View Full Version : Radiation Detectors ?

05-02-2014, 09:05 PM
Has anyone come across good sources for radiation detectors ?

I would like to have a detector in my tiny lab, maybe connected to a PC, constantly monitoring, just in case anything interesting might ever happen.

As far as I understand, classical alchemy would involve low energy, most likely involving alpha particles. They are the most low energy compared to Beta or gamma particles. Because they are so low energy they can not even pass through skin......(but if they somehow are consumed internally they are very harmful)

Hopefully you would not end up on any notification lists !

05-03-2014, 12:24 AM
You can get everything on eBay, but you can get more from Alibaba or Aliexpress, which is where most of the stuff on eBay comes from.

That said, you're probably already on a list just by being here, if previous events on fringe forums are any indicator. And by the unfortunate aftermath of LR. Don't rock the boat friends, or you get pushed overboard.


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