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03-29-2014, 07:57 PM
The Olympian spirits described in: The Arbatel of Magic have various obvious Alchemical abilities.

for example
"OPHIEL is the ruler of those things which are attributed to Mercury; he gives familiar spirits, teaches all arts, and enables the possessor of his character to change quicksilver immediately into the Philosopher's Stone."

So basically any Magician who can do Evokation to visible appearance (like me) could theoretically put a bowl of mercury in the triangle of art. Evoke Ophiel to visible appearance and instruct him to convert it into the stone..... right?...

I haven't done much work with the Olympian spirits has anyone tried something like this? The other Olympian spirits also posses Alchemical type attributes.

04-27-2014, 12:18 PM
Dear Axis Mundi,

There's a big difference between "giving the ability to" and "giving the thing already done".

The first one is a teching and you have to work by and for yourself.

The second one will attach you to this being for a more or less period of time (you'll have to work for him as a servant after your death), because it will ask you to pay for it (in return of the price of the Stone, which is very high).

So, I would discourage you to do this.

And visible appearance is not necessary in fact. For option #1 : You can make an astral evocation or just chatting with him during a mental wandering. But I guess you know all this if you are a trained magician.

Aratron too is good in Alchemy if my memory is ok.

Take care !