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02-14-2014, 09:32 PM
Just finishing watching the movie and felt the need to redeem it somehow by pointing out the Alchemy - without which it is really awful :p

So to get gold from excrement, maybe firstly see the fool as the Master who is skilled enough to act the Fool. Spoilers ahead..

Ron claims he is fully Mexican (Ron - Rum - spirit ?) Burgundy - the colour

Champ kind serves chicken "of the cave" - clever bat reference.
Friend Brick attends his own funeral / is dead but discovers himself to be alive after all.
Antagonist Lime becomes Lame. Brick gets hit with the elements, etc.

Ron goes through a black phase (Black Madonna?) - also see the play with red-white "wine" on their first date; a white stage where he is in the dark/blind in a tower/lighthouse and learns to see with his "other senses", and then like the phoenix back to his burgundy self.

Ends with plays on future-past, mind over matter, and other types of craziness - there is a call for an airstrike from the "almighty" and even the riders/knights of San Diego ("pronounced San Tiago" of Compostela maybe?) rock up.

Also read the news feeds at the bottom for some added controversy - one that stood out was "the Kennedy assassination was filmed in the same studio warehouse that they filmed the moon landing"

Is it me or is it getting more blatant :rolleyes: