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03-26-2014, 02:10 PM
Alchemy is the physical study of universe, Astrology is the astral study of the universe and Magic is the spiritual study of the universe.
The three pillars are related, but don't mix them.
That's the great error of "spiritual alchemy"

Felt that GL's post above warranted some futher exploration. Possibly:

Alchemy - Philosophy = chemistry?
Astrology - Philosophy = psychology?
Magic - Philosophy = religion?

Despite a background in chemistry, alchemy is the most recent of the three pillars I have explored and therefore I use the concepts of the other pillars to relate to alchemy - not always with success.

It seems much easier getting started and discovering teachers and relatively clear texts in ritual and kabbalistic magic, white magic (a la Djwal Khul) and then esoteric psychology and astrology than in alchemy.

All three pillars requires work, and (inner / sometimes outer) initiation to progress. In my limited experience alchemy is required to fully activate what is needed / to strengthen the other two - which may be the reason it is the most obscure.

Any thoughts?

03-26-2014, 02:36 PM
I agree with GL's explanation 100 % but I also disagree. Words are so limited and I guess there is a right or wrong as to what a word really means, but for me philosophy, astrology, magic etc... is all alchemy. Alchemy is the sole pillar. Within alchemy you find all you need to know... or maybe a better word would be Hermeticism. Regardless this is just word porn and I am not sure either theory matters. Labels are distracting. Much better to focus on exorcising the asshole within. ;)