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11-17-2014, 02:10 AM
There is only good in this world. There is no evil. Instead there is maturity, and there is immaturity. Because what harm can you do in a boundless universe? What can you really do to an infinite life… to an eternal light? Well, nothing is what you can do. Not a thing.

This body you inhabit, yes it can be harmed and destroyed… but you? You cannot be. Therefore there is no evil, only immaturity. A murderer is immature. A healer is mature. A rapist is immature. A lover is mature. All are equally valuable. All are equal in light… in the light.

On the surface of the vast ocean of time and space we are all drops, and what we do to each other we have to answer to eventually, but not in the sense that we are going to be rewarded or punished. The answer will be maturity or immaturity. The crystal clear understanding that you are spiritually still a baby, or a grown being.

With age we automatically mature, for some it takes longer than others. Gods are older than us; they are wiser… they are more mature. So why call them gods? Is your mother and father a god? They are guides, and if they are immature go out and seek better, more mature, guides.

In fact if you are mature enough you don’t even need gods (guides). And if you are really mature you acknowledge you did need a guide. Because if you are still in this world, on this planet, then you are still somewhat of a baby. You are still immature.

Hopefully you are less immature than a rapist, or a bloodthirsty politician or a scoundrel… but immature you are. But not bad. Not evil. We strive to mature; we strive to be good. But we can never be evil. We can never truly, on the REAL scale of things, hurt or harm anything. We can only be immature!

One day you will be picked up... not when you live right... not when you are right, but when you are ripe!



11-17-2014, 02:57 AM
There is only good in this world. There is no evil. Instead there is maturity, and there is immaturity.

I quite like this :)
To use the ideas of maturity and immaturity. Most people don't consider the purpose of Immaturity, in themselves or in others, which in my opinion is to Mature and Strengthen an Individual, and thus has a place in the grand scheme of things. I look back at all my Immature choices and now I'm able to say, well that was Immature. Knowing I'll never do it again, and having refused to do it again, or the thought of it doesn't even cross my mind in similar situations; I can say that I've Matured.

To paraphrase a friend, it's all a matter of how cocted a thing is.

11-17-2014, 04:46 AM
I quite like this :)

Me too! More than I can say...

Somewhere else I think I said something a bit similar (in different words), which should have belonged here in the first place... Linear time is so immature :) ...

Here it is:

There is no 'wrong'. There is only less/lower right and more/higher right :).

Every perspective originates from the level/degree it is perceived from. Every level/degree has its own set of 'values' and its own concepts of 'what's what'.

Perspectives originating from 'lower' levels/degrees would be usually (subjectively) considered to be anything from 'wrong' to 'incomplete'.
Perspectives originating from a 'higher' degree/level would most likely be completely incomprehensible from a 'lower degree' point of view.

It's all good.

As above so below, yes, same in essence but significantly differing in degree.

It's all mirrors...

To paraphrase a friend, it's all a matter of how cocted a thing is.

I heard that one too, from our mutual friend... And I obviously agree :)

The more we ripen and the more 'cooked' we are - the less conflict, value judgement and 'disagreements' are likely to happen.

Yet, we all ripen at our own pace.

It's all good :)

11-17-2014, 07:22 AM
It's late, and I'm tired, but I started typing and responded to this in more depth than I thought I was capable of ...

"… but immature you are. But not bad. Not evil."

Which ... I think ... I know where you're coming from and are trying to articulate ... I think.

Beyond the surface of it, you're presenting many layers, but, on pondering, I may present another perspective of "evil" or "bad."

As far as ...

"We can never truly, on the REAL scale of things, hurt or harm anything."

I think ... again, think ... I may hear you when you state "REAL," meaning on a scale few comprehend, whether applying either consciousness, time or volume of experience.

However, I wouldn't necessarily agree, even with that vastness applied ... primarily ... due to the fact that I cannot see "positivity" in the externally imposed impairment of any other's maturation. Interference, whether intentional or not, is not our right to impose, as it is not theirs to impose on me.

I struggle with this.

Yet this is the paradigm ... here, below, or even "they" above ... that we experience.

Even in the sense of "positive" interference, as in guiding, in the end -- the result being the judge -- we risk that interference as being either "good" or "bad" based on its benevolent or detrimental outcome.

This is not subjective judgement, but a statement of fact as the results present themselves. If our personal interference in another's maturation is impaired, limited, retarded, delayed, interrupted, or in fact ceased (by whatever definition of "temporary" or "permanent") that interference can only be observed (judged) as "bad" since the "victim" of the interference was absent of the intent or desire to be so effected.

The simple application of interference, despite outcome, negative or positive, as an act itself, also disregarding intent, could be by its very nature considered detrimental if one considers an individual path of maturation one's own and exclusive responsibility.

So ...

With any and all conceivable interactions inevitable, we are bound and destined at some point under any number of circumstances to cause harm to one another. Intentional or unintentional, it is inevitable. At this point, innocence or malice become irrelevant since the inevitable is unavoidable.

Under that premise or perspective, we are all "bad" by our very nature ... the nature of our natural interaction.

dev ...

I'll agree with you past this point.

That point has to include a threshold of consciousness and maturity we in the physical have little chance of performing, largely due to our interaction with those that are less mature, but also due to the fact that the maturation you imply far outreaches human capacity for the foreseeable future.

You mention "gods."

You also define them as guides, or at least imply that those of a greater experience have the capacity to be called gods.

You also question this threshold, citing parents.

No one on this physical plane that I have met, viewed, listened to, read about or interacted with has the capacity to avoid the premise I put forth above ... which essentially says, no one has the capacity to guide you utterly correctly and no one can avoid the possibility of guiding you incorrectly. But also, no one you come in contact with at any time has the capacity to not interfere with your maturation process.

In that way, by the classic definition, we are all "bad." We are all inherently "evil" ... due to the fact that we can naturally, automatically impair, limit, retard, delay, interrupt, or potentially cease another's maturity, whether intentional or not.

I can agree with you about "bad" or "evil" on two levels.

One: You erase a perception of "bad' or "evil" entirely, based on the concept that these negative results were caused entirely naturally by the very structure of The Universe. We are all both benevolent and detrimental ... equaling out in the span of time ... therefore there can be no such negative definition.

... or ...

Two: We accept our "bad" or "evil" aspects, respect our nature, respect each other through that awareness and acceptance, and simply get on with the business of evolving and maturing, accepting our own limitations as well as other's.

Lastly, recalling my threshold, I'll resist your term "god" (as I always do), and reinforce your characterizations to suggest that there is no such thing. Never can be. Never will be.

Any such entity ... truly considered a "god" ... a word I abhor ... would merely be an entity only capable of positive guidance and incapable of negative influence, which is a state of being I observe to be highly improbable in the physical realm (and only achieved with great difficulty in the non-physical).

Naturally, this state could only be achieved in an extremely high state of consciousness ... and the perspective of "extreme" unquestionably comes from our extremely limited perspective. I think I can confidently state that these entities would consider their state quite normal. They would also have the consciousness and maturity not to harm one-another in any fashion, intentional or unintentional.

So no ... without a hard shift of consciousness and "maturity" as you state, we will continue to [truly] harm one-another whether we want to not, and whether we want to see it or not. At this stage of our maturity, we simply can't help ourselves.