View Full Version : the two paths

solomon levi
01-19-2014, 06:38 PM
neither the absolute or the relative are the whole truth, not the infinite or the finite, not the eternal or the temporal... avoid extremes. If "God" is just the good, you cannot have union/peace/heaven/androgynous child.

if you don't want to experience the lows, you must destroy the highs as well... if you don't want Satan, you must remove God; if you don't want limits you must have no concept of the unlimited as well... that is one path to oneness/union... the difficult and long path.

in the short direct path, instead of rejecting opposites you accept them as this One present paradoxical "that which is" - the infinite-finite, the relative-absolute, the spirit-matter, Self-self.

in the long path, there are many things to reject - not this, not that - until you reach a critical mass and change your world view, but it will happen if you persist and keep the fire.
in the short path, there is just the allowance, the admittance, of what already always is. (we only have to reject things that already are! that is a long process).