View Full Version : Plant Experiment with UV Light

06-24-2014, 07:47 PM
I have made up a theory.
I'm going to test it in share.

In simple.
Take a green,edible plant.
Put it in fermenting vessal.
add a small bit of water.
Let it putrify/digest until fully black.

Then take vessal. Put it in the sun.
Let the uv light of the sun bleach It white.

Once completely white.
Close vessal.
Take vessal and slowly heat it.
Increase incrementally over a period of time, until redness is seen "oils".
Allow the substance to absorb it's own oils.

Open container, continue with head until all the water evaporates.

The turning white or being burnt by uv light should kill bacteria which previously rendered the substance unedable.
Another variation is to expose the green plant to the sun before putrification.
This turns the plant yellow, and distinctly changes the scent of the plant. "Albiet the plant may not putrify if this is done.

As well. Opening and closing of the side arm of the vessal will have to be learned on the fly.
For during putrification the fermenting arm must be open to allow gases to be expelled "thus fermentation continues.

When exposed to uv and turned white, the vessal will be closed. But their must be sufficient moisture left.
The whitening of the sun happens optimally when a plant has the right level of moisture.
This perfect level is unknown to me.
Yet I theorize it is the cusp between moist and dry.
The vessal will be opened when heating gradually with fire.

My theory is this may result in an edible red organic matter.
I will update on the state of this project.