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09-05-2014, 09:53 PM
Protocol of ORMUS /Arc of Covenant experiment, sept. 2014.

I recall this from my memory, a few days later.

At about the 27. of august I produced a raw Ormus precipitate, by dissolving half a teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 500 ml filtered water from a dehumidifier, then added 20g of atlantic sea salt and 30g of dead sea salt. After the salt had dissolved, the solution turned fully opaque, white. I did not wash this ppt the usual way, but began immediately to cook it to get rid of the water. Finally I ended up with about 50g white powder, hereby called raw Ormus. I put it into a plastic cup with a lid on it.

A few days later I spontanously decided to build a mini replica of the Ark of Covenant.

Although I now doubt that the Ark is a simple electrical capacitor, as some claim, eg. Hutchison, I based my concept on knowledge about capacitors, esp. on the fact, that the closer the two metal plates are, the higher the capacitance is. So I used thin cardboard, about 180g per m2. The size was 4*4*6.5 cm (note the ratio: Phi!). The inside was covered with aluminum foil, as well as the outside, but I took care so the two would not touch eachother anywhere (which can be checked with an ohm meter).

At the time of the final assembling I already had some strange impressions of energy bursts into my hands, but I thought it was psychosomatic. I also had horrible dreams. Nevertheless I added isolated handles and tried to avoid touching it directly anymore.

I did not add the two cherubim on the lid.

I made a small box of cardboard about 2*2*3cm and filled it with raw Ormus powder as described before. I carefully placed the box in the center of the Ark and then put the lid on it. I put the Ark onto a balance that stood on my desk, ignoring any north-east orientation. I put a small blue towel on the Ark. The Ark was now about 2 meters away from my main rest place, where I sleep and also watch videos or surf the internet, in other words where I spend much time.

Already during the assembling process strange things started to happen.

I discovered a bump-like swelling on my tummy, about the size of a walnut. I thought it may have been from a bee or so, but it didn't itch at all and was soft and yet reddish. Only a few hours later (maybe 2 or 3), it had completely disappeared.

Half a day later the same on my genital organ, this time smaller, but no less shocking. It also disappeared within hours.

I have to say, in these days I also used to eat tiny amounts of DSS Ormus, which may have protected me to some degree. At that time I tended to assume the bumps were caused by my Ormus ingestion, since a few horrifying stories are circulating, so I stopped eating any Ormus.

I started to feel a bit unwell, but didn't think much about it, went to sleep.

The next day I woke up with a painfull dry throat, as if I had angina. I must have catched a cold I thought, which surprised me since this is summertime. During the day it was getting worse. Symptoms of a cold turned into symptoms of the flu.

I went out to get some fresh air, then came home again. My nose was running, I had fever, sweating and shivers, nausea and now increasing headache.

I drank a lot of vitamin C and managed to find some sleep. The next morning I had less headache, thought I was already recovering, but in the evening it was getting worse. I reached a state at which I thought this is the worst flu I ever had and this must be some kind of killer virus, swine flu maybe, or something right out of a mil lab...

I was trying to sleep, but I couldn't, laying down increased the headache, and everytime I coughed, it felt like somebody hit a hammer on my head.

I was desperate.

Then I put on rubbergloves, took scissors and cut the Ark in pieces, after I removed the box full of Ormus that was inside.

I barely slept that night. The next day I did hardly recover when I went outside. When I left the house, there was an ambulance in front of the house, obviously a neighbour had a heart attack the night before. Later I came home still with the symptoms. This evening the symptoms increased again even tho the Ark was no longer here, but disposed outside somewhere. The pain was unbearable. I tried a lot of things, like hot vitamin C drinks (a 5 days dose), hot milk with honey, and tea from willow tree branches (an aspirin substitute, as it contains salicylic acid), nothing helped.

Then I made a coffee and drank just like one teaspoon of it, black with sugar.

Then I had a weird idea: I took the little Ormus box and gently pressed it against the spot on my forehead, where the headache seemed to have its nexus. It was incredible.

Within seconds my headache started to disappear. It felt almost as if the pain was sucked right out of my forehead. Within minutes the headache had completely disappeared. Just like the feeverish sweat, wet neck, shivering, nausea, etc. all was gone in minutes.

It was impressive. I am recovering since then, with mild symptoms of a cold, like some coughing, but worlds away from the unbearable state few days ago.

I don't make any claims here, concerning Ormus or the Ark of Covenant, I just told you what I experienced. I do however believe, that an Ark replica may be dangerous and would therefor suggest a few safety tipps:

Use rubber gloves.
Don't position the Ark near people or other beloved lifeforms.
I have a theory that, the thinner the Arks walls, the higher the radius of impact.
Also: The Ark concentrates Lifeforce inside, but it takes this force from the surroundings. This force is everywhere, also in Stones, Water,Air. So there is no need to suck out some peoples lifeforce.

Whatever you do, be careful. I didn't expect such things eighter and finally found myself almost dieing.

In the youtube documentation of the hutchison Ark replica project the narrator mentions an other replica project by a university, which had to be abandoned since during the work one student died for some reason.

Speculation: The Ark in the sacred geometry (Phi) may act like a capacitor that also separates charges, but other energies than electrical ones are involved, probably scalar waves, longitudal waves, and the Phi ratio achieves a fractional recursion that bundles, collects and concentrates the force like a laser.

And yes, I know this all sounds completely unscientific. It is only a report on certain real world events, plus some thoughts.

09-06-2014, 03:17 PM
Wow! That's quite an intense experience! Thanks for sharing!

According to this, would it be too far-fetched to theorize that 'ormus', at least under some conditions, can be bi-directional in term of life-force exchange?

(If it can give 'it', then it can also take 'it' away - and the other way around).

Just a thought...

BTW, did you happen to take any photos of your Ark while it was still assembled?

ghetto alchemist
09-06-2014, 05:27 PM
While your intent was to make a mini ark of covanent (and maybe you really just did actually discover the working principle of the actual ark), you have also made one of willhelm reich's orgone accumulators, albeit one where the metallic layers are very close together. Perhaps the distance between layers increases the effect, same as capacitance.

Anyway not sure if you realise or not, but Reich discovered there was a positive or negative effect on the surrounding environment depending on what was placed inside his orgone accumulator.
In his famous orranur experiment he placed a radioactive substance inside and found the effect to be particularly bad.
I'm not sure what he placed inside to achieve the good effects.

For further strength on the design, you might try adding extra layers of cardboard and aluminium foil, I believe Reich suggested using more than 2 layers.

As Androgynus already said, thanks again for sharing this experience.

G Alchemist

09-07-2014, 12:53 AM
Thank you very much for your comments. I did indeed think of the Orgon Accumulator as well. I didn't make pictures, as it was really just a rather unspectacular little box.

There may be a lot of potential for further experiments, but currently I'm still a bit worried and I might need to find a better test site for it. Kind of an offshore tabernacle place.

Whether Ormus alone can have bidirectional qualities, I would rather guess not, but it may be a carrier for addinional spin accelleration, so it would be only the storage, and the Ark would be the charge separator .. or extractor. Tho I have no idea how and with what impact and from what the lifeforce is taken.

It may be useful to investigate more in the area of the egyptian MFKZT.
BTW. Funny thing, the ancient name of Egypt was "Kham", and even today the Arabs call it "Al Kham"...

09-07-2014, 07:02 PM
In relation to the temple of Serabit el-Khadim, assumed Ormus facility of Moses, I am currently studying the Papyrus of Ani and stumbled upon some interesting sentences:

(Note, the term MFKZT, for Ormus is translated as "What is it?" or "What is this?").

What is this ?

"It is the purification [of Osiris] on the day of his birth. "I am purified in my great double nest which is in Hensu on the day of the offerings of the followers of the Great God who dwelleth therein."

What is the "great double nest"?

"The name of one nest is 'Millions of years,' and 'Great Green [Sea]' is the name of the other, that is to say 'Lake of Natron' and 'Lake of Salt.' "Others, however, say the name of the one is 'Guide of Millions of Years,' and that 'Great Green Lake' is name of the other. Yet others say that 'Begetter of Millions of Years' is the name of one, and 'Great Green Lake' is the name of the other. Now, as concerning the Great God who dwelleth therein , it is Ra himself. "I pass over the way, I know the head of the Island of Maati."

Amazing find, I think.

From http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Papyrus_of_Ani

09-07-2014, 07:28 PM
I am purified in my great double nest

Would you think that the above mentioned 'double nest' may allude to an Ark?

Dendritic Xylem
09-07-2014, 08:56 PM
In the youtube documentation of the hutchison Ark replica project the narrator mentions an other replica project by a university, which had to be abandoned since during the work one student died for some reason.

Thank you for mentioning this. It led me to this website...

The Ark worked!! But that's not all, there were orbs and entities that became apparent. Very apparent, in person and on camera. These entities have been described as "Angelic Beings of Light" wearing what seemed to be robes, flying into and out of a portal that ignited out of the plasma ark between the cherubim.

The video of entities was heavily censored, but maybe not enough...
It looks like there's a translucent skinny humanoid standing in front/left of the arc from 45:50 to 45:54.
The corona from the arc actually bleeds out to the left and connects with the entity's head.
You can also see a glowing eye on the head.

09-08-2014, 09:35 PM
Androgynus, I rather thought it may refer to the basic percipitation process of Ormus, the natron lake, being the sodium lye, and the salt lake, being the dead sea salt (which is indeed millions of years old).

The book of the dead then continues with something, that, although far fetched, may refer to the Ark:

What is this?

"It is Ra-stau, that is to say, it is the gate to the South of Nerutef, and it is the Northern Gate of the Domain (Tomb of the god). "Now, as concerning the Island of Maati, it is Abtu. "Others, however, say that it is the way by which Father Tem travelleth when he goeth forth to Sekhet-Aaru, [the place] which produceth the food and sustenance of the gods who are [in] their shrines. "Now the Gate Tchesert is the Gate of the Pillars of Shu, that is to say, the Northern Gate of the Tuat. "Others, however, say that the Gate of Tchesert is the two leaves of the door through which the god Tem passeth when he goeth forth to the eastern horizon of the sky. "O ye gods who are in the presence [of Osiris], grant to me your arms, for I am the god who shall come into being among you."

First of all, we have North, south and east, as well as the sky, basicly the six sides of the Ark. We have the shrine mentioned, as well as the food of the gods that is made within the shrine. We have the two leaves trough which the god may come, indicating the inner and outer layer of gold of the Ark. And finally the god, that man will turn into when he becomes one with Osiris (most likely including by eating the gold bread / MFKZT).

Dendritic Xylem, I didn't see that yet, but will watch it. Thanks.


09-08-2014, 11:35 PM
Dendritic Xylem,

It is indeed a shame that Discovery Channel has stopped it. I do strongly feel the cause was some people in charge had a problem with the conclusion "the jews stole the ten commandments" which was a rather unneccessary statement btw., and maybe also because Hutchison was a bit too corky, like somebody who used a timemachine to visit us straight from the 80ies... Not the usual white lab coat scientist people believe in.

I appreciate the fact that they continue the project, even without investors. The page goes a little too much into mambo jambo tech details (or just too much of it) IMHO, and I also don't think the Ark Phenomenon is solely electrical, since Ormus is bejond electricity.

I am a little concerned about the health of those guys involved tho. They seem rather careless of anything other than electrical charges.

BTW. the video was wrong about the sarcophagus of the kings chamber in gizeh having the same size like the biblical Ark: The Ark needed to be about 14 cm smaller in width to fit in the sarcophague. Also, AFAIK the ratio of the Sarcopgagues' lenght vs width is not Phi.

Nevertheless it would be interesting to turn a sarcophague into an Ark by covering it in- and outside with metal. Because in no pyramid they found a mummy inside a sarcophague, the pyramid could be some sort of super tabernacle to an Ark.

However, I will follow Hutchisons project. If Hutchison says he saw Orbs etc. then that's making me curious.