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Tom Campbell's 'My Big TOE'

A very intriguing TOE (Theory Of Everything).

Based on a combined model of Consciousness and Virtual Reality.

The book can be downloaded as a complete PDF HERE (http://www.intradimensions.net/mybigtoe.pdf).
http://kickass.to/torrentwidget/064B88ABAF876B9256ED9A1D3EADCE8788301BB1.png (http://kickass.to/tom-campbell-our-reality-is-information-pack-t7817724.html)

All his videos can be watched on YouTube HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1vYHOPFgcg&list=PLEB923BB17E5849A3) (main Calgary playlist & additional videos on the side), or watch his Calgary presentation playlist below:


You may also enjoy this presentation:

Virtual Reality: Why It's A Better Model Than String Theory And Holographic Universe


General overview from the torrent site:

Tom Campbell was one of the original consciousness explorers at The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Virginia in the 1970s and the explorer identified as "TC Physicist" in Bob Monroe's book Far Journeys.

Campbell, working alongside electrical engineer Dennis Mennerich, discovered what is now known as Hemi-Sync, the binaural-beat approach to inner exploration that came to be almost synonymous with TMI. As Bob Monroe's protégé, Campbell worked in the TMI lab and participated in explorer sessions as a subject. He was one of the first trainers and finished his tenure at TMI as an advisory-board member.

Using his mastery of the out-of-body experience as a springboard, he dedicated his research to discovering the outer boundaries, inner workings, and causal dynamics of the larger reality system. In February of 2003, Campbell published the My Big TOE trilogy, which represents the results and conclusions of his scientific exploration of the nature of existence. This overarching model of reality, mind, and consciousness merges physics with metaphysics, explains the paranormal as well as the normal, places spirituality within a scientific context, and provides direction for those wishing to personally experience an expanded awareness of All That Is.

My Big TOE speaks to each individual reader about his or her innate capabilities. Readers will learn to appreciate that their human potential stretches far beyond the limitations of the physical universe. The acronym TOE is a standard term in the physics community that stands for Theory Of Everything and has been the Holy Grail of that community for fifty years. My Big TOE delivers the solution to that scientific quest at the layman's level with precision and clarity.

In his overview, Tom reveals the importance of the Double Slit Experiment, and what it tells us about our reality. You will also be given the scientific version of the Akashic records, precognition, time travel, auras, and other such phenomena. He gently reminds the participants and viewers that "Open-minded skepticism is the only thing that can take you anyplace important."

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According to a recent study published in Nature's Scientific Reports, the universe may grow like a giant brain. The similarities of the electrical firing between brain cells appear nearly identical to the shape of the expanding galaxies created in a recent computer simulation. The simulation was created as a model of the beginning of the universe. The team explored the networking and growth of the universe shortly after the big bang, simulating the quantum units of space-time that are smaller than subatomic particles. The images that resulted were astounding. The way the universe grows looks nearly identical to the firing of brain neurons

This simulation suggests that the way that the networks of the human brain and the universe as a whole evolve in a system that appear virtually the same.

As the simulation moved forward by adding additional space-time to the history of the universe, the network connections between matter in galaxies grew as well. When compared to the growth of brain circuits they found that the networks expanded in similar ways by balancing links between similar nodes with ones that already acted as junctions for many other connections. Not only does this link the universe and the human brain, but the same string-like growth patterns observed also resemble nature itself and it's winding rivers and ever-reaching trees.

While this doesn't prove without a doubt that the universe is a giant brain that is creating thought processes, it does show a strong correlation with the age-old hermetic saying "As above, So below". - source (http://timewheel.net/Tome-The-Universe-Grows-Like-A-Giant-Brain)




The biological circuit board of time and space and matter...


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The posts below are in response to this podcast episode: Episode 33: my big toe (http://www.naturalbornalchemist.com/episodes/2015/7/1/episode-33-my-big-toe)

In this episode I am joined by author and physicist Thomas Campbell, and we will talk about his book My Big Toe (My Big Theory of Everything) as well as the nature of reality.


I am sorry if what follows is psycho-babble but I was writing it while listening to the podcast...I have just got in after a night shift and haven’t been to bed yet...so here is the raw material...I may regret this when I wake :)

The elf in World of Warcraft (WOW) cannot see the server, but the server can contact the elf through other avatars and sometimes the elf may have a glimpse of the information or data that is the server, but it won’t make any sense unless it takes it for what it is, pure organised energy, data streams.
As elves ourselves, if we ask a question to no one in particular are the answers given to us; if only we would look for them...always look for signs.

If there is a server, does the server have users and are those users us or are we the used?

Do we live by the rules we make? If we discover something interesting and that something could make sense then does it form a new rule in the set?

Is our consciousness here, as another type of avatar, or in “Other” as a user? Are we just a rule-set in the game?

If we are too comfortable we don’t create new rules; boring. Adam and Eve...garden of Eden...too comfortable. A new set of rules are created...discomfort in aid of creation/evolution.

A cooperative caring world would bring stagnation...wouldn’t work.

Does Tom give us too much credit?

Great players, in something like WOW, may stop playing or just die, maybe their avatar doesn’t reincarnate, but that player may have created new rules in the system that others are still playing.

Does an individual have to learn accumulatively or does the system store that learning either in itself or in other avatars, in which case reincarnation would not be necessary. The same way a tennis player may develop a new move that works well and then many emulate it...etc...etc...

What happens if we start to fully understand the system?

Could it be dreaming is not another reality (game), could it be a practice room to understand new information in this game?

If we come to a stage where we could download our consciousness into a virtual reality then what reality would we want to download it into? Could it be that this reality is a dry run for just such a system?

When Tom talked of people resisting change because it causes uncertainty this makes perfect sense. Many people could never grasp the concept that nothing actually exists so they settle for faith. Now they have a virtual certainty that they can happily accept.

If we are playing in a virtual reality and we are creating virtual reality machines does this prove that we are just one layer of an infinite fractal?

If we create the perfect virtual reality should we also create a big bang and have the evolution information? :confused: Was there ever a big bang or is the big bang synopsis there to give credence to the noise we get on radio that is in reality created by the data streams?

Are creationists right? Are fossils put there to give some depth in time to something that was created not very long ago in terms of evolution? We wouldn’t start developing virtual reality at the single cell stage so why would any other being?

The scientists are not the high priests, they are as much in the dark as most...but getting closer, but does that even matter?

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

I did this as my intention during my Ayahuasc ceremonies...and I saw the data stream! Read my account in the thread, “Ayahuasca Report: Post 62 (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?1298-Ayahuasca-Report/page7). Replace energy being with data stream.

Even before the Ayahuasca ceremonies, each night before going to sleep I would ask to see the truth and only that one request...I guess that is what I got :( but not a lot of explanation.

Watch the films:

The Adjustment Bureau (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZJ0TP4nTaE)
The Matrix (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKQi3bBA1y8)
Inception ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66TuSJo4dZM)

And many others like this...are they trying to tell us something?

How many people are lost in reality games because they prefer that world to their own?

The fuel that keeps the motor running is discontent.

Using Online Etymology Dictionary ( http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=content&searchmode=none) and starting at “Content” it gives:

“c. 1400, from Old French content, "satisfied," from Latin contentus "contained, satisfied," past participle of continere (see contain). Related: Contently (largely superseded by contentedly).”

It then says “(see contain)”, which gives:

“late 13c., from Old French contein-, stem of contenir, from Latin continere (transitive) "to hold together, enclose," from com- "together" (see com-) + tenere "to hold" (see tenet). Related: Containable.”

It then says “(see tenet)”, which gives:

"principle, opinion, or dogma maintained as true by a person, sect, school, etc.," properly "a thing held (to be true)," early 15c., from Latin tenet "he holds," third person singular present indicative of tenere "to hold, grasp, keep, have possession, maintain," also "reach, gain, acquire, obtain; hold back, repress, restrain;" figuratively "hold in mind, take in, understand."

And for me that means a belief or religion. Therefore if everyone followed one religion with absolute belief it would all be over, for no one would be discontented and thus no fuel.

Not sure if this is stretching it a bit far but here goes... Religion/Belief/Contentment is the enemy of Evolution, it is Bliss/Stagnation. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, I guess it depends on what one sees as the purpose.

Q. “Do you think virtual reality is hackable?”

Not by us, we are the avatars, but our users could and they know what we are thinking so indirectly I guess it is possible, but who are our users? Let’s assume it is fractal, and then by extrapolating our direction we can see who our users are...

If we develop a virtual reality so good that we want to download our consciousness into it, then who is left behind to run the machine? Machines! So the only real consciousness is in the last fractal.

To hack the game we have to be the users, hence in the beginning there was magic, that is us hacking the game, but as the game got better we download our consciousness into the game and become avatars, now we can no longer hack, but as we evolve we create another virtual reality that we can hack...the magic returns until...you guessed it, we become the avatars in our new game ad infinitum.
Maybe :)

If the above is true and we have downloaded our consciousness into a machine then those that die must return to the previous reality, until such time that we move down another layer/fractal, but also if we have broken our consciousness down into pure data then the amount of downloads could be infinite too; we may be living in numerous virtual realities at the same time.

Are there consciousness’ that remain in each fractal? Those that find faith/love?

And in the same way we become our avatars in the last fractal until we die and return to the previous fractal, can we then die and return through the myriad of fractals in the same way?

If we can that means we can meet people who have gone before, in the fractals above lol.

This just gets weirder and weirder.

The only floor in this theory is what happens to all the knowledge we had before we download?

Shit...gone full circle.

Unless that’s one of the rules...when we download then the rules say no magic and not too much information.

Perhaps, when we talk about “They”, they may be the moderators of the game, stopping the hackers and such, but taking a little for themselves along the way...a sort of perk of the job so to speak :). “They” know what’s happening.

Was just about to post when this thought came into my mind...

Is the moving further and further through the fractal worlds Entropy, we are losing our true selves as we travel further...perhaps we need to find what makes us content in one of these fractals before we can travel all the way back to reality...wonder what that is :)


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A cooperative caring world would bring stagnation... wouldn’t work.

And that's exactly one of Tom's BIG blind spots. Maybe he should write a sequel, 'My BIG Blind Spot' :).

The fuel that keeps the motor running is discontent.

Indeed, and Tom is missing this 'plain sight' understanding, but then again he possibly has to include concepts such as 'love' and 'reversing entropy' to make stuff marketable and digestible... Or maybe he just doesn't know better... Remember how in the Matrix trilogy, the first Matrix was created as a 'perfect' world, no conflicts, peace, harmony, etc... and it was a catastrophic failure/disaster...

All knowable relative realities are inherently dualistic and driven by conflict/tension potential.

Entropy is GOOD :) Or at least, maybe it's a way out of this Russian Doll Game of Mindfuck we call reality...

How many people are lost in reality games because they prefer that world to their own?

Just one. The 'Source'. And it's in us all.

And this universally built-in pathological addiction for 'MORE EVERYTHING' is what's keeping this farce going, ever sugar-coating it with fancy terms ('reverse entropy', 'become love', etc) - so we get distracted from the junkie source code 'behind the curtain'.

In the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek):

"The first duty of any prisoner is to escape".


07-01-2015, 12:42 PM
I don't think Entropy is the way forward Andro'...

I have no idea what the word LOVE means and yet it may be the most important word out there, the ticket home so to speak.

Perhaps I am cursed to travel a long way before I find it :( I hope there isn't a point of no return.


07-01-2015, 12:47 PM
So this could be Samsara! Not a wheel, but a series of Russian dolls as Androgynus puts it.


07-01-2015, 01:24 PM
I don't think Entropy is the way forward Andro'...

Now, WHERE did I say "forward" ? ? ?

I didn't!

Entropy is GOOD :) Or at least, maybe it's a way out.


But I can certainly see why Major Tom (Campbell) wants to 'go forward'.

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know Major Tom's a junkie
Strung out in heaven's high
Hitting an all-time low

The 'Source Code Junkie' thrives on tension/conflict/duality/Highs & Lows/etc...


And this universally built-in pathological addiction for 'MORE EVERYTHING' is what's keeping this farce going, ever sugar-coating it with fancy terms ('reverse entropy', 'become love', etc) - so we get distracted from the junkie source code 'behind the curtain'.

Maybe in the next podcast it's time for the tough questions :)

I have no idea what the word LOVE means and yet it may be the most important word out there, the ticket home so to speak.

You admittedly have no idea what the word 'love' means, and I can only assume (correct me if I'm wrong) that the same applies for the word 'home' - yet you think that one may be the 'ticket' to the other.

Please do let me know how it works out :)

My mama said, "To get things done
You'd better not mess with Major Tom."

So maybe to get things UN-done, it is necessary to 'mess' with 'Major Tom' :cool:


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Robert Monroe, Tom Cambell's mentor on these matters, being the Scorpio that he was, liked to veil/conceal his discoveries with allegories and metaphors.

Here is Robert Monroe's 'Loosh' rote:

"Someone, Somewhere (or both, in millions, or uncountable) requires, likes, needs, values, collects, drinks, eats, or uses as a drug (sic) a substance ident Loosh. (Electricity, oil, oxygen, gold, wheat, water, land, old coins, uranium.) This is a rare substance in Somewhere, and those who possess Loosh find it vital for whatever it is used for. Faced with this question of Supply and Demand (a universal law of Somewhere), Someone decided to produce it artificially, so to speak, rather than search for it in its "natural" form. He decided to build a Garden and grow Loosh.

In the natural state, Loosh was found to originate from a series of vibrational actions in the carbon-oxygen cycle and the residue was Loosh in varying degrees of purity. It occurred only during such action, and secondarily during the reactive process. Prospectors from Somewhere ranged far and wide in search of Loosh sources and new discoveries were hailed with much enthusiasm and reward.

So it was that Someone and his Garden changed all this. Far off, in a remote area, he set to work on his experiment. First, he created a proper environment for the carbon-oxygen cycle, where it would flourish. He created a Balance with much care, so that proper radiation and other nourishment would be in continuous supply.

He then tried his First Crop, which actually did produce Loosh, but only in small quantities and of comparatively low grade, not significant enough to take back to the heart of Somewhere. The problem was twofold. The life period was too short and the crop units themselves were too minute. This brought about limits in quality and quantity, as the crop had no time to generate Loosh in such close tolerances. Moreover, the Loosh could be harvested only at the moment of termination of the life span, not one moment before.

His Second Crop was no better, if as good. He changed the environment to another part of the Garden, where the density was gaseous rather than liquid and the higher-density chemicals formed a solid base and thus were still available. He planted numberless units in many varieties in a new form, with a great increase in size, some many thousands of times larger and more complex than the simple unicellular First Crop.

He reversed the carbon-oxygen cycle. Yet all had a basic uniformity. Like the first Crop, they would reseed at regular intervals and terminate their life spans automatically. To avoid the uneven distribution of chemicals and radiation which had been prevalent in the First Crop, he immobilized the Second Crop. Each was designed to stay principally in its own section of the Garden. To this end, each was given firm tendrils which burrowed deep in the more dense chemical matter. Attached to this was a stem or trunk which helped elevate the upper portion upward for its share of needed radiation. The upper portion, broad, thin, and somewhat fragile, was designed as a transducer of carbon-oxygen compounds to and from the crop unit. As an added thought, brilliant color radiators accompanied by small particle generators were mounted on each unit, usually near the top and symmetrically centered.

He set up circulating patterns in the gaseous envelope around the crop, principally to aid in the reseeding process. Later, he discovered that the same turbulent effect served as a means of harvesting the Loosh. If the turbulence were violent enough, the Crop would be blown down, the life span terminated, and the Loosh would discharge. This was especially useful when an immediate Loosh supply was desired at a particular point rather than at Harvest Time.

Despite all of this, the Second Crop was most unsatisfactory. While it was true that a much greater quantity was attained, the unrefined Loosh produced was of such low grade that it was scarcely worth the effort. In addition, the growth period was now too long and no increase in quality resulted. Some vital element was missing.

Someone hovered over his Garden for a long period in study before he attempted the Third Crop. It was indeed a challenge. True, he was partially successful. He had grown Loosh. Yet the product of his efforts fell far short of the wild, uncultivated variety.

It was inevitable that he perceived the answer. The Third Crop was living proof of this Truth. The original carbon-oxygen cycle must be included. Mobility must be restored. Both factors had shown great promise in high-grade Loosh production. If size could be added to this, much could be accomplished.

With this plan in the forefront, Someone removed various sample units from the First Crop, which was still thriving in the liquid portion of the Garden. He modified them to exist and grow in the gaseous area. He adapted them first to take nourishment from the Second Crop, which he permitted to abound for this very purpose. Thus it was that the first of the Mobiles, the Third Crop, came into being. The Mobiles took nourishment from the Second Crop, thus ending its life span and producing low-grade Loosh. When each huge Mobile terminated its own life span, additional Loosh was produced. The quantity was massive, but the frequency pattern of the Loosh residue still left much to be desired.

It was by accident that Someone came upon the Prime Catalyst as regards Loosh production. The monstrous and slow-moving Mobiles had a life span far out of proportion to their nourishment input. The growth and life-termination process was of such length that soon the Mobiles would all but decimate the Second Crop. The entire Garden would be out of balance, and there would be no Loosh production whatsoever. Both the Second and Third Crop faced extinction.

As the Second Crop grew scarce, energy needs of the Mobiles became acute. Often two Mobiles would seek to ingest the identical Second Crop unit. This created Conflict, which resulted in physical struggle among two or more of the ungainly Mobiles.

Someone observed these struggles, at first bemused with the problem, then with great interest. As the struggles ensued, the Mobiles were emanating Loosh! Not in fractional amounts, but in sizable, usable quantities and of a much higher purity.

He quickly put the theory to the test. He removed another unit of First Crop from the liquid Garden area, redesigned it for the gaseous environment but with one significant change. The new Mobile would be somewhat smaller, but would require the ingestion of other Mobiles for nourishment. This would solve the problem of overpopulation of Mobiles, and at the same time would create good quantities of usable Loosh during each conflict-struggle, plus a bonus if the new class of Mobile terminated the life span of the other. Someone would be able to transmit to Somewhere practical amounts of reasonably pure Loosh.

Thus it was that the Rule of the Prime Catalyst came into being. Conflict among carbon-oxygen cycle units brings forth consistent emanations of Loosh. It was as simple as that.

Satisfied that he had found the formula, Someone prepared the Fourth Crop. He knew now that the Third Crop Mobiles were too large and too long in life span to be ultimately practical. If grown in large numbers, the entire Garden would have to be expanded and enlarged. There was not space enough to grow such massive single units and the proportionate leafy Second Crops to support them. Also, he reasoned correctly that more rapid and increased mobility would expand the Conflict factor, with a resultant higher Loosh output.

In one single motion, Someone terminated the life spans of all the lumbering Third Crop Mobiles. Going back to the First Crop in the liquid area, he modified and expanded them into a multitude of shapes and sizes, gave them complex multi-cellular structures of high mobility. He designed into them a pattern of balance. There were those that ingested a Second Crop type of carbon-cycle unit (basically immobile) as an energy source. There were others, very highly mobile, who required for energy the ingestion of other mobile Modified First Crop units.

The completed circuit operated quite satisfactorily. The stationary Second Crop modification in the liquid environment flourished. Small, highly active liquid-breathing Mobiles took nourishment, "ate" the Second Crop modification. Larger and/or other active Mobiles consumed for energy the smaller "plant eaters." When any Mobile grew too large and slow, it became an easy target for the smaller Mobiles, who attacked in voracious numbers. The chemical residue from these ingestion actions settled to the bottom of the liquid medium and so provided new nourishment for the Stationaries (Modified Second Crop), completing the circuit. The result was a steady flow of Loosh from the life-span termination of the Stationaries, from the intense conflict among the Mobiles to avoid ingestion, and finally from the sudden termination of the life spans of such Mobiles as the inevitable product of such conflicts.

Turning to another portion of his Garden the gaseous area with a dense-compound base Someone applied the same techniques with even more advanced improvements. He added many varieties of Stationaries (original Second Crop) to provide sufficient and diverse nourishment for the new Mobiles he was to create. As in the other Garden area, he made such Mobiles into a balance of two species, those who ingested and drew energy from the Second Crop Stationaries, and those who required other Mobiles for sustenance. He created them in literally thousands of original types, small, large yet none so large as the Third Crop Mobiles and ingeniously gave each some appurtenance for conflict. These took the form of mass, elusive speed, deceptive and/or protective coating and color radiation, wave-action and particle perceptors and detectors, and unique higher-density protuberances for gouging, grasping, and rending during conflict. All of the latter served neatly to add to and prolong the conflict periods, with the resultant increase in Loosh emanation.

As a side experiment, Someone designed and created one form of Mobile that was weak and ineffective by the standards of the other Mobiles in the Fourth Crop. Yet this experimental Mobile had two distinct advantages. It had the ability to ingest and take energy from both the Stationaries and other Mobiles. Second, Someone pulled forth a Piece of Himself no other source of such Substance being known or available to act as an intensive, ultimate trigger to mobility. Following the Rule of Attraction, Someone knew that such infusion would create in this particular Mobile species an unceasing mobility. Always, it would seek to satisfy the attraction this tiny mote of Himself engendered as it sought reunion with the infinite Whole. Thus the drive for satisfaction of energy requirements through ingestion would not be the only motivating force. More important, the needs and compulsions created by the Piece of Someone could not be satiated throughout the Garden. Thus the need for mobility would be ever-present and the conflict between this need and that of energy replacement would be constant possibly a continuous high-order Loosh emanator if it survived.

The Fourth Crop exceeded all of Someone's expectations. It became apparent that a consistent, useful flow of Loosh was being produced in the Garden. The balance of "life" operated perfectly, with the Conflict Factor producing immense amounts of Loosh and a steady supplement brought into being by the constant life-span terminations from all types of Mobiles and Stationaries. To handle the output, Someone set up Special Collectors to aid in the harvest. He set up Channels to convey the raw Loosh from his Garden to Somewhere. No longer did Somewhere depend principally upon the "wild state" as the principal source of Loosh. The Garden of Someone had ended that.With the success of the Garden and the production of Loosh by cultivated means, Others began to design and build their Gardens. This was in accordance with the Law of Supply and Demand (Vacuum is an unstable condition), as the amounts of Loosh from Someone's Garden only partially met the requirements of Somewhere. Collectors on behalf of the Others actually entered the Garden of Someone to take advantage of those small emanations of Loosh overlooked or ignored by the Collectors of Someone.

Someone, his work completed, returned to Somewhere and occupied himself with other matters. Loosh production stayed at a constant level under the supervision of the Collectors. The only alterations were ordered by Someone himself. Under instructions from Someone, the Collectors periodically harvested segments of the Fourth Crop. This was done to ensure adequate chemicals, radiation, and other nourishment for the younger, oncoming units. A secondary purpose was to provide occasional extra amounts of Loosh created by such harvesting.

To reap such harvest, the Collectors generated storms of turbulence and turmoil in both the gaseous envelope and the more solid chemical formations that were the base of the Garden itself. Such upheavals had the effect of terminating life spans of multitudes of the Fourth Crop as they were crushed under the rolling base formation or smothered under waves from the agitated liquid area of the Garden. (By peculiarity of design, Fourth Crop units could not maintain their carbon-oxygen cycle surrounded by the liquid medium.)

The Garden pattern of "Life" might have gone on thus throughout eternity had it not been for the perception and inquisitiveness of Someone. On occasion, he would study samples of Loosh from his Garden. There was no motive in doing so, other than the fact that Someone may have held a remote continuing interest in his project.

On a particular analysis of a Loosh sample, Someone had casually examined the emanations and was about to return it to the Reservoir when he became aware of a Difference. It was very slight, but there it was. His interest centered immediately, he looked again. Woven delicately in with the more common Loosh emanations was a slender fragment of purified and distilled Loosh. This was an impossibility. Purified and distilled Loosh resulted only after the "wild state" Loosh had been processed many times. The Loosh from the Garden of Someone required the same treatment before it could be used.

Yet here it was so finely graded in its refined radiations that it could or would not return into compound with the raw substance. Someone reaffirmed his tests, and the result still was positive. There was a factor in his Garden of which he was unaware.

Quickly, Someone left Somewhere and returned to his Garden. Outwardly, all seemed the same. The solid-base gaseous areas of the Garden were an endless carpet of green reflection from the thriving Second Crop. The Modified First Crop in the liquid area was in perfect accord with the Action-Reaction Law (a Division of Cause and Effect). Someone perceived without delay that the Difference the source of distilled Loosh lay neither with the First nor with the Second Crop.

He found his first momentary touch of distilled Loosh emanation in one of the units of the Fourth Crop (which by then had filtered throughout the plantings of the Second Crop). The flash came during the unusual action of this unit as it entered into a life-terminating struggle with another Fourth Crop unit. This alone would not create distilled Loosh, Someone knew, and he probed deeper for the source.

It was at that moment he discovered the Difference. The Fourth Crop unit was not struggling in Conflict over an ingestible remnant of a weaker Fourth Crop unit or a tasty frond from a nearby Second Crop stem or to avoid termination of life and ingestion by the other conflicting Fourth Crop unit.

It was in Conflict to protect and save from life termination three of its own newly generated species huddled under a large Second Crop unit waiting for the outcome. There was no doubt about it. This was the action that produced the flashes of distilled Loosh. With this clue, Someone examined the actions of other Fourth Crop units in the Garden. He found similar flashes when other Fourth Crop units took the same action in defense of their "young." Still, there was an inconsistency. The sum of all such flashes of distilled Loosh emanation from all such actions by the current Fourth Crop units would not amount to half of the total he had found in the sample from the Reservoir. It was obvious that another factor was present.
Systematically, he hovered over the Garden, extending his perception to all areas. Almost immediately, he found the source.

High-order distilled Loosh radiation was originating from one particular section of the Garden. Quickly, he hurried to the spot.
There it was an experimental Modified Fourth Crop unit, one of those that contained a Piece of Himself in its functional pattern. It was standing alone under the leafy upper portion of a large Second Crop unit. It was not "hungry." It was not in Conflict with another Fourth Crop unit. It was not acting in defense of its "young." Then why did it emanate distilled Loosh in such great quantity? Someone moved closer. His perception entered into the Modified Fourth Crop unit and then he knew. The unit was lonely! It was this effect that produced distilled Loosh.

As Someone drew back, he noted another unusual inconsistency. The Modified Fourth Crop unit suddenly had become aware of His Presence. It had collapsed and was jerking in strange convulsions on the solid-base formation. Clear liquid was being expelled from the two radiation-perceiving orifices. With this, the distilled Loosh emitted became even more pronounced.

It was from this that Someone propounded his now famous DLP Formula, which is in effect in the Garden at this time.
The balance of the story is well known. Someone included the fundamental in his formula: "... The creation of pure, distilled Loosh is brought forth in Type 4M units by the action of unfulfillment, but only if such pattern is enacted at a vibratory level above the sensory bounds of the environment. The greater the intensity of said pattern, the greater the output of Loosh distillate. . . ."

To put the formula into effect, Someone designed subtle changes in his Garden, all of them familiar to every historian. The splitting of all Crop units into Halves (to engender loneliness as they sought to reunite) and the encouragement of dominance of the Type 4M unit are but two of the most noteworthy innovations.

As it appears now, the Garden is a fascinating spectacle of efficiency. The Collectors have long since become Masters at the Art of the DLP Formula. Type 4M units dominate and have spread through the entire Garden, with the exception of the deeper portions of the liquid medium. These are the principal producers of Loosh distillate.

From experience, the Collectors have evolved an entire technology with complementary tools for the harvesting of Loosh from the Type 4M units. The most common have been named love, friendship, family, greed, hate, pain, guilt, disease, pride, ambition, ownership, possession, sacrifice and on a larger scale, nations, provincialism, wars, famine, religion, machines, freedom, industry, trade, to list a few.

Loosh production is higher than ever before . . .

________________________ [...] __________________________

I was closed tightly, turned inward, stunned. My first reaction was, there had to be some mistake, this was not the story-history of earth, BB had it mixed up with some other port of call on their cruise schedule. Yet as I ran the rote again, the overlay of what little I knew of earth's zoological and human history was uncomfortably accurate, albeit from another perspective. The food chain of earth's eco-biologic system had been well established. Knowing this about Mother Nature, some of the hard-core philosophic speculators had often pondered where the human animal fit in the process. The downside was obvious, who ate us! Before, it had been just that, speculation. Now . . .

I turned inward and closed. It was getting too hot to handle. If the rote was real... a huge if. I began to drop off. Anger, the feeling of being on the receiving end of a huge deception. The resentment at being manipulated, wanting to strike out at those who were conning me ... us ... all humans . . . who were taking something from us without our consent or permission. What happened to the freedom idea? Was every thought and action we took guided no, directed and controlled just to produce more Loosh, whatever that was, for a breakfast table or a fuel tank in a Somewhere? And what could I do about it, even knowing? I dulled deeply and dropped off more and more . . .

Return to the physical was near-instantaneous, exactly as if I had pushed the panic button, which I had not done for so long. Strong sense of tiredness, both mental and physical, neglected to check time of return. Low energy, no desire to do anything. Unable to get to sleep. Got up, went to the kitchen, and made a cup of coffee. Sat and stared at the cup.
With no energy or desire for exploration during the two weeks following, in a depressed state, the only production that surfaced was:

It is sunset. The Guernsey has walked many miles around the pasture in her forage for food. The grass had been more lush today here, though she did not bother to consider why. She had come through the gate calmly when He directed her to do so, instead of the gate across the road. He knew she would find better grass here, and that was why He moved her here, though she did not realize it. She only did what He directed.

But now, at sunset, it is time again. She must go to His place. There is a goading pain on her underside that tells her this. At His place up on the hill, it is cool and there is more food. And He will take the pain away. The Guernsey moves up the hill and waits beside His place. Soon, the gate will open and she will walk into her position in His place, and eat the grass He places before her. While she eats, He will relieve the pain until morning.

After that, the Man will walk away with white water in a round container.

The Guernsey does not know where he got the white water nor why He desires it.

Not knowing, she doesn't care."

Robert A. Monroe – Far Journeys – p161-172 (1985)

So, by all means, Mr. Campbell - reverse entropy, become 'love' and continue to feed the junkie :)

But 'popular' science with such a lovely New-Agey appeal sounds SO much nicer... not to mention sells better...

I hear Mr. Campbell is currently also venturing into giving nutrition and relationship advice... gotta play the game...

07-01-2015, 02:21 PM
I have the feeling we are the cattle, but who are the farmers?

and is it only in this reality?



07-01-2015, 04:52 PM
Maybe in the next podcast it's time for the tough questions :)

Yes exactly. This one was more of an introduction to the model. If he wants to do it again we can go deeper.

Also entropy is only good if it leads to non-entropy. Entropy forever will never create any worthy content. Guess it depends on what kind of chaos we are talking about and who is watching it. What we see as entropy the higher mind cosmos might see as order.

If I look at the numbers of a computer programe it looks like chaos but for a programmer it is as easy, and in order, as A B C.

Regarding the perfect matrix problem, well it is simple. When all consciousness has achieved perfection and all entropy is gone then that does not mean a perfect world. It is just game over. And what do you do when you have finished a videogame? Either you start over from scratch because it was a fun game, or you play a different game (which is impossible to imagine), or stop playing.

The universe is an Arcade Hall.


07-01-2015, 05:32 PM
Yes exactly. This one was more of an introduction to the model. If he wants to do it again we can go deeper.

Looking forward to it!

Entropy forever will never create any worthy content.

Exactly! That's the whole point! Not just 'not worthy', but no content at all!

What void are we trying to fill with all this 'content'?

Addicted to Content, we are.

or stop playing.

The way to genuine liberation, if you ask me...

The universe is an Arcade Hall.

Best comparison I've ever encountered :)


07-01-2015, 05:38 PM
Content = Con Tent

Aka a house of hustlers. ;)


07-01-2015, 05:46 PM
Content = Con Tent

Aka a house of hustlers. ;)

Am I delusional, or do we somehow manage to agree on almost everything, even if slightly obliquely at times?


07-01-2015, 08:53 PM
Entropy is GOOD :) Or at least, maybe it's a way out of this Russian Doll Game of Mindfuck we call reality...

I said “I don’t think Entropy is the way forward” I did not say you said it!
If I was looking for the way out then, in my mind moving toward the exit is the way forward.

Is BAD the way forward?

Entropy may be a means to an end, but it is not the end I am looking for right now. Perhaps we have forgotten the original purpose of the journey and the more we move into greater Entropy the greater this amnesia becomes.

How many people play the games like WOW and get sucked ever deeper in, believing the game is more real than reality.

So the way forwards may be backwards, but if you haven’t achieved what you first set out to do it will be like going fishing and catching no fish. You may just enjoy the sport of fishing and thus it is of no consequence. I guess it just depends on your expectations.

This thread is difficult to follow as things keep popping up out of order...unless I missed it the first time around.


07-02-2015, 06:44 AM
Best comparison I've ever encountered :)

Had a feeling you'd like that one... ;)

Am I delusional, or do we somehow manage to agree on almost everything, even if slightly obliquely at times?

Yes, even when we don't agree initially we always end up in the same place...

So the way forwards may be backwards, but if you haven’t achieved what you first set out to do it will be like going fishing and catching no fish. You may just enjoy the sport of fishing and thus it is of no consequence. I guess it just depends on your expectations.

It depends on what we are talking about. The "we" is that us here in this thread? Or the human race? Not sure we can speak in such general terms in this instance. Some people have very little entropy, some have a lot. On the time scales of the eternal conscious mind and thousands of reincarnations etc... then "you" in this life will not be aware that you are catching a fish... but the "higher" you knows that you catch a fish every ten lives or so, and that is enough for you to become a master fisherman...

So speaking for myself I am moving away from entropy, as for the human race I don't know. It might seem like things are getting worse but statistically it is really not. All crime rates are going down... it is just the media that makes the world look worse than it is. Sure there is pain and suffering, but not more now than 1000 years ago.

Also time is probably not linear so even if the statistics are showing this or that it might not make any sense once we are in the higher realm and can, properly, evaluate all this.

The way forward is backwards (before the Fall of Man and all that), and the way backwards is forward... it sounds like a spiritual slogan... and recently we often talk about these kinds of circular concepts but we do so because it - probably - is so.

This thread is difficult to follow as things keep popping up out of order... unless I missed it the first time around.

This thread does not exist. ;) But if we take it for what it is then you might suffer some entropy from reading it... but as they say - if I summarize - in the 12 steps of EA (Entropy Anonymous):

admitting that one cannot control one's entropy, addiction or compulsion;
recognizing a higher power that can restore sanity;
examining past errors with the help of a sponsor (experienced member);
making amends for these errors;
learning to live a new life with a new code of behavior;
helping others who suffer from the same entropy, addictions or compulsions. - source (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve-step_program)



07-02-2015, 07:28 AM
All this entropy talk is bringing me back to Master Asimov with his Last Question (http://www.thrivenotes.com/the-last-question/) (1956) and Last Answer (http://www.thrivenotes.com/the-last-answer/) (1980).

A 24 year long Q&A session! Brilliant!

I don't think he leaves any questions unanswered or any answers unquestioned :)

See THIS THREAD (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?3243-The-Last-Answer).


07-04-2015, 05:15 PM
When I said...

Watch the films:

The Adjustment Bureau (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZJ0TP4nTaE)
The Matrix (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKQi3bBA1y8)
Inception ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66TuSJo4dZM)

And many others like this...are they trying to tell us something?

I just watched eXistenZ (http://putlocker.is/watch-existenz-online-free-putlocker.html)...

Now that film really says something!

Are we still in the game?


09-08-2015, 05:12 AM
The Infinite Computer


09-08-2015, 08:49 PM
That is about as close as it get's to what I believe right now.


01-21-2017, 09:26 PM
I just watched eXistenZ (http://putlocker.is/watch-existenz-online-free-putlocker.html)...

Now that film really says something!

Are we still in the game?

Ha! Not many people have seen this! Neat movie, kept me stimulated...err...I mean "simulated" haha!

Regarding observation and perception, how can/do we use this in our lives?

01-21-2017, 09:37 PM
How can/do we use this in our lives?

Fully synchronize/unify your Conscious/Subconscious/Super-Conscious - and every intent will be instantly reflected back as an apparently 'fixed' reality (as opposed to the one generally regarded as the 'default reality').

This, IMO, is the HIGHEST form of 'Magick'.

Ironically, we tend to be much more 'synchronized' with intentions of the more 'negative' variety (social/genetic/archontic programming), and yet we keep wondering why 'bad' things happen to us...

01-21-2017, 11:43 PM
Regarding observation and perception, how can/do we use this in our lives?

Don't take society life too seriously. Matter does not matter.

Love/compassion, wisdom and peace is all that matters (and funnily none of those things are matter).


01-22-2017, 03:45 AM
every intent will be instantly reflected back as an apparently 'fixed' reality (as opposed to the one generally regarded as the 'default reality').This, IMO, is the HIGHEST form of 'Magick'.

Don't take society life too seriously. Matter does not matter. Love/compassion, wisdom and peace is all that matters (and funnily none of those things are matter).

Amen! (What you write is a complete echo of a post I made elsewhere a couple seconds ago on another forum) ...Preach on, brother!! I am strongly considering printing out this quote out right now, framing it, and hanging it in my room or lab. Perfection.

01-22-2017, 04:15 AM
I am strongly considering printing out this quote out right now, framing it, and hanging it in my room or lab.