigil you create and the words you say, but from deep inside yourself. Since that, the journey goes on and i read a lot about mysticism, religious beliefs and everything connected to the kabbalah (actually reading the three books of occult philosophy by agrippa). My interest in alchemy concurrently increases with the comprehension of the kabbalah. Also i admire the book "The red lion" (Mária Szepes) together with the book Trinosophie (http://www.trinosophie.info/2007/08/06/trinosophie-galerie-der-grafiken/).
Well, what to say else?
I am 24 years old and from time to time, i am present on occultforums and occultcorpus. If you want to know something about me, feel free to read my postings or my birth chart.


My best regards,
Hi everyone!

I´ve been interested in the magical for quite a long time, and mostly have looked into psionics, shamanism and low magic. And recently chaos magic has piqued my interest. I´m interested in discovering both the micro- and macrocosmos, so once I learned about alchemy I decided it´s a very good path to look into. I also like martial arts, eastern religions and their systems (decided to go more deeply into them recently) like Tai Chi and such.

It´s fascinating for me how the world changes with each person´s view, and it´s my "little" quest to find out the true meaning of life, and Universe. If there is an ultimate truth, if the world is just made up of different paradigms, what is an individual really...etc. Whether it´ll happen in this body, or in another from of existence/consciousness.

I´m looking forward to meeting you all!
Hi there...

I'm VERY new to Alchemy as a whole. I found the forums this morning (here) after searching for and info on alchemy.

I had a get together with two friends yesterday, and, being very philosophical, we eventually got onto the topic of alchemy. We discussed the matter for several hours, and i'm very interested in learning more on the subject, and getting involved myself.

Hope to get involved with the whole community soon....

Hello brothers and sisters, I would just like to make a brief introduction. My name is Jacob from Southern California, I am a freemason and Rosicrucian of FRC, and progressing alchemist. Anyone with questions about RC feel free to message.


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Hello all.

I'm a novice to the study of alchemy itself but I've been a Freemason for going on three years now, and the philosophy behind both is very similar. My goal is to learn practical forms of "magic" including predictive Astrology (which I'm finding is intricately woven with alchemy), Herbalism, and Hypnosis. I've been studying the "occult" for a little over two years, but have always viewed these sciences with awe. I've found that, from what I've learned so far, Philosophical Alchemy fits perfectly with my own personal philosophy. The goal now is to learn practical alchemy.

I hope to have some engaging and stimulating conversations here and looking forward to meeting you all.

Well, I tried making a topic a while ago, but it never showed up, so I'm trying again. If I just ended up making another topic, I'm sorry, and that was an extremely n00bish thing to do.

Anyways, I don't know much about alchemy, but I have a lot of interest in the occult/paranormal (whichever term is the least offensive).

My life seems to have reached a spiritual rut or "plateau" as of late, and I am hoping that learning new things will kickstart my life. And if it doesn't, at least I learned some new things.

So, hello.
It’s hard to explain why I am here, or maybe it’s just hard to bring up the memories of what brings me here. I consider myself a beast, something unintentionally altered in the course of my spiritual life, which is what in essence drives me to alchemy and hermeticism; the idea that the reverse is possible also, to change myself to change the world. I am a poet also, and I dabble in quantum physics, crystal healing and astronomy. I’ve studied simple methods and shallow translations, though not necessarily inadequate for my purposes. Relevance put aside I want to know more about orthodox as well as unorthodox takes on spiritual alchemy.

I am a leo, born August 1st 1988 with my moon in Pisces. I came across alchemy by buying random books on magic and found it elegantly stood out from “chant this” “light this colored candle” or “think this and this will happen” (all are well and good and have their places, but it is an understatement to the complexity of life and the soul to say that is all). It resonated in my bones. It was riddled with the same madness I was; insomuch that it was carried out in a perfectly sane manner, perhaps saner still then the average non-practicing Joe.

I began to see flaws in this world and not only myself. That we’ve grown up, forcibly, to be materialistic and feign seriousness when we were born to play (create) and understand seriousness (understand that there may in fact be no situations that are as such, after all). I believe in transmuting myself I am helping to heal the world.

I studie alchemy over the past decade. My path is the "path of Cinnabar" (la voie du Cinabre).
I explored most of the main authors whose Fulcanelli, Roger Caro, Cambriel, Pernety, Limojon Saint Didier, Basile Valentin, Flamel, Salmon, Libavius, Maier, Cyliani, Lambsprinck, D'espagnet, Bacon, Philalethe, Trévisan and Other anonymous.

I am interested today in the work of a contemporary Adepte (maybe "follower" in english), Pierre Duchesne, through the teaching of his disciple Monté-Kermčs.

I hope to share with you all.

Best regards.

Just wanted to drop a note and say hello to everyone. I'm new to the forum and somewhat new to alchemy. I do however have a background in meditation and yoga, I lived for some time in a Vedanta yoga monastery. I also study physics, science and the like.

Steven Magus
Hello everyone,

I have always had an interest in occult and esoteric matters though its only been recently that Ive begun to actively follow my interests. I was led here by some amazing posts I had read on occult forums.com. My initial glance at this site and forum quickly persuaded me to join. Thank you, all, for your efforts here.

As said I am only in the early stages of my education. I have been studying numbers for a short while now and also learning about many other areas. Everyday a whole new world is opened to me.
Hello everyone.

I am Green Lion, French. So please be lenient with my English which will be not perfect.
I am interested in alchemy and wishes to deepen with your method of work on the Golden Water.

Hoping to share.

Best regards

Hello their everybody, my names scott, I am 32, very interested in herbal benfits over modern medicine as modern science is still getting to grips with 2000 year old herbal medicine.

I live in the british isles, got three cats, two budgerigars and a hamster! The hamster in the hamster ball drives the cats wild

I have a green thumb, grow a lot of herbal plants, some beneficial and some more for flavouring my dinner than anything else.

I love to cook, bit of a demon in the kitchen! Anyone after some really nice recipes for anything like, dandelion wine, nettle beer etc drop me a message and I'll dig you up a recipe!

Love alchemy and herbal lore, been into it for years. Pleased to meet you all and find so meny like minded souls walking the path to deeper understanding of life, the universe and everything!

Am a bit of a lush, love my drink, specially red wine sauces in your cooking, cant beat it, my doctor says its not doing my liver a lot of good but heh, what does she know, last time they took my blood test results they found my white blood cell count was off the chart! :P She's also telling me to stop smoking, but everyone has their little vice!

On top of that the governments advice guide lines are 2 to 3 units of alcohol and thats like one or two glasses of wine, you cant possibly expect people to enjoy the finer parts of life from having one glass of wine. Where's the fun it that?

Hi all, I'm new here and new to Alchemy. I've read quite a lot on religion, spirituality and occult theories so that's my background into getting into Alchemy but also personal reasons. I made my first post in http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=276 where I posted a question and maybe helpful information as well so please check that. Where I currently stand is that I've ordered few books from Amazon.com and am waiting for their delivery but before that I'm trying to figure out where to start so thats why I'm here
I'm new to alchemy but find the topic vastly intresting from a scientific standpoint. I hope to learn more and come to a better understanding of Alchemy as a whole past and present. Hello to everyone from Louisiana.
I came across this forum doing a seach on Sal Ammoniac, the symbol for which I was interested to see is on the cover of the magician RJ Stewart's book Living Magical Arts.
I've long been a student of alchemy, western and Chinese, and look forward to making exchanges.
Greetings and salutations, My names Daniel, my intreasts are in computers, sorcery, herbalism, alchemy and occult philosophy oh and astrology (although not too intreasted in astrology as mums an astrologer and it drives me barmey having to listen to her prattle on about the stars!) I am a Sagittarius, born under the sign of fire with Cancer rising apparently. My way or the highway, itchy feet love to travel.

Avid reading enthusiast, I've read a lot of estoric works, not intreasted at all in Witchcraft (wicca) I find it questionable to be running around in the nude and Gerald Gardener who made the practice widespred was into self flagulation, the phrase 'dirty old man' springs to mind, I wear mostly black robes or a black kaftan none of that running around nude lark! (Besides can you imagine spilling nitric acid in the lab and having it land on your privates because your refusing to wear clothes or protective equipment).

Other things like Voodoo dont hold much sway for me but I see they use a lot of chemicals in some of their rituals powders, blowfish toxin, so I guess I am a bit of a theologian more into sorcery herbalism and alchemy.

I have a cat that adores me, hardly surprising as I rescued it from under a car in a main road when it was just a kitten and the owner was disposing of it. I named her after a plant that crops up quite a few time's in stories about witchcraft "bella" (belladona)

Chemisty never really facinated me much as a child but I guess as the years have passed by at the tender age of 32 my intreast has been re-peeked, I dont believe our destiny is written in the stars as I believe we are all inderviduals and the only thing that defines us are the choices we make.

I worked with sheet steel for about two years, smelting, welding and building with it, iron oxide is a facinating thing, I watched as steel plates furred up with the stuff to get rid of milter scale. Iron or Steel without any acid etching or paint soon tries to return to its natural state. (Rust!) I can only say if you get angle grind from steel grinding up your arms and forgetting the iron dust is their at night when you go home and lay your arm across your face as you go to sleep that it is the most excruciating experiance ever!

Awoke to find my eyeballs where on fire and consequently spent the night howling, which was a good thing as it washed the dust out of my eyes, but left them looking like a very red raw tomatoe the next day!
so i'n new to alchemy i need some help with terms and everything i'm more interested in practical alchemy i am15 so yeah that sums it up thanks
Hey, I just joined today and thought I'll post. I just recently got in to Alchemy and wanted to find a forum were I could discuss it. I've been reading Sorcerer's Stone A Beginner's Guide to Alchemy by Dennis Hauck. If anybody have any other suggestions for books I would love to hear them. Also I would like to here about any of the basic Alchemical ideas or what your interpretation of the Emerald Tablet is.
'lo, people.

I'm an 18-year-old from somewhere in the north of England. Despite my name being rather feminine, I am in fact male. ;P

I know this is probably a risky statement to make, but I think of myself as an actual alchemist as opposed to a studier of alchemy or someone with a curiosity. I was first briefly "introduced" when I was 9 years of youth. I believe the universe contacted me (it's often stated that the universe reveals a person's "fate" to them at a young age) via a medium it knew I'd pay attention to - that being... video games, seeing as I didn't/don't watch much TV or read books. The game in question was a Zork sequel which features alchemical symbolism & I remember that game moving me in a way that I still don't understand. After a 4- or 5-year break, I was once again reminded of alchemy through another computer game (the legendary Shadow Hearts series) which sparked my interest to seek material to study. As luck should have it, my anger management counsellor at the time had several alchemy books in his library which he was happy to lend to me.

My obsession with computers and technology in general should be obvious by now. I'm a low-level programmer (strangely enough, low-level programmers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-level_programming_language) are more skilled than high-level programmers) and somewhat of an engineer. I'd say I'm also more of a philosopher and an analyst than a studier or practitioner in relation to most things. In my eyes, even analyzing alchemy makes you a part of it... hence the "I'm an alchemist" claim. I think I'll create a new thread on my theories after I've posted this.

So... that's me. Alchemist, hacker and -- in the eyes of most -- whackjob. Lookin' forward to meeting heads with you all.
Em hotep is an Egyptian greeting meaning "in peace"

I look forward to meeting all of you and to the discussions here.
My main interest is music, occult and spirituality, perhaps Alchemy figures in as well? I have been a professional musician for over 30 years.
Knock knock...

Can I come in from the rain because the Abrahadabra doors are closed and I am getting wet.

If you give me hot tea and cake I might hang around for a while too


I was invited by deviadah to join this forum. He found my photography site on Blogger since we both had similar

I suppose many of my interests have led me to discover the realm of “alchemy”, although the word itself has always intrigued me since I was a child. Various interests that I have developed overtime include: astrology, dreams, the elements, the planets, numerology, tarot cards, the chakras, yoga, meditation, qaballah, feng shui, space + time… I could go on. I’ve gained these interests through everything – from reading, video games, the internet, and pure sychronicity!

I suppose I don’t know a whole lot about alchemy itself. I bought a FUN book that intrigued me based on my interests, this book helped me to reinforce the link between myself and “alchemy”. The book is The Museum of Lost Wonder by Jeff Holke. It’s not a deep read, it requires you to think for yourself more than anything.

The art of Alex Grey has also had a great impact on how I view the world with a new light. I stumbled across his art while doing internet research that I was compelled to do for my own purposes. His art combines the outer and the inner… it’s very deep! Alex Grey actually does album art for the band Tool.

Anyway, this is a bit of insight into what I’m about… and what has led me to this forum. Perhaps we can talk more about specific subjects on the forum.

I love combining art and science into ONE. That’s why I’m enjoying photography – it is both artistic and technical. Linking the mind with the eye… the inner with the outer.

Hi I'm new here.I stumbled onto this site by accident,as you do,when I was doing some research.

Like most of us here I've been interested in esoteric knowledge all my life but I consider myself a neophyte when it comes to alchemy.Basically I'm here to learn.

Anyway its nice to be here.Thanks.
Okay, I finally arrived here at long last. I plan to contribute when I can, but I'm not online much these days as I have a rather active real life. I must be starting to shed some of my 'nerd' factor...

Anyway, I once wrote a book called 'Kaos Hieroglyphica: Alchemy for the New Aeon' which was inspired by a weird mixture The Monas Hieroglyphica by John Dee, Various takes on planetary alchemy by numerous Hermetic authors, Crowley, Spare, Discordianism and Chaos Magic.

My next book on alchemy will be more serious and will cut out all the Chaos Magic and Discordian crap. It will replace it with a bit more Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll. Hopefully everyone will agree that will be a positive change...

I have also purchased a new domain name for use making alchemy and sorcery themed videos. More on that when I have something to show...
I'm from Washington, DC. I'm 27 years old. I'm interested in psychology.

This is my psychology / metaphysics concept. It takes aspects of Carl Jung's theory of archetypes and aspects of the DSM - IV and shows that they are saying the same thing. They translate the same. It's a new and different way of explaining people and society as a whole.
Greetings everyone. I found out about Alchemy Forums through Occult Forums. I admit I'm quite the newbie to alchemy, so I'm probably going to spend some time going through the info posted in other threads. What has struck me most so far is the Emerald Tablet. I would like to learn more about that.

I'm not new to the occult, but I am becoming a bit more focused in my magick practice. I'm not on a specific path however; really just a path of living and learning.

I'm pleased to be here and look forward to learning and sharing here.


Hey d (and all)...

Hey this is really cool...now I have someplace decent to go to when I finally get sick of hearing my own brain rattle...

Hope this forum survives the test of time. I'll try to contribute a little shameless self-promotion every now and then...not that I need the attention personally or anything.

I recognize a few faces...don't know some others...good to see you all here.

oops...my trip...ok...well mutational alchemy is my thing, a term I suppose I invented although the internet seems to have picked up on it faster than I have been able to plug the gaps. It isn't terribly complicated and is rooted in the 9 principle bigrams of the Tai Hsuan Ching (an ancient book of chinese philosophy that is annoyingly unavailable for the moment). It's other name would simply be Trigrammaton - though not Aleister Crowley's Trigrammaton exactly...rather the original Trigrammaton developed by the Chinese Sages at some uncertain point in time.

So this is all technically *Inner Alchemy* stuff and has to do with being able to disassemble and reassemble the *Body of Light* at an elemental level...the end result being one of expanding its rational parameters as far as mathematics will allow...further out than, say, the Tree of Life per se... There's a lot of Pythagorean numerology mixed in with all of this as it appears that Pythagoras was onto the same essential line of Inquiry as the Sages who developed Trigrammaton itself. There is even speculation among exclusive circles that the two groups may have been in some form of collaboration. We may never know this for certain but we do know that his work and theirs is a perfect fit and therefor of great interest to those who come to grasp its tenets...

That's about the overview...there's a lot more to say but not right here I think.

...and then, there is just late. I offer you this site (http://thealchemicalegg.com/) to enjoy. As a collector of tarot decks, the Alchemical Tarot is one of my favorites. Fantastic artistry and content.

Having seen mention that there is some contradiction in anarchy and voting, I must say that voting and many other "mainstream" activities can be anarchistic actions. It all depends on what kind of anarchist one is. I want to see societal change for the good of the people, and I don't think I can succeed in making a difference by calling attention to myself as an outsider. At the same time, I live in a place where some people with anarchistic leanings set bombs off to make their point against capitalism - and in fact, two of the activists are related to a good friend of mine. I haven't seen this friend in some time, but still feel a kinship with his nieces that got involved in this cause. I have to say that illegal activity is the wrong way to go about this - way counterproductive. There were a couple of incidents within a mile of my home, and these are small town locals whom I consider to be misguided - though their hearts are probably in the right place.

Alchemy is central to philosophical and magickal thought, and I am interested in the practical application of magickal principles. I can find value in a variety of religions and think that the difference in the significant parts is in the translation.

I've never been great at intros, and just thought I'd put a word in so as not to be completely invisible.
Hey Everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome and letting me join. You can call me Tace or Tacey (Everyone does) and I am a psychology major in undergraduate college. I recently became Christian and find Alchemy to be a practice which, I feel, can bring me closer to Christ while doing some good. My personal philosophy is that of service to all and honor unto myself. I plan on going into Law Enforcement. In regards to Alchemy I am completely new and hope to learn lots!!!
hello there!
Just want to start things right so ill introduce my self.(so here we go);
uuhhuhmm im Vanitty(obviosly not my real name)
i have been interested in alchemy for a long time now
but i dont know what i have been doing all these years,
that i did not take the time to read more about it.
it turns out that theres a whole bunch to learn about
it would be nice to goin a forum about it
and be able to ask questions to the experienced =>

im looking forward to being a part of this community!

===end of introduction====:cool:

01-07-2009, 07:08 PM
Greeting all, how are you. I'm new here found these place the other day, don't really remember how I think it was from some one sig on another site. Well yes.
Hey all! I heard about this place from somewhere or other (I think maybe from a book; The Philosopher's Stone: A Quest for the Secrets of Alchemy by Peter Marshall I think) and decided to join (it was from the same book that I got interested in the art of alchemy). I'm 14 years old and really know next to nothing about alchemy apart from what I've read in the previously mentioned book and The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Lifeby Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn. I'm mostly fascinated by practical alchemy but I enjoy reading alchemical history as well. I joined in hope of widening my knowledge of it. Since I'm not an actual alchemist by any means I don't know if I'll be posting a great deal other than thanking others for interesting information and maybe prowl around the general chat forum as well. If I find something interesting about alchemy somewhere I'll be sure to post it though

Ps. For anyone who's wondering, my name is derived from a boss enemy in the free role-playing game Laxius Power. (I just noticed how very trivial that sentence is, lol)
Hey there. I am intruigued by alchemy and all the Hermetic arts. Here's a passage from a novel I read today that I liked alot:

Deep deep in mountains, where the earth is oldest, gold is. So you make deep mines to find it. But you must never take away all the gold; you must not, for you will take away the seed of gold, by which it grows. Like fruit, take away that which is ripe; leave the rest to ripen. And it will. Slowly, slowly, the stones of the mountain, the clays of it, grow up to be gold; they become gold
-From John Crowley's Aegypt, spoken by the character of Mr Talbot (Edward Kelley, Dee's skryer)

I thought it would be nice to have a presence here and have the odd chat with you folk. Cheers;
Hello everyone, my name is Nemrog and I'm an inventor of magic and internal arts. I've learned Necrothaumaturgy, but Blue, Geneo, and Vitae Thaumaturgy I've developed from my own experiments and experiences. I've two sites. http://www.freewebs.com/nemrog/ and www.freewebs.com/thebluemage/ .

Ask any questions and I'll answer them to the fullest of my abilities.
I't's great to find a forum dedicated to this. I've been a member of a few alchemy yahoo groups for awhile, but those aren't as fun to hang around and discuss stuff in.

I've been studying alchemy for over a year now. Practically, I am learning to make spagyric elixirs. In fact, in a few minutes, I'm going to extract the salt from the ashes of some dandelion roots! Academically, I'm studying the works of R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and taking Adam Maclean's course on alchemical symbolism. I look forward to a lifetime of study and hard work! and some damn great discussions, too!

Hello All!
Glad to be here. I have been practicing Magick and Spiritual Alchemy of one kind or another for some years now and welcome the chance to hear from and/or talk to others of the same.
Thanks to you for welcoming me here!

My name is Syfen, and I'm just new and totally confused, and curious about all forms of Alchemy.

I know some stuff, but it could be more easy for me to hear it from a non article point of view lulz.

Any help and or direction in the right path would be really cool...

Hi Kids...

I've literally been tripping over Caducei all day,
and then, by Hermes, I wind up here...

Apparently, I received the message successfully...

Must sleep for now, but I'll be back with VITRIOL...
I just saw the link to this forum on Dev's OF sig and decided to register. I like the design colours! (Im cancer asc.scorpio and like the moon etc and also the ocean and all such things...) but I have a wide field of (other) interests, too- so see you all around!

Good luck with it from K.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu"!
I think a lot... and disappear in my own world... I like to hear about interesting stuff like the stuff that's going on here... I like to learn... and I like free thinking. And to be free from everything... even the body....

And I am happy to be here!!!
Thank you!
I've been a practicing magician for many years and have only recently started delving deeper into alchemy. So mostly I'm here to learn all I can from folks more experienced.
I swear I am looking forward for serious Alchemical discussions!
Don't let my title of Full of Crap Alchemist or the fact that all I need to know about Alchemy I learned from Edward Elric make you think otherwise!

Nice meeting you all. I will behave, or at least give it a try!
G'Day from Perth Australia , It is great to see a gathering of minds interested in Alchemy in all its forms.I am a Medium , Hermetic Magician,Kaballahistic Mystic , and a spiritual alchemist .

I am Lucian over on Sacred-Magick forums and LucianAccendus on OF. My interest in alchemy has been far stretching in my occult career, both speculative and practical Alchemy. This forum seems like a good idea, I hope Deviadah keeps up the good work.

Konx Om Pax
This is Professor Gunderic Mollusk, a bombastic pseudonym of a modest tagalong to Nature's mysteries. Much of my own travels on the path collude with the study of symbolism and mythology, and the following if the Alchemical steps through different cultural lenses, perhaps to find the true spirit of the Work as we might be able to investigate in the modern massa confusa of information, both a gift and a detriment, perhaps, to the search.

As a scrutinizer of the Tarot and having been involved in a strict somatic discipline (the Korean open-hand martial art style Tang Soo Do), one indeed comes to realize, quite painfully, that Mastery is nothing but an infertile state of mind for an individual to have. To see oneself at a pinnacle is to deny the further reaches of growth, and what is the source of the Fountain of Life, of the Graille bearing the bounty-and prophecy-spewing severed head of Bran, other than growth? Let us celebrate that we, on this path, are all Fools, and so we shall be, for we shall always have room for experience!
Thanks to Deviadah for letting me know this new forum was here. Looks like a great place where we can cover a lot of material about Alchemy and actually living the Alchemical process - aka Ascension.

Hi, I'm Tin. I know little to nothing about alchemy, but Deviadah's invitation on the David Icke forum (http://www.davidicke.com/forum/) was just so pleasing and kind-natured, that I decided to sign up and see what I can learn from you all here.
Hi, My name is Anthony Peake. I am the author of a book entitled "Is There Life After Death - The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When You Die". Deviadah has joined my blogsite and in reciprication I have joined you guys here. My book is an attempt to prove scientifically that the Gnostic belief in human duality (what I term the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad) and the Gnostic concept of 'The Eternal Return' are realities, not just purely philosophical/theological speculation. Even I am surprised at the positive response the book has received from the scientific community. Feel free to check out my website - www.anthonypeake.com.
I am sure that some of the members of my blog will be keen to check out this forum.
Deviadah, thanks again for following up my contact.
I am here. What more do you want?
Hi. Thanks for the welcome. I don't study alchemy in the sense of mixing elements together, casting spells, or bragging about what book I read and barely understood. My concept of alchemy comes from experience, not from books. The alchemy of the soul is not a process of seeking outside of myself for recipes, guru's, old books. SOme clues can be found in a book now and then, but it is always just a clue, nothing more. The alchemy of clearing your chakras of all that is no longer needed. The alchemy of learning all that you are through meditation, visualization, and the truth of the heart. Learning to see the truth within, without using chemicals, or ceremony is the great work in my opinion. Learning to stop believeing all that you see is absolute truth. Because all that you see is the reality you created in order to learn basic soul lessons. All truth resides within the heart. Learning to merge the heart, with mind and soul is the alchemy I pursue. Haven't had much success lately though I have been on vacation for a while now. I am going through some changes in my spiritual make-up, and it has been stressful. Coming here was an impulse to keep me busy as far as seeing what people are doing, and maybe see a clue or two that I can use for my growth. I will share my wisdom wherever I see it may be listened to. Again, thanks for the invite, and the welcome.

In Light and Love