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Fatima Aureus
03-26-2014, 05:14 AM
Hi all,

This is my first post so please be gentle on me. Recently, I've been meditating and contemplating about the idea of "the body".

Ever since I was young, I've talked to older folks who always tell me that they used to "abuse their body" and that is why they were in their condition when in adulthood. At that time, and even now... I could never understand what they were talking about. What were they doing when abusing their body? There could only be so many things...too much or too little of sleep, diet, work, sexual activity, drinking, smoking, drugs, bad habits, etc.

What were they really doing when they "abused their bodies"? I wondered if they even knew or were conscious of what they did and if it really did have any effect on their body.

The above may not sound like much, but my whole reason for posting this is to get you aware, even if only slightly, that everything you are doing, ingesting, touching, thinking, is either harming or benefiting your body throughout your daily lives.

And the most important thing...is YOUR BODY KNOWS IT even if YOUR MIND DOESN'T!

If any of you are familiar with applied kinesiology, you will have known that the body is able to answer yes/no questions through the usage of muscle testing, even if ever so slightly. This can be seen through isolated muscle testing, GSR (galvanized skin response), muscle twitches, and even micro expressions.

Knowing this, and assuming we can keep our minds out of the equation so that our bodies can give us the proper answer, we may just be able to solve our unsolved mysteries by listening to it.

Expanding on this thought, let's look at some examples of using our body to find the right answers:

Remote viewing - the use of the "limin" of the body to find the answers to unsolved questions, places, and things.

DTM - deep trance meditation - Reverend James Cottrell uses this method to tap into the Akashic records (possibly through the throat center known as Daath) - the neck connects the head to the body

WuJi Qigong or Freestyle Qigong (not sure of the proper name) - allowing your body to move according to how it feels without the use of the brain - you can see some people act like animals or moving in weird ways because the body is in control and trying to fix its own problems.

Maybe others can list more, but this is just my post to get some thought provocation on the truth of the body, and your awareness of it.

- Aureus

04-02-2014, 07:40 AM
Hi Aureus,

I pretty much agree with you.

Ony that for me the throat center is Mercurian. And indeed linked to the higher knowledge or archives.
Daat is only the primordial gap or duality.veil.separation occuring in the process of creation (different from a process of structuration in some aspects) and could be located, hypothetically, physically as the vaccum in the hypothalamus.

So, if I understand you, you are listing methods that can allow the body to "find the right answer" ?

Holotropic Breathing can also be a technique then :)

Take care,

04-02-2014, 06:52 PM
Aureus ...

I'm smiling [widely] at your post.

Very insightful, in fact, profound.

I'll let it digest for a while and perhaps have a retort (pun intended).

Good job.

Now ...

Take one additional step.

Imagine if this philosophy became "normal" for the bulk of the population.

Think that would cause some improvement?


04-02-2014, 09:01 PM
. . . And the most important thing...is YOUR BODY KNOWS IT even if YOUR MIND DOESN'T!

That could be a line right out of Dr. Gábor Máté's When the body says no.

Great topic.

Fatima Aureus
04-05-2014, 05:30 AM
So, if I understand you, you are listing methods that can allow the body to "find the right answer" ?

Holotropic Breathing can also be a technique then :)

Take care,

I'm not too familiar with holotropic breathing but I'm going to do some research into it. However, I do know that when you listen to someone's pulse through Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics, the person's breathing changes. They end up taking a big breath and the respiratory system starts regulating itself. Those who have a "gut" feeling about something is probably correct because it is your body's response to a certain situation. Even twitching during your sleep could be a response from your body trying to correct itself now that your mind has gone.

What I am saying about the body is more than you can imagine if you have the will the explore...or rather dive deep into it...

Yes, your body knows the right answer because it is in line with nature. It is ONE with nature. Search youtube for "muscle testing" and you will find a score of videos showing you how you can do so yourself. But remember it takes practice and DON'T let your mind get in the way, which is why most people say it doesn't work.

It makes sense because the body's natural reaction is tension when there is a negative response, and a flow occurs when there is a positive response. This is completely natural - that of NATURE.

Now take this even further and your creative juices may just bring you to a place where you have never been before. Can you imagine using your body to find out if you've created the right potion? the right alchemical formula? to see if it is right for your body? Hold it in your hand, muscle test, and discover its appropriateness. You can take this to the ends of your imagination.

But on a final caution once you've reached the end....remember that Satan will always answer you first - I think this comes from the Quran.

You can take this literally, but also metaphorically. If you compare God with wholeness, then it is equal to ONE. If you compare Satan (pronounced Sa'a tan) to separation, then you can understand why Satan always answers first. We live in a world of separation and testing with the body just might get you into a pinch making you think Satan had something to do with you answer....but take it even further and find out that your mind and "logical" thinking is the other side of the same coin, making this also an answer from Satan. The only way to find the truth is harmony between the mind and body = enlightenment?

And in response to DonSweet, I do like your pun.

If this became "normal" for the bulk of the population we would have evolved back to a place where humans may have been at one point. I feel there is more deterioration in human consciousness due to the use of technology. I've even seen people stumble while walking on sidewalks because they're staring at their IPhones texting their "friends". How far away from nature have "we" become?

- Aureus

04-05-2014, 07:05 AM
I disagree with the idea that there is some "natural" state humans are supposed to be in.

Just because someone's texting on their phone and not looking at the surroundings, that does not necessarily mean they are not in their natural state. The sidewalk, the phone all are products of humans. Aren't humans natural, and don't humans create their environment? Therefore aren't the products of nature, nature? Current behavior is nature. Not paying attention while texting is an example of the natural state as I see it.

04-05-2014, 02:37 PM
Here we go again.

We are being asked ... it is being suggested ... or more accurately it is assumed ... that one must choose a side.

This is not a competition.

It's being suggested that the only natural states can be either rolling naked in the ferns in the forest, or standing on the soiled and littered pavement at Broadway and East 12th Street in New York, and nary the twain shall meet, that you can only root for one team.

It's not a contest.

The only aspect of the conversation that's valid is what parts of life experience are naturally occurring and what parts are "synthesized," but the foundation for the perspective of either is whether it is a destructive state or a constructive state.

One dimensional thinking says you have to pick one. One dimensional thinking says that either can only be one thing at a time. Neither is the case.

The thread itself is about communication with, the balance of, the understanding of, and the pursuit of the health of the body.

Crestind ... the only aspect of your statement I'd disagree with is that of "disassociation."

You imply that at no point are we disassociated from our bodies and that all states are "natural."

Unfortunately, I'd argue that your statements are self-defeating, and the evidence that all states are natural, balanced and healthful is clearly false and that the evidence is blatant and unmistakable.

It may be "natural" for an oblivious idiot to bang into things, but that doesn't justify being an idiot.

Now, am I judging that idiot? Have I never been an idiot myself? Who am I to suggest that being an idiot is either bad or unnatural?

I have the right to judge precisely because of the fact that I've been an idiot myself, and likely will be again at some point.

What makes being an idiot "unnatural" for a human being is the fact that we possess all the faculties not to be.

An idiot "disassociates." An idiot lacks awareness.

Now ...

One cannot necessarily blame for ignorance. Lack of awareness is ignorance, and remember, "ignorance" isn't a slur, but simply stating a lack of knowledge.

But how can you know if you don't know?

Awareness (consciousness) is being aware of what you don't know.

In a way, "caring" that you don't know, that you can be an idiot, that you can mindlessly bang into things, separates you from the true idiot.

Now ... is that true idiot "unnatural," or is their state of being in perfect harmony simply because they have no clue to be anything else?

My vote is unnatural ... mainly because we're not talking about plants, or chairs or rocks here.

Take that idiot and trace back to its origins ... when it was a baby. Did it not explore its world? Did it not stick its foot in its mouth to see what it tasted like? Was it not curious why that damned square peg didn't fit in that damned round hole?

Sans outright mental disease and incapacitation -- and even that definition has come into serious question -- doesn't every human being have the potential to become something beyond an idiot? ... unlike the plant or chair or rock?

I'll amend my previous citation of disassociation to state that unnatural would be the "disassociation of potential" ... meaning those that deny what is overtly available to them. That is an unnatural state.

Ignoring your health is unnatural. Ignoring the environment that sustains you is unnatural. Assuming ... taking for granted ... that you will automatically be in harmony with your default environment is unnatural ... particularly due to the fact that Man's environment is so distant from naturally created eco-systems.

Note that I must emphasize "naturally created eco-systems" as those formed by Nature, not Man. New York City is an "eco-system" of pavement, steam, electromechanical devices, concrete and steel ... but it is not necessarily balanced, sustainable and long-lived as natural systems are.

I cannot agree that all states ... particularly that all states of Man ... are "natural."

We are an arrogant, narcissistic, immature species.

Were we not, I might lean more towards your perspective. As it stands, the blatant evidence keeps me from even coming close.

Back to my original point ...

We are more than one thing at once.

Human Beings are presently naturally unnatural.