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01-06-2014, 08:57 PM
An idea I had a few years ago...

The greatest, and most valid, argument against time travel is the fact that it is completely impossible mainly because time does not, sensibly, exist - and even if it did there is the problem with the paradox to deal with.

It is a widespread agreement, though, that there are three dimensions (height, width and depth). To these scientists and philosophers have added several more dimensions.

The fourth dimension, for instance, is considered to be time. Which is strange since time doesn’t exist. The universe is not a computer program that you, if an error is made, can go back several commands to rectify.

If it exists as a human perception, or as a universal law, can be debated for many hours and certainly not here and now. Let’s just declare that mesured time is quite silly and that the time that passes during a person’s life is a time that did exist and still exist as a constant force of change and/or of immobility.

To be able to percive more than three dimensions a being with the mind of Homo Sapiens, or more evolved, need to exist. To live in a three-dimensional world perception is necessary, but to live in the same world and understand it perception is essential.

When all the dimensions co-exist they become one because when everything is there is only one. That is why the universe is one-dimensional (and it has nothing to do with narrow-mindedness), as well as being multi-dimensional at the same time. Everything is nothing.

Now to be able to travel into the past wihout causing a paradox the time traveller will have to travel into a parallel universe. Into a dimension, or more specific, the dimension closest to the one the traveller is leaving.

A parallel world is very similar to ours. It can differ in minute details. Perhaps everything green is red, or rain is called snow or some other ridicilous possibility. Essentially, though, the world will practically be the same. And since it is, and yet is not, the time traveller will not induce a paradox but will in a sense enter the past. But how can one enter the past if time doesn’t exist?

To make it easy to comprehend imagine that our universe is a train of infinite length moving forward on a neverending track. Then picture yourself being born inside one of the wagons of this train. During your life, as you grow older, you move forwards within this train and as you do each wagon behind you is locked.

There are now five different experiences of time taking place at the same time:

1. The time experienced by you inside the train.
2. The clock that measures the time in the train.
3. The time the train (the world) itself experience.
4. The time outside the train.
5. The time in other trains on parallel tracks (+ all the time experiences in all the other trains etc).

Then one day you somehow manage to construct a machine that can make you jump of this train. As you float in the void you will see the train pass you. If you now would try to re-enter it, it would not be possible since time has passed and the wagons are locked, and even if you could there would be a paradox, but if you would enter another train that travels next to yours (a parallel world) then a paradox will not occur and its wagon would not be locked if you enter into that specific trains present time - which in comparison to your train is the past.

There are, like at Grand Central Station, many traintracks and many trains side by side. The closer a train is to your train the closer it will resemble your train.

Unfortunatley there is two great setbacks by travelling into the past of a parallel universe:

1. The various trains (parallel universes) may differ in length so be careful where you enter, it might be the end of that universe.
2. You can never return from whence you came.