View Full Version : the great art

solomon levi
01-19-2014, 09:28 PM
there is no art greater than life.
i don't think any wise person meant anything other than the cultivation of one's life into something deliberate, divine... something capable of influencing everything.
if the Great Art refers to lab/flask alchemy, then it is a misnomer. but don't they tell you that it doesn't? their fire is not fire, their gold is not gold, their athanoor is not an oven...
this is not an argument against the possibility of lab alchemy and the stone. i'm just sayin
who would have thought that making the stone in a flask is the GREAT Art? who could do that without an alchemically aligned life?
spagyrics - 'spao' and 'ageiro', the essential meaning of which is 'to separate and to combine'... isn't it so? didn't we start with chaos and then separate/define it into what is clearly "good" and clearly "bad" and then mix it all back up and define/call it "life"? One life. and that is enlightenment, the Great Art.