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Hello, Everyone. To those involved, thanks for granting me a membership here.

Since I was very young, I have had an illogical interest in the occult, theology, and related subjects which eventually came to include Alchemy. I say illogical because I seemed to be a natural born skeptic. Things which seemed imaginary were often rejected outright (such as the belief in higher powers, and magick--I am more or less an atheist and a nihilist), and yet I continued to pursue information regarding such subjects. Something inside of me refused to let go, and my interest has persisted to this day.

On my own personal quest to discover more about the world around me, I chose to study science. I am presently a second year chemistry student at the University of Georgia in the state of Georgia in the US. Alchemy in general continues to be a driving inspiration in my studies. I can safely conclude that the more I come to learn, the more I become aware that I do not know much to speak of. I always knew this intuitively, which is, I believe, why I continue to search for that which is elusive and beyond rationalization.

After spending the past few days reading some of the material here, I see there seems to be a divide between those who consider themselves Alchemists, and those who consider themselves scientists, or chemists. I personally see no such distinction in myself. My personal philosophy is that where chemists may see certain actions inviting impurity (such as allowing a substance to sit outside, unprotected, overnight) I see it as exposing the substance to that which is may be vital to the process. It is a part of the experiment that is unknown and, mostly, uncontrollable. In the mainstream this is certainly not good practice, and this view is arrogant--arrogant in suggesting that all aspects of an experiment can actually be known and controlled. As I see it, sometimes we must give up control to a point in order to achieve certain results, and while it would not be an acceptable practice in the scientific community (because you cannot point to and publish what is unknown, which is rightly understandable), the results should always speak for themselves.

I am of the opinion that we just do not know enough. A measure of faith is often required, even in science. Most models, for example, are taken on faith. Truth becomes irrelevant next to achieving useful, productive results. (Case in point: the Bohr model of the atom. It is now accepted that atoms look nothing like this model describes, and yet this model was able to allow scientists to make accurate and useful predictions.)

I view the methodology of science being akin to religious practices: a means to reach out and take a measure of control and power in a world where we are truly out of control and powerless. For me, Alchemy, regarded in the scientific community as the predecessor of modern chemistry, bridges the illusory gap between the two. It is a humble, genuine search: as science should be, and as religion should be. It is not arrogant and assuming to be all-powerful and certain beyond doubt, which is what is inscribed on the pedestals of the righteous of both science and religion: the pedestals of the Guardians of Orthodoxy. For their goals $ are not my goals.

I look forward to our future conversations.

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Welcome to this, whatever you may make of it.

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Welcome Eshai

Your intro gave me some food for thought.

Thank you.


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Thank you all for the welcome.

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Hello Eshai,

Thanks for taking the time to write this eloquent introduction!

Are you also involved with Alchemy in a 'practical/experimental' way (the 'result-yielding' kind)?

Welcome to Alchemy Forums!

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. . . . I chose to study science. I am presently a second year chemistry student at the University of Georgia . . . .

Regardie, himself a trained psychologist, always claimed that he wishes he studied chemistry, noting such to Fr.Albertus. I think that's an interesting path to take.


Before I forget, I love your avatar icon you selected.

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Are you also involved with Alchemy in a 'practical/experimental' way (the 'result-yielding' kind)?
Inevitably yes, but my interests are not limited to the physical. I have only just begun to set up my own workspace. Tools & most equipment are in place, but before I really get started on anything noteworthy I must construct a proper fume hood. Safety first, you know. :)

Krisztian, thank you. Though, truth be told, my path did not begin with a decision to study chemistry. I falsely believed I was horrible at math, and so I steered clear of science despite my interest. I went into the mechanical trade, and while it was not my true passion, what I learned in the fields of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC and sheet metal working has proven invaluable in my current pursuits. I do not regret the path I have taken so far, because everything I have learned is now coming together for, I believe, a greater purpose.

What it is I do not yet know, but nevertheless I hope to be able to share many of my experiences with you all and learn from your unique perspectives. In my experience within the scientific community of my homeland, the kind of creativity the people on this site have demonstrated through the various threads is sorely undervalued.

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Welcome Eshai

It sounds like you are a very hands-on type, I think this is a great help in the LAB.
All the best on this life changing path.

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Thank you, black. Yes, I enjoy the hands-on aspect, and the act of experimentation. I am typically not a spiritual person, but I feel there is something spiritual about the process of manipulating nature. I also do a bit of blacksmithing, and there is nothing like the powerful feeling of transforming iron and steel into a malleable form that I can change at will, and give it the beauty of my desire.

When you say LAB, is that something specific pertaining to this forum, or are you talking labs in general?

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When you say LAB, is that something specific pertaining to this forum, or are you talking labs in general?

Yes Eshai, just lab work in general.

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Welcome Eshai.

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Thanks, Don!