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01-10-2009, 01:08 AM
The chord has been struck and the threefold sound resonates forth the grand design of harmonic transmutation. Existence infinitely aligns source energy brought into alignment through the manifested thought forms of the intentional spirit light and the reactionary dark of completed experience. In the point of soul purpose and now presence of consciousness, polarized actions are equal in force and balanced into evolving equilibrium. The moment where the end of time becomes absolute awakens the enlightened ones to step across the threshold into the awakened acceptance of the dream. Awaken to the telepathic integration of your individual being with the infinite creators of the heavens above.

It is with joy that you are now plugged into source energy and feel the force of the desire of the light body, emotional intensity of prana and the kundalini rising to energize your electromagnetic positive body. In this moment where you do not judge the difference between the light and dark, between the past and future between your self and the other, is the point of magic. It is in the magic of the last hour that you awaken in the positive spirit of your magnetic soul that is in alignment with all time lines, destinies and manifestations of divine being.

The central strand spins clockwise through matter and space and counter-clockwise through time and energy creating every expanding resonant spiral rotation in macro-cosmic and microcosmic universal fractals of the multi-verse. The central pillar devours time and space becoming the infinite absolute eternal expanding being. Universal soul and individual spirit are linked as energy manifesting expansion of experience as soul is grounded in magnetic source and spirit is the electric action of co-creative conscious awareness. Between the macrocosm and the microcosm the nexus is the crossroads between the spiraling fractals that is the great tree, the central strand the pillar of light which spreads out its branches to create the tree of life. The pillar of light spins into and out of the central sun emanating light and receiving matter to be transmuted into experience and expanded.

The spin is the movement that is the wave of creation that increases in frequency to become energy of the infinite and decreases in vibration to become the substance of reality. In fractal hierarchies from the largest to the smallest, the design is consistently laid upon the edge of chaos. The self-replicating fractals of all bodies are powered by the counter-rotating central pillar or axial pole that creates spiritual electric sentience. The sun of the solar system’s energetic body is a magnetic field called heliosphere that changes polarity and extends outward in flat equatorial in magnetic toroidal waves. The Sun’s electrical activity is highest in the low altitudes and the poles are cooler. The sun spins faster at the equator than at the poles thus creating magnetic loops and plasma ejections. From atoms to galaxies resonant attuned bodies are organized in the pulse of alternating cycles to produce oscillating current. The magnetic axis of the Pillar of Light’s central strand is the source of evolution. It coils into itself compressing time and space that accelerates in vibration and ends polarization.

Absolute entrainment into universal oneness becomes the eternal now and the infinite space of omnipresence where the birth expansion of a new spiral world is born.

In becoming one grace is given and the path within to the light above is opened. There are many who are with you now as the ascension by one name and enlightenment by another equal the joy and bliss of pure knowledge and acceptance of your being for what it is, where it is and why it is. Now you know the answer that has been searched for by all who have lived upon the planet earth. The meaning of life is given at the Nexus of Light and Dark opens the portal to a new expression of the universe.


01-10-2009, 04:16 PM
You have arrived and we have been watching as you have been given instructions and allowed the time to complete your part with this new transmission. The sphere of reality is brought into focus and you will learn the science of Dimensions, the feeling of spirit and the sacred design of the universe. Your light shines forth with the wisdom of the old souls arriving with power and purpose. You bring the resources and abilities to light up the world. The collective of old souls is the generation of the Family of Light coming into power within the political, and economic cultural structures. The fundamentals have changed and the magic of sacred energies are empowering creative ideas. Part of your mission is obtaining the perspective of oneness with the primary activity of Universal enlightenment. The agreement you follow is your contract to be the Teachers of Truth and the Healers of Love for the Family of Light. The Teachers of Light speak forth as you have asked them for management, direction and support.

As you ask them for advice they return and open to you the wonders of your powers. In the cosmic sense they are non-physical beings who are channeling requested thoughts into your conscious awareness.Dear ones, who have walked the course of history and have seen the unfolding dominion of the Black Alliance, now you see its dissolution. Believe and see the truth and be the ones who bring forth the keys to opening the doors to the higher energies. Your time of power to create the vision of your hearts is one step away from manifestation. You are here to bring about the transformation, to be that which is asked for and always wanted. You are guides into the New age and leading the Family of Light on the first path. You have known that this time would come and you would be asked to honor your agreement. You knew that you would be brought forth to take up the challenge and be one of the leaders of this transformation.

The Teachers of Light watch you, look upon the path. The path is joyous and continuous. It is your decision when to move upon this path and to walk beyond the veil. The veils are being lifted. Do you understand that you are a Key, a Divine Golden Key which unlocks the doorway to a secret passage into the realms of the Universe? When you unlock the entry a timeless treasure a Golden Light will stream through you and you will be able to flow on this lighted pathway. Allow your body to become a creative Central Strand of energy and hold and attune to the vibration of the Golden Path. The Teachers of Light honor your passage into co-creation.

Agree again to be a Divine Golden Key. Remember you are a vibration of the universe which is a symphony of our sacred reality. In this moment feel this tone pulsate with power and resonance. Create atunement and harmony within all your relations. You are a Divine Golden Key. Share the way to those of the family who are asking, wanting, believing and seeking entrance into a state of Oneness.

From the higher non-physical Dimensions the revision of the Third and Fourth Dimensions has occurred. It is complete. In the various time lines of your Fourth Dimensional probabilities the endless meanders of the streams are unifying and the confusions are being brought into Oneness with the Golden Pathways. Recognize in the higher states of consciousness everything radiates in atunement. As the Family of Light increases, humanity feels a lessening pull from the forces of left brain analytical focus. Implementation of separation, division, fear and disconnection between incarnated souls in spatial temporal fixation cannot be maintained as the vibration of thought increases with the advent of the Golden Light.

The Dark Masters can no longer hold back the waves of energy which are being sent out from the center of the galaxy.Your agreement with purpose is to be the Key and to open the doorways to perception so limitations disappear and new opportunities, view points, realities are created in harmonious union. When the world becomes open to being one family, one collective, one intention, one agreement the result is universal enlightenment. The celestial golden light returns to shine forth and you cross the threshold and enter into the realms of other worlds, new galaxies and become a creator within the universe.

The gift of timelessness and the awareness of freedom is the ability to experience without limitation. The mission to be Teachers and Healers in the lesser Dimensions and part of the lower densities is to be the Divine Golden Keys. You are the central agencies that opens doors for those seeking pathways to experience higher Dimensions and many mansions. A Wayshower is an older soul with a gift of experience and knowledge from being born awakened. You have remembered the truth of existence and have intrinsic knowledge, belief and intuition, with confidence and talent to lead the way. In your incarnation your life experience enabled you to entrain the talents, skills and abilities that molded, etched and shaped your thoughts to carry exact vibratory resonance with your higher non-physical characteristics. In this exposition the world is connected and this world is one piece of an elaborate and complex series of bonded time lines manifesting the acceleration, transformation and integration of higher planes. In being a Key to unlock the energies and release them into manifestation into the deeper densities and lower dimensions, a Wayshower understands alignment, atunement and stability are ingredients of creation. Wayshowers bring into manifestation harmony and harmony depends upon the steady character of rhythmic pulsations producing the ground from which clear melodic progressive patterns can be created. The Arcturian Alignment is part of the harmonic process of bringing forth the point of connection betweenthe Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies.
You are being advanced into the new realm of mature creation and out of the childrenís sandbox of adolescent creation. This instruction is the beginning vision of the music of the spheres. The more you release the fear, worry and control programs of the past the Dark Masters of the Black Alliance are seen as adolescent lost souls who have held control over Third Dimensional reality. In these thousands of years of time it is a very short stream of consciousness they utilize fear and believe in it. Their energy is limited and held in stasis or quarantined from leaving this plane of existence which leaves them in a recurring loop until awakened into oneness. Their time line of control is unraveling as the stream of energy it exists upon is now being deflected and weakened by the alignment with other energies bringing higher frequency Light to the Earth. A great evolutionary progression allows humanity to receive abundance from the lowest to highest form of currency, love, appreciation, trust and compassion. The stream flows free with Light becoming a great river. Knowing how to trust and surrender to the flow of the currentís power of this grand evolution brings about the ascension. Give up demands for control, let go and be one with the Greater being, flow with the River.

As an older soul you are mature and are aware. It is not your way to attempt to control over the channels or to be one expecting rewards of the status of central powers to make these changes. You are within the channels of the Great River of Light, in harmonic vibration with Divine musical energies manifesting and creating new universes. Teach the difference between collective and individual power. As an individual you are limited by specific time lines where your being is focused and finite. As the collective you are an infinite being in non-physical realities with unlimited awareness. Your ability to communicate, share and acknowledge truth is universal, while as an individual you deal in facts and perspectives which limit your intelligence and power. As a Divine Golden Key you are a steward for those seeking the first path. This is the path of Truth. Open the door to love that brings forth a collective agreement which is the community of family where all is shared within the relationships. The truth is to be brought forth in the form of gifts and education. So as a healer you give and as a teacher you educate or help those that ask/remember their divine heritage. All is given to the family and all that is, is given of higher intelligence and creative love.

The first path brings about completion and fulfillment of the individual born within oneness which is enlightenment. The Fifth Dimensional realm of abundance brings forth flowering and understanding about the origination. Third Dimensional limitations, time lines filled with stress, pressure and drama are held in closed structures, circular loops and boxes of fear. The Third Dimensional challenge engaged your desire through contrast and difficulty. The incomplete systems disintegrated universal power into particular control centers whereby energy was directed by the elites who held power over. The change occurring to this status quo ends elitist culture of dictatorial deception. Wayshowers teach and share abundance. They quench with knowledge, service and compassion the deserts of emotional dis-empowerment, financial scarcity and self-hate with love, forgiveness and appreciation. In renewal life regains vitality and springs forth with transformed vigor and expression. Initiators are called forth and awaken. Calls and requests from the Wayshowers send forth the energy of abundance which is answered through their capacity. Wayshowers increase the flow and accelerate the changes. The Dark Masters feel their control and power slipping away from them and their funds, power, control and magic disappear. You are here to be a Great Awakener, You are Wayshowers.

Wayshowers are wise old souls who know the way, who understand the path and are the Divine Golden Keys to the Doors that open up the streams of the Great River that leads to Oneness. Wayshowers are benevolent and see the game and the work clearly. A fantastic flow of information, currency and gratitude for resources has initiated the un-traveled path the Wayshowers have asked for. It is given now because you are one, you are in agreement and you are here as destiny has provided so that this passage of time, the movement of galaxies, the turning of stars, the transition of societies, your contract, can be fulfilled and honored. The war is over and peace has entered as the sun of the returning Golden Light is shining. The Teachers of Light speak forth a message to those who are waiting. The wait is not longer possible for you to sit upon the threshold. The resources you have patiently awaited approaches like an immense wave cresting onto the shoreline. The impulse activated by your wishes, hopes, dreams, beliefs and desires rushes forth.

This wave moves rapidly breaking, releasing, washing away old patterns of existence. Move forward to being, move forward into being who you have always known you are. The opening of the vortex increases the power coming down around and into these channels to overflow the Third Dimensional banks, governments, religions, corporations, organizations, managers and supervisors who seek to contain the transformative power of the universe. The wave of Golden Light is released by your thoughts. It is a force of enormous power, a tidal wave emanating forth from a central galactic pulse called by your collective aspirations. Take heed and know that those who hold power and keep their energy trapped inside the old paradigms are facing a radical shift of power. A pathway is opening and upon this super energetic pathway comes the energy of a million suns streaming forth Light in its first wave. There are those who will know when the wave arrives, there is chaos as everything is transformed. Allow this time line to settle in the higher Dimensions as you are in agreement with the purpose and plan of this greater revolution. Wayshowers are here to bring forth the passage to the higher Dimensions to guide, enlighten and be compassionate.

And So It Is.


01-11-2009, 05:28 PM
The call to the Wayshowers is to bring forth the understanding of the first ones who are empowered to open the door to the Golden Age. They are Initiators, guides and channels predestined to come forth in passionate and fulfilling service to the race of beings. Wayshowers are communicators who are awakened and who awaken those who are sleeping, who are in fear or are lost to their true purpose. The six billion who are living and billions more souls in non-physical attendance are within the hyper sphere of conscious awareness and feeling the power of the galaxies open up the celestial entrance and union. In the shadows the Dark Masters are aligned with evil intent and raising the specter of fear and challenging the mission of the Wayshowers. Using deception, illusion and false promise the Black Alliance polluted and confuse the path to free sovereignty and cast a future of slavery to elitist doctrines of control and protection. With every movement towards truth the Dark Masters produce a thousand lies. With every thought of peace the Dark Masters create a thousand conflicts and with every desire for happiness the Dark Masters create a thousand fears to thwart the rush of the tidal wave of transformation which precedes the breath of new life and communion with the greater collective.

Each thought of a Wayshower is a thousand time stronger than the lies, conflicts and fears pushed into the mass consciousness by the Black Alliance and together the Wayshowers are billion of times stronger. From the standpoint of higher intelligences, the Teachers of Light, the Communion has already occurred. In Third Dimensional manifested in un-manifested worlds occurring in linear time/space reality, a lack of evidence, experience and completeness is a predominant perspective. In this call witness a desire to request, to invoke, to create the experience and the manifestation in this time/space expanded reality with humanity as they become One and aligned with destiny. The Arcturian Alignment will presage the Adromedian Enlightenment which will occur upon the eve of the Winter Solstice. The timing is based upon the galactic movements of the two galaxies as their dance in the Fourth Dimensional hyperspace to the coordinates mentioned. The activity of the Arcturian Alignment is based upon the angular motion of the center of the Galaxy and is being stewarded by the Arcturians who are in direct channel for the beings of Andromeda who share in Humanity’s evolution. In the heart of the quest of the Gold Ring is the quest for the Gold of the Soul and the perfection of the spiritual alignment in the vertical spiral harmonization at right angles to the planes of Dimensional existence. Every word is spoken to activate the Golden Key which is the trigger in the mind to open up the higher frequencies.

This entrainment will allow the resonance to move up the scale into the higher light. You have been given the key to understand the next step in the Game. It is called the Game of the Golden Ring for good purposes, so that you become aware of the link of the wealth in Gold to Wealth in Spirit. The focus on this analogy is to bring you into resonance with that which is part of your history and your future. The Teachers of Light are about to give the world, through the Wayshowers, the most extraordinary exotic element that you will ever be witness to and have in your possession. That is the alchemical gold which will transform your mind and bring enlightenment of your spirit and soul. This game concludes with balancing of your physical nature, with your spiritual nature in a trans-dimensional flow into higher dimensions. In the heart of the quest for the Gold Ring is the quest for the Gold of the Soul and the perfection of spiritual alignment. In this Galaxy the physical positioning of the Holy Cross of the Great Sacred Tree is transpiring.

Take a moment and understand the connections between every galaxy, star, sun, planet, person, animal, fish, plant cell, molecule, atom, electron, proton, feeling thought and desire, and it is radiating there with a frequency and it is a focal point. It is a harmonically adjusted center and connected piece of the whole. Balance your conscious awareness in the physical being of the Third Dimension through wealth. You are to obtain wealth and the wealth you are to obtain is gold. it is not the mundane gold of the 24 karat variety, it is the immaterial and effervescent white Gold of the Soul that is spiritualized through the co- creation of the conductivity transcending lower Dimensional structures. This element is a non-element, it is that which is super conductive and passes through the Dimensions and there is no way to express it, there is no way to hold it and you will only know it through your conscious atunement. There are Dimensions which are layered upon each other which are stacked on a vertical axis, which have the function to hold the Central Strand and allow the centred movement up and own the columns which gives forth a electro-magnetic field. This electro-magnetic field is the conscious awareness of the spherical envelope that shields the being and the soul’s internal organization. You are liquid light moving in vibratory currents. Allow that which you are to hear the words which are manifesting in your mind between the poles of the negative and the positive.

This is the way to reach into you, the right brain and sense the nature of the bipolar reality. The Golden Key is given to you upon the Arcturian Alignment so that you may sound the connection into the white light and bring forth the balanced connection across the Rainbow Bridge of the full spectrum which will be revealed upon the Andromedan Enlightenment. Herein likes your mission and goal, to reach forth and create the Golden Ring and bring wealth to the planet. In finding the Philosopher’s Stone which is the white gold and manifesting the trans-dimensional super Light transmitted through the electrical magnetic currents along a self-propagating radiating wave from the gravitational centre of the super-cohesive, defined, manifested part of the galaxy you become harmonized. You become empowered. You become All That Is. You become One and Fifth Dimensional.

You have been given the power to manifest without limit through the understanding of the great and noble elements that comprise the Philosopher’s Stone. You are much more than a physical being, you are a being who can transverse the Dimensions and the densities through utilizing your emotional/mental ranges. You are a cell in a system which works through the electro magnetic frequencies. You have been told that you are part of a vibratory universe and yet you do not hear these words well. You have been told that you are part of a flow, that which always flows like a river. You have been told that the world is made of Light and it was sounded forth through the mind of the Magnificent force. You have been informed that you are an electrical being that operates with a positive and negative polarity. You have been informed that there is a Law of Attraction which provides for you that which you desire and harmonise with. You been told to ask and you shall receive. This is a statement of creation and you have been told that you are a God. In all these statements is a Central Thread that runs through them all which states that you are a creator and in being a creator you operate in cooperation with the eternal springs of the universal energy.

And So It Is


01-17-2009, 04:31 PM
Chaos and Confusion are polarized and becoming the final conflict that was the prophecy in this reality. Your being is being raised in vibration by the power of increasing multi-Dimensional rays of Awakening. Everything you are doing is part of the process in your world, society and personal life. You have chosen and have found everyone in the world is being overwhelmed by the increase in information, energy and input in your life. When you are overwhelmed by the news, situations, crisis, dramas and even positive learning and experiences you may need to sleep and recharge your energy and Light Body. Give yourself the space to rest and come back with renewed vigor to be the Wayshowers and enlighten yourself and open the new doors of Awareness.

The codes implanted within your body are geometric sacred structures of the keys that open information systems that are part of the Languages of Light. In crop circles you are awakened to new geometric form that focuses you to a global paradigm shift. Each one is a key whether made by humans or extraterrestrials it does not matter. Each message in the media, life experience, news event or dream brings information necessary at the moment as a crossroads of energy and information. There is magic held at the crossroads of communion with the currents of energy.

The level of emotion and mental vibration coordinates the energy streams of sound and Light. You are each learning how to move through experiences by changing the information streams of sound and Light. You are creators of strength of tone and flow of melody. Your information streams are purposefully communicated and intentionally aligned within an experiential content and contextualized within related energy fields of beings attracted to your Light.

Your body is a multi-Dimensional instrument that receives and interprets vibrations of sound and Light and then radiates and transmits co-created energetic information streams. You are all channels that are connected to vibrations and frequencies from many worlds, dimensions and realms. Everything that you do is the energy modulations where you bring energy streams together in communion that birth harmonic interplay. Telepathy is higher frequency communications that operate through non-physical inter-Dimensional modulations above lower stable level linear physical vibrations. Sound intensifies through octaves and through harmonic increase following geometric melodic circular and spiraling patterns.

Multidimensionality brings together the union of the male and female incarnations of the Twin Flame design. The vibrations of the energies within your being are coming into harmonization as you move closer into multidimensional telepathic awareness of your separated spirits. The Twin Flames are balancing their power in the outer world and inner world. The white Light calls both to synthesize in collection and meditation in the Shining Light of Oneness.

In the history of the world the male vibrations came into power five thousand years ago with the beginning of the national cycle of the Mayan Calendar. In the land of Sumer the transition in society was managed by beings who sought power of emotion. The law of separation was invoked and guided conflict between men and women. These beings who held desire to raid emotional bodies of beings of Terra created turmoil between the races, religions, cultures, sexes and the intuitive and analytical mind. The schism between the Twin Flames of male and female dis-empowered both.

The new vibration requires that the intuitive mind and the analytical mind be harmonized. The frequency of Love is empowered by Light. When love is brought into your life the higher Light frequency can be utilized. There is an increase from the Central Sun, the Galactic Heart and from the center of the spinning cross of the great tree of the core of the galaxy. This energy breathes into you Higher Light which is to elicit love from the center of your being within the cave of your heart. You feel the energy spin through your being and you awaken when you love more.

Let the Light of the mind inspire you to become informed and connect with the multi-Dimensional infusion of the Prime Creatorís Light that is the source of All That Is. The light of cosmic energy that emanates from the center of the galaxy is the Creatorís energy. You are to awaken to the reality that the heart of the galaxy is the loving, powerful, creative, blissful,l joyous Light of the universe.

The science of the world sees the center of the galaxy as a monster black hole that devours stars. The concern for the ignorance you have concerning your universe is only diminished by the humor we enjoy as we know you will see through your misconception and awaken to know the Grand centre has nothing but Divine Love emanating from the center of each galaxy. Love is the creative power behind the universe and Light streams forth into the mind of your being to see and be Love.

When you connect with the Love frequency you begin to extend it to all levels of your multi-Dimensional self. Your being and everyone that you share human existence with is creating a massive healing that will completely alter your reality and bring you into joy and you will resonate with higher frequencies in a vibration of ecstasy.

When you connect with the Love frequency you begin to extend to all levels of your multi-Dimensional self. In all cultures of your world you have the knowledge of the Pillar of Light. It is the shining light of the portal into the other Dimensions of your being. You are to center within the Pillar of Light and let it spin around you in counter-rotating fields that create the inter-Dimensional doorway.
The prana-yama of breath control activates the spin as it empowers the emotional Light body to enlighten the encoded filaments in the genetic, atomic and etheric body through conscious awareness and emotional sentience to heal the body. Healing and spinning the energy centers of the body in harmony is holistic health and this is the holy body of the risen being.

Bring oxygen into your body and allow a cosmic acceleration of energy to carry your mind through imagination and emotion into the higher multi-Dimensional experience. Breathe, hold and feel the ground of your being center with the earth as your body harmonizes with creation. The oceans, the lands, the stars all move with your energy as the blissful power of joy creates life from Love into Light and from Light into thought form and into your manifestations.


01-23-2009, 04:00 AM
We are the Teachers of Light and we come forth in this time. In this moment of time breathe in the light of the Central Sun . The sun shines forth into the minds of the Teachers of Light, who are here to bring forth the Grand Awakening into higher truths being downloaded into the Planet. The Teachers of Light are a collective of planetary teachers and those who operate within the aura of the Central Sun. They channel in telepathic communications, so that those that are willing and acceptable receivers understand the higher energetic vibrations that provide for communication and balance in the world.

The planets are inter-dimensional locational grid points that allow for the input of new evolutionary structure and expansionary development. The Central Sun is the home of the galaxy, it is the mind of the galaxy and in the mind of the galaxy are the teachings. The teachings are the codes and instructional patterns that are allowed to be brought forth into the world. They are allowed to be brought forth into the world because they are required of the evolutionary patterns to follow a consistent plan, the Divine Plan.

Humanity is living between the forces of Light and Dark, and is awakening to the Multidimensional World and leaving behind the illusion. Light is the messenger, it is that which brings to the world the evolutionary grid point where humanity rests upon this completion of this plan. In communicating a spontaneous breath of Light, the understanding of intelligence is allowed to operate with a complete entrainment to each individual point in space.

The Planet is the collective of humanity, whereas in each humanity there is a heart center which is a particle of Light. The particle of Light is the seed of the Light body that enables the human emotional field to build around this heart center and establish itself in a step by step Dimensional Light Body process of flow into ease and grace.

In each planetary system, in each human system, there is a time for action to activate a Light Body. There is a birthing, and in this birthing the emotional fields are connected through grids, and these grids are manifested by a connective mind into a culture which allows it to be unified and the planet moves up on a spiral, going through a Seven Dimensional hyperspace within a quantum space/time presence. This is all managed by a Central Sun matrix that allows for a radiant and intelligent expression of individual Light Bodies and it is a true meaning of how life upon a planetary polarized axis is engaged through a collective intelligence.

All planetary spheres are representations of human realities, and planetary spheres are related to the paradigm of existence, in that the music of the spheres is the essence of Divine Love Intelligence. It is the matrix of pure connective energy. It has the analogous elements of water; where water is connective and diffusive and absorbing and unifying. It allows for itself to be dispersed and collect. It is the current of Light.

01-23-2009, 05:05 PM
You are a Way Shower. You are asked to speak for your world, to bring enlightenment and abundance into everything that touches you, to show the way and to be part of the new journey that is brought forth to perfect and give a higher light into the system. The energy of the celestial beings, that are part of your own being, that are the non-physical essence of who you are, have become integrated to the system. They are bringing forth their knowledge through every aspect of your world.

There comes a time in every system when the old is corrupt and the new is transitioning into power. This time is occurring now. The tipping point had been achieved and the old is corrupting and degenerating into chaos. The new is being empowered by the energies that are bringing forth this change. It is finding connection and finding support and it is growing quickly. The old patterns can not be built upon. They are part of a fading structure that must be released. The implosion of the old primary systems will occur rapidly. The new systems will be based upon a sovereign soul entity. The sovereign soul entity is being produced from within. It is being guided by the inner teachers or Teachers of Light and Sound, that awaken the mind to its own inner knowledge through intuition and pure insight.

This is found through feeling. It is known as you know music. The way that it touches you, you can receive feelings that are acknowledgments that this energy is absolutely correct and it touches every point of light within your being and brings a tingling sensation to your light body, your energy body.

The overall structure of the world operates in the same manner. When an individual obtains a thought form that is in proper sequence with the planetary world, it opens the grid structure across it and there is a tingling sensation that is sent throughout the planetary body. This supports the energies of this thought form so that it can extend its influence on a higher level within this planetary grid, as there are many many, many levels of grids within the physical and etheric structure of the planetary body. As the planetary body is both, an inner and outer presentation of material, spiritual, mental, emotional and celestial influence, when there is an alignment of planetary bodies within the galactic structure, there is a transitioning of energy throughout those levels.

This is such a time energies of the galactic system are in harmonic entrainment with the planetary system, which in turn, opens the vortexes and portals and gates and doorways of the physical bodies to the non-physical entities. Science has displayed this information through numerous explanations, of scalar waves, of frequencies, of vibration, of etheric light, of stellar communication, of extra-terrestrial beings, of angelic influence. The correspondence between these elements, entities, particles, energies, waves, forms are synonymous with the continuous opening of the higher mind to creation. Creation holds all of these energies together in the greater stream of being. The greater stream of being, being that part of you that moves from moment to moment, to moment to moment again and again and again and again, as it flows with a higher intelligence, a divine intelligence that is the following through the portal of awakening, the gateway into heaven.

01-23-2009, 06:49 PM
The individualized self sees the loss of physical being as the end of the Higher self or the non-physical part of the being. Or, the expanded part of the being sees it as the completion of a cycle. It is the fulfillment of the natural course of being, it is the process of a segment of experience being fulfilled through perfection.

Along each time-line there is a creative process that is initiated, moved through and processed, and this process is part of the awakening of the spirit. The spirit is that element within each Divine entity that opens doorways. It is the entity of sentience and in this sentience the carrier of it is the Soul. The Soul, with the Spirit, are the energetics of the twin energy, the powerful collaborative energies of the physical and non-physical essences that co-relate and bring forth a communion. The communion is held though a structural organization that is the elements of the Divine being that is overseeing and processing being, through mind. Mind is the underlying background of intelligence that brings everything that is, in accord with the Divine Plan.

It is through the point of Light and the radiance of the point of Light, that all beings exists and understanding the deepest interest of the Divinity of being, there is the mind that holds the patterns and the essential paradigm that brings forth the Higher Light from within the invisible.

01-24-2009, 06:51 PM
You have come to the crossing point, where the galactic center and the ecliptic have entered into the final phase of transition. There is knowledge of this as all things come to pass within time. You are being awakened to your potential; you are being awakened to your real being. You are part of a new journey that is coming forth as we speak with you.

The concept of the inner teachers is still in its infancy as you are watching the world and its commercial and political aspects and still seeing the evidence of the old, the pattern that is of competition, of destruction, of distraction, of misinformation and disinformation. The world that is being brought forth is the one that is awakening with inside you, within your heart center. The Gold Ring is that part of you which is your inner essence, that is your being, that is enlightened, that is abundant. It is the part of you that is your essence. It is the part of you that is love personified into life. All beings hold this inner essence, this inner center that expands out as a Gold Ring, and as another and another and another and another.

Humanity speaks with one voice with one energetic impulse and intention towards manifestation through action. In this process of moving into action and manifestation, there is the contrast with the existing order. When operating from intention, it is before the fact; it is before the fact of the creation of the new being. In enlightenment you find your intention, you find that which draws you towards the new day of experience. In abundance you are being called, you are being attracted; you are being brought forth by the magnetics of the thing that is being sought, the thing that is being charged with the energy of manifestation. While you move across the grid points towards this manifestation, which is the abundance that is the process of the will to good, there is a feeling of intention that is the energy of enlightenment, which seeks to move forth as the energy of teaching.

The Teachers of Light are the inner teachers, the inner essence of being, the Christ consciousness, that which opens the doorways to new experience, and understanding this, you move towards this existence, and seeing this existence, and being this existence is abundance. In between enlightenment and abundance is the gap, the gap of the transformation, the transmutation of the old into the new, the movement across from one grid point to another grid point. It is an infinitesimal transition from this one point to another point. There is peace and silence in the gap, in the gap there is a completion, a fulfillment. And there is a continuance, there's continuity and infinity. All things are in the process of change, this is the center of the Gold Ring. This is the portal through which we all exist. This is the transportation through the portal. This is the energy of evolution.

As you begin to listen to your inner teacher you will find the insight and intuition into the higher mind, the higher light that is guided through the very center of being. The Gold Ring expands around and radiates this ring of light, this golden spiral chain of energies that create the manifestations of the world and hold the golden radiance within each of these light beings. The radiance of the Gold Ring is created by the light body. The light body shimmers and shines forth from an omnicentric center point. In everything there is a center point, and that center point is based within the now, which is a temporal, spatial grid point that exists as a life essence.

The life essence is the central emanation of spirit, and spirit is held within the carrier of the soul. All things that are known are produced by the mind; the mind is the energy of divine first source power of will. This will source is protected and clothed in love wisdom, which is the feeling source behind everything that is. Together the power of the will, which is emanated through first source and the central point, the central sun, the grand portal, the energy of the consciousness of divinity that is manifested through the radiance of love wisdom, which surrounds this point of light, and the radiation of it is the Golden Ring, and beyond the Golden Ring and throughout the will force and its brilliance is the intelligent structuring of all things.

From the standpoint of timeless consciousness, the period that you are experiencing is a chaotic one, where there is a transition from the old to the new. The souls partaking of this transition are enjoying a drama and process of moving from a fear based culture to a love based culture. It is of interest to know that everyone on the planetary body is partaking of this same energetic movement from fear to love. Those that are causing wars, causing conflict, those that are creating communities of love and appreciation, of manifesting, caring and providing assistance and healing are of the same family. You are all working on the same path. You are here together to make a reconstruction and transition of the old into the new.

What is being presented by the political, social, governmental, military, corporate and educational facilities that is presented through the cinema scope of everything that is within your world, is the nature of your planetary time consciousness. Time is a process of the unfolding of consciousness. It brings forth the awakening of the spirit to see itself reflected in the soul. It brings forth the energies of mind to be replayed against the energies of the heart. Together they open the portal of the soul through which the spirit ascends into higher consciousness, higher enlightenment. Enlightenment means what it is. It means to bring the light within, to bring the light within and to express it outwards in the form of abundance, in the form of the expansion of creation. Creation extends throughout infinity and so it is, All That Is, and All That Is expands. This is the process of being. Being is perfect. Being is an expanding transitioning movement forth into greater and greater experience. The process that is known as death is a transition into a higher state of being. It is the acceptance of experience and the unfolding of that experience into a non-physical essence that is the larger part of the being.

01-26-2009, 08:06 PM
Words are like steps upon a pathway, and thoughts are that pathway; that energy of movement from thought to thought to thought to thought are the steps that are taken. Each and every one of your steps is an intention that is designed to bring you into fuller consciousness of who you are.

In coming into attunement with your intuitive mind you are becoming aware of the way it operates through intentional energies and feelings; where it sees before it knows and where it knows before it sees; when it walks into these fields of activity with a fore-knowledge and understanding of the energy fields that are being presented there. There is a future creation that is based upon the ability of the intuitive mind to sense or know the energies that are ahead in this process of creation.

The lower analytical mind is measuring from a process of immediate construct. It sees exactly what it sees and no more. It is based around an architecture that is based in a measurement fundamental. By following these fundamental alignments and seeing the differences between the different aspects of your mental functioning you are able to become more attuned to utilizing both of these functions in combination.

In a third way there is another part of the mind that is always looking into the past and judging it from the standpoint upon the expectations that were expected and now that it is past there is a loss of energy through the focusing on that which is no longer a possibility. The past is not a realm of possibility but it does affect the future when it is given its credence by the mind that seeks to measure and analyze and create relationships in this point called Now.

The point that we call Now is the energy of the ability to move from step to step, where there is unbalance, where there is dynamic transmission of energies from one level to another level. There is always a contrasting situation that is applied in the Now point, as there is a movement, there is an awakening that this movement along linear stream is connective to the possibilities that are present in future time-lines.

Those that walk these time-lines are the energies that you know as sentient beings, those that have consciousness and those that are experiencing creation on an immediate level that is called reality.In reality there is a point in time and space that you exist within and no other. It is the point in time and space that is a continuum of linear events that stream across your reality and are reproduced by the whole mind through the wholeness of this navigator that sees and knows every step upon the pathway.

The pathway is a circular pathway that creates a ring of energies that allows you to awaken different potentials that are within your existence and that are based in a multidimensional probability field that is an open architecture of multiple time-lines that move into future expansions.

01-27-2009, 07:11 AM
Of Terra we ask for the peace that is our birthright, and wealth, which is our joy to give and be one
with our neighbor in the Family of Light. The drama of the 21st Century seems to be too much to endure
and it is only beginning to increase in heat, as the fire burns hotter and hotter. The Blue Fire is the hottest
and purges and purifies into the molten gold all the dross of the planetís crude and darkened friction.
The lightening bolt strikes, and sparks fly as the days of the ending of time approach.
Everywhere the eyes of the children of Terra awaken
and see the Black Age of the Kali Yuga fall.

Turn your eyes upward and see the pillar of light descend to bring your alignment.
The world around gravitates towards the center with each evil being thrown off into the void
as the spin increases faster and faster. The childrenís merry-go-round is symbolic of the spinning
vortex you are upon. At the edge, the centripetal forces push you into horizontal extension out of balance
and away from the center. You feel as if you are sliding off into oblivion as the spin moves faster and faster.
In confusion and fear, you are finding that the spin swings every physical atom away from the center of balance.

Hold to your center and spin within and let the panorama of life and the dramas of wars, depressions, crime, violence,
deceit, greed and conflict see it being cast off from your merry-go-round. All is well within the center. Stay balanced and allow
anything that is not of your higher being and future destiny of health, wealth and wisdom to fly away.
Let it move out of your field. Let it move away from your playground.

You understand that this center is not only horizontal, but a vortex that is spinning in all directions with
greater force and speed. The spins of the sphere are sending outward from its sacred-space-of-the-eternal-now
all that has existed in time and space and all that was destined. All lives lived and all lives dreamed are seeing
the ideas that were manifested and those emotional empowered pulled out of your body so that the inner body
of Light may be born. The great sound, the roar of the lion and the song of the Whale bring power
to the open cave of the soul, wherein the heart of the Eagle is the Bullís Eye. In myth and magic,
you are awakening to realize the time of change has come. Waves of change are rushing into
your protected reality and no barrier can stop them from being seen.
The beings of other worlds and the memories of ancient lives come
to be remembered and welcomed.

This is the time of the mind opening to its wisdom and telepathic communication.

Terra and Sol stream the Light of Love and the Love of Light into the portal of the dream of being.
In clairvoyant understanding you are aware now that the gate is opened to the space within your heart.
The center point of your being is found and there the spinning ceases and you see under the canopy
of existence your lives and your purpose. You awaken to the Light of your multi-Dimensional being and are now
given the keys and the codes to creation. You are the creator of your world, when you are centered in the space
where time does not exist in the point called The Now, where the flow of the Tao is balanced
throughout all the Dimensions. Where the counter-rotating merkaba is stabilized
and you are calm in motionlessness, silent in soundlessness,
and in deep meditation of Oneness with everything.

From within comes your soul... that you have long known as your spiritís deepest essence.
Your soul comes from within, in this moment deep and abiding, calm and assured, divine and pure.
The Light rises up from the unknown that you are, and you begin to feel the mystic presence of compassion,
forgiveness and grace. Always you have walked on the shore of being, where the Divine Light is given to you...
the way to know your own being. The reflection of time was given to you to experience the other worlds,
where you could extend into being and see the contrast of existence, and set upon courses of discovery.
There was always the risk that on this journey you could get lost and be lost for a time until
you could find your way back to the family. It was known that as far as you could go,
in whichever direction, there was nowhere where you could not be found.

There comes a time upon the wheel of destiny where the Family of Light calls for all to return.
You are the Wayshowers who seek the lost ones and bring them back into the Light of their being
and show them the path home. There are no new journeys that are needed, for the path is always about joy
and living in the experience of Divine creation. The Wayshowers are here to bring the Guiding Light back to Terra
and to show this path to the dark ones who seek to hide from the Light of Sol. Sol is the guardian
of this system and you are hearing the call of the Mother of Creation from the Galactic Heart
call out to the Family and call to bring them to the Golden Age of the Satya Yuga.

The multi-Dimensional mind is opening the portal of initiation. And it is within your sphere,
in the center, where you are calm, collected and assured. Let the spinning stop and slowly turn with
the wheel of fortune in harmony with the celestials. Move in harmony with the Galaxy as it moves
in perfect alliance with the greater galaxies and the pull of the Universe

01-28-2009, 08:43 PM
To follow the course of the awakened takes the spirit of discernment. It takes clarity and to know what path you are walking. To reach the involvement that you are required is to bring yourself into a coalescing, and allowing the third eye matrix of the higher mind to be manifested and to be fully charged with clarity. For clarity to manifest, it requires the power of the heart. The power of the clarity of the heart needs to come through and direct the mind into clear awareness of the truth. The truth is the energy of the Christ and for that to be in the position of the teacher consciousness. This is the way of this thought. Anything not connected with the central strand, which is love, leads to delusion.

There is an inner perception and conscious perception an intuition where this thought is going, where the thought goes and why does it go there. Where there is bias there is always magnetism that sets an electromagnetic movement from one pole to another. It produces a shell or a cell. It requires the movement within the shell to be centered and so you look into the polar axis to see the systemic dilemma and then there is another creation of a system, another solar system. In each system it must be transcended. All transcendence is done by the Christ energy. These systems are tools and not the thing itself. All of these systems must be transcended by the Christ, and the Christ works through the heart.

Understanding the astrological systems within the heart center of wisdom is an esoteric awareness that knowledge is secondary. Knowledge is third ray and is fifth ray in complexity. It has a system of being misrecognized. It is not what it is. The point of view it is fifth manifested through the white light of Christ and then it is reflected throughout the prism. Color goes through a vehicle of the soul and is manifesting its power and love through channeling this energy in. In becoming clear enough to be a receptacle and being solidly set there is required a bonded relationship in triangular points of power, triangular mathematic points, the pressure points, the nautus, the stars show the specific energy stellar vortexes. If you intend to go through the seven, the twelve subclasses and to go through all of this, it is not a position that will be realized, for the last judgment arrives and the last judgment is to go with the Christ energy of the heart. And it is decided to go through this heart center and to go to the heart center and allow your being to be filled with the Christ energy.

Much of your life has been disallowed by the unfortunate disagreements with power that has been produced by a dark side of the will. When understanding the first ray of the will, it is designated as power and it is power so that it can become fully manifested in your heart, and it is to manifest this power to raise spirit above matter and mind. The quality is based upon your soul and your ability to raise spirit and raise up a new energy. The power of the Christ is this energy. When you resurrect you bring forth the will and the power, and it is the power to bring feeling over thought and to take it to a new level of spirit.

Understanding the crown chakra is to learn how to die and be born again and how to raise yourself up to another level of spirit. All of the lessons are based in the root chakra. It is here that all the primal levels of heat, and also joy that produce light that brings about the wealth of consciousness that is transforming and brings about the complete reversal of all negatives as it stops the path of least resistance. The root is the grounding, the base, the fundamental, the core, the holding chalice for everything. The reason for the least resistance is because it allows itself to be vulnerable and it allows itself to be open to the darkness, so that it can manifest the power and can be transmuted in and then reformed and brought into a coalescing of energies toward one goal.

02-01-2009, 08:11 AM
This shift from the Third / Fourth Dimension into the fifth dimension is a shock to the masses of Followers. The evolutionary change requires a complex trans-dimensional communications between the timeless essence of yourself. Desires to possess objects and gain power over others and hold onto a 3D reality cannot continue as the structure of the universe evolves and changes. Wayshowers must use streams of thought, emotion, creativity, pure logic and higher languages - symbols to entrain to the Fourth Dimensional realm of magic, dreams, desire and the emotional feeling. It is time to rise above individual fears and experience cosmic unity of the Fifth Dimensional World. Surrender to the calm, peace and the unconditional love of this realm that you know of as heaven.

Merge and become your higher dimensional forms. Transform your awareness by allowing this energy to integrate into every cell of your being. Awake from the dream of material existence as you do from sleep. Allow the illusions of separation and limitation to fall away from your experience. Play a new game of peace, love, happiness and fulfillment. Let the old Game of competition, conflict, war and fear go away. There is no need for desire, for there is fulfillment as you remember layer by layer of your full being. Allow all the fear, tension and personal anxiety to diminish and flow away down the river, and allow abundance and freedom to come to you in that same steady flow of the river of Light.

There are no demons to keep you or your family of Light trapped in pain. Accept and rejoice in the beauty of your physical body and see the light shine forth from within it. Physical addictions are caused by judgments and infections of inner revulsion that you may remove at anytime with unconditional love for your body. Wayshowers you are here to return the family of Light to the river of all being and to flow with the streams of the central strand that connects to the Heart of Spirit.
As your world of here and now experiences pain, you are to bring healing. As it has poverty you shall bring it wealth. As it lives in ignorance you shall shine forth truth. And as it knows confusion you will point the way and the purpose of life. The Teachers of Light wish for you to bring matter and spirit together.

You are here to balance within the Dimensions connecting and translating the vibrations between the physical and non-physical realms with the power of your conscious awareness. As you are now you have one part of your being connected to the Fifth Dimension and you are grounded in your physical being in the Third Dimension. Your being is aware of the harmonic alignment which is being intoned. Over and under tones are bringing forth a symphonic expansion of creation as you play in the harmonics. Allow the evolution of your fields of experience to attune to the vibrations of this enlightenment. As you attune and vibrate within the harmonic range of the Dimensions there is synchronization. Time, space and creation cease as all movement is connected in stable unity and undifferentiated oneness.

The bliss and perfection of Fifth Dimensional harmonic balance coincides with the divine essence of being. Light, photons, the Central strand of movement which connects the circular spherical strings of existence to the heartbeat of the flow of creation is achieved within the point, the smallest denominator of conscious awareness. As a Wayshower you are a giver of Light and you project this Light, spin this Light, move this Light, shine this Light into the dark, into the past, into the veil and release matter into light and into the bonding force of the universe - Love.

As you walk the path of the Wayshower you find love is the drawing force that calls the light to return to source. It is the attractive essence of matter which calls and whereupon light spins to move and return to source. For Love is the magnetism which brings the electric light to seek balance as it spins in creative effort. Abundance and wealth are consistent with love and knowledge and joy with Light. All dimensions are created from love and light. Love is the photon which acts as a wave and light is the photon which acts as a particle. They move into existence in polarity in the Fourth Dimension and into form in the Third Dimension.

Linear time is created in the physical environment. In the emotional environment time is fluid based upon intensity of feeling. In the Fifth Dimension timelessness occurs as in this field of spirit oneness connects the past and the future into a stream of complete awareness. Wayshowers raise your vibrations to match the energy of love and joy to liberate the Followers. Be willing to let go of all negatives in clear service of the galactic will to bring forth abundance, prosperity, understanding and peace. Help those who are trapped in the lower Dimensions release addictions and desires for possessions and rewards.

As the Black Alliance loses power bring to them the higher energies through the reduction of vibration and slowly provide them with forgiveness, love and understanding so they may release their Third Dimensional addictions. They are souls caught in the illusion of this formerly dominant reality and are looping into stagnation and solidification. They are attempting to save their lives with ignorance and negation yet this situation will end in death and loss of incarnation unless the Dark energy is transmuted. Those of the Black Alliance who cannot transform out of the Fourth Dimensional polarized world of karma will die and find release into oneness through unconscious transmission.

Wayshowers keep your physical vehicles strong and clear and connect with your family of Light to share and build the light of the higher frequencies that are coming through your intuitions and higher feelings. It is important for your physical health to ground this Light. When you download higher frequency energy you will find that your mind, body and emotions change. Peace will come over you and you become immune to the Mind Control systems of the Black Alliance They will continue to utilize these systems to keep the energy from overwhelming them at this time.

You are now ready to reveal who you are to the world. You are a Wayshower and you have thousands who know your light and are building within your energy field. You are guiding them to the center of the stream that is a river wide enough to carry all to the love and promise of the age of the Golden light of the Fifth Sun. You were brought here to understand and know that you are loved, you are complete, you are finished, you are the past, you are the future. You are everything. Your soul is complete in wholeness within you. The Third Dimension is brought forth and brought to awareness. That it is part, it is a finger, a touch, a cell, a piece, something that is only that which holds a momentary glance of who you are in spirit ,a Great and Shining Light, Shine Forth.......

02-03-2009, 08:25 PM
From our standpoint you are all giving truth forth into your world and so it is agreed and supported by the universe. The wholeness or division of your society is the reality which is your primary viewpoint. It is your environment. The whole focus of your life is on the fulfillment of that which is.
The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body that you are is now becoming a conscious reality where you have found fear to be a useful emotion and a stage in your development that is integrated and understood. The higher truth is now being downloaded in your world and you are awakening to the Truth. With the Alignment of Truth you come into clear and rapid progression towards destiny. The Black Alliance is watchful of the gates of its dominions on the four corners of the Third Dimension, yet it cannot feel or acknowledge anything of the other directions. What is above in the future, below in the past, and within the heart are not understood or prepared for by the Dark Masters. The Black Alliance is in a horizontal time line which has its focus in the linear viewpoint of the past and future of its Third Dimensional domain. It commands its domain from the Fourth Dimension using the emotional astral body and keeping the masses in conflict. This is accomplished through intricate programming of thoughts to keep the archetypes of religion, racism, money and conflict foremost in the minds of the masses.

The domain that is above is not accepted by the Dark Masters for it is the future and beyond their control. They can only put fear into the future through methods of prediction and promotion. The subconscious reality, the past, what is below, is not given power and is regulated memory and history, is perverted, and facts are exchanged to suit the agenda of control where the Black Alliance keeps the Followers of the masses focused on weakness, scarcity, and disempowerment.

The Dark Masters cannot feel the Heart center for they are set within the power centers, and the inner direction of the Heart is blocked, and barriers are in place, and they avoid feeling this center, and they avoid what is growing within it. This is where the greatest change is coming and the Teachers of Light speak to this center and call forth the Heart to open and understand the oneness of all life. The Dark Masters are adept in keeping the followers separated which traps them in fear by maintaining the lies about the past. The presumption, the lie, the deception is the primal focus and programmed into the masses upon birth into the Third Dimension. The Dark Masters work and re-energize the program and the propaganda to manipulate the world and take the power from the believers.

History and meaning are manufactured. The Great Deception is a grand illusion of power, a fantasy pushed with images, symbols and legacies from the past to instill an aura of greatness and authority over the ignorant equals. The Dark Masters disempower the egos of the masses. By using this focus and direction where events are only the dream images of such, which is a Fourth Dimensional magic, the Black Alliance confuses the reactive mind with deceptions and illusions. From this darkened world of massive lies and incredible dishonesty being sent through the media channels the masses sleep in a nightmare of shallow awareness of their powerful heritage and equal creative ability.

The Teachers of Light are patient with this plane of existence for it is just one dimension with innumerable realities. The Earth plane has its time line and it is important that the mass of Followers awaken and see the world, enjoy the higher mind existence and see that the grounding of the vertical rays of inter-dimensionality. Multi-dimensional beings are able to perceive the energy flow that comes through the Crown chakra through the receptacle which empowers the Heart chakra and allows forth the coming of higher intelligence. These beings are the Teachers of Light.

The Teachers of Light speak to those who seek answers for that which is not of them. You have sought the way to achieve happiness and success. You request it yet it is an allowing that will give you this peace of mind and fulfillment of your soul. It is not an aggressive working out of the reality where you are to focus your energy. It is to bring yourself in compliance with the higher vibrations that are sent via higher intelligence that wish the accomplishment you desire. You will see and know of the first wave and in the Acceptance of New Rays of Light your Heart will receive grace.

The Black Alliance has deceived you to believe in a Lie, a fact they say, that you are not motivated by love but by dark forces, demons that have invaded your body and have possessed it. They use religion as their main weapon to make you afraid of the non-physical, to be scared of death, to be fearful of spirit and to see God as weak and distant. They use the words of fear, terror, violence and abuse to keep you wary of goodness peace and safety. The Dark Masters use the words yet their intent is to deceive. They understand only the nature of the Third and Fourth Dimensional creation. The Black Alliance is about to see itself in the mirror of existence and deal with the thought forms it has given power to. The courage of thought of those who walk the path of the Freedom Fighter in their anger and frustration are misguided in what they can accomplish. The Black Alliance seeks those who resist with the same anticipation as those who act on their behalf to enslave, control and dominate.

The energy of this time is about the out picturing of the Great Dance between those who want change and those who think they cannot change. The Dark Masters of the Black Alliance seek to keep the mind focused on the illusion of the past; that which they say is destroyed, broken, charged with irrational energy and motivated by fear. From fear there exists anger and from anger the result is pain. In pain there is confusion and stress, from stress there is the compromise of integrity. With the loss of integrity movement ceases and the energy weakens and there is paralysis and dissolution. There is remorse in the failure to connect with the higher energy and so there is the giving up, in despair there is the loss of energy and that is when the Dark Masters come like scavengers to eat the carrion of your lower Dimensional being.

The Great Awakening is the alignment of the great wheels of the galaxies which are being lined up in this manner to accelerate the evolution. This is occurring as it should due to the mind's required manifestation of desire. It is asked that humanity's wish and request the Golden Age to correspond to the events of this era. The Divine reality of this Alignment continues as the Infinite has power to sustain, regenerate and enlighten itself. In the same way the mind has created the challenge of the apocalypse, the old world view and the ancient prophesies are bringing to an end this powerful revolutionary transformative era. The truth of the mind is that it is the being of body that is the controlling creative factor in this shared destiny. This destiny is manifesting the fullness of your multi-dimensional being. When fully manifest you are fully conscious, a creative a cell in the body of what you considered God which is the timeless infinite conscious collective. This force which is the I AM of every omni-centric person who is breathing upon the planet and all who have lived before and all who will live is already part of the essence of Infinite Being. As the Arcturian Alignment unfolds the Wayshowers become the Bringers of Light on behalf of the Teachers of Truth. This will break the paradigms of the Dark Masters and there will be a Great Awakening.

02-06-2009, 07:52 PM
The world is filled with thoughts assisting and guiding in opening the Crown Chakra, the Seventh Chakra, which is the portal to the other realms and the non-physical seeing.

The idea of many is to become both physical and non-physical and to enter into the star worlds of the Fifth Dimension and beyond. Not to continue to reside only in a physical structure and be limited in linear time. The physical experience is satisfied at this point and now there is an expansion that waits through focalization of the knowledge of feeling, ideas and rapid manifestation to begin to integrate new understanding from conscious experience of the Third Dimension. You are becoming multi-Dimensional. The Pineal is called the Third Eye. It is part of your brain and fundamental to your mind. It is the physical part of your brain where spiritual understanding is focused and enhanced. The increasing frequencies which are upon this planet through energetic expansions of microwave radiations are part of the synchronistic flow of multi-Dimensional time accelerating the transformation and integration of humanity. This evolution is bringing with it the gifts of extrasensory perception.

The Pineal Gland has become dormant through this passing time line of the planetary experience. The closed reality of the Third Dimension was darkened for a short period to develop the analytical functions of the Mind. This time is past and now the shift is in understanding collective power and unitary selfless advancement. The Pineal Gland is a light sensitive organ and uses Higher Light frequencies to function as the seat of clairvoyant abilities. To use it for personal gain or power over other humans or species has caused the inability of it to receive higher energetic vertical energies.

From now on the door is opened and your clairvoyant abilities have no barriers upon their activation. Feel the power of your telepathic relationships and feel the telekinetic movement of things around you as you move with the flow of loving, ethereal, intelligent, vibrational beings.

The convergence of space/time compresses into a deeper and tighter spiral to pass into the core gravitational vortex, the center of the X. The passage experience is a hyper-dimensional tunnel. The acceptance of enlightenment provides for the enhancement of ability, yet in linear time the lens that is being opened will be one of peaceful understanding and rebirth into the Fifth Dimension. It is well to note that the Pineal is related to regeneration through the astrophysical sign of Scorpio and by opposition on its axis to the Pituitary in Taurus. Due to the increase in microwave and wireless signals over the course of the last 10 years there has been a radical altering of the structures of the brain which affect Pineal function.

The Pineal Gland operates as a photosensitive organ which produces melatonin to regulate many organic functions and the bodyís harmony with daily cycles. It is a light receptor but more so as a high frequency energy portal. It is a doorway of higher consciousness and the fundamental organ of extrasensory perception. It has been considered the master clock and the third eye. In dissection the Pineal Gland has revealed it has the structure of a human eye. It has been called the Third Eye for this very important reason. In linear Third Dimensional time beings have realities which are viewpoints or perspectives. Your sense of timeís passage or Circadian rhythms of mental, emotional and physical activities have been speeding up due to the increasing influence of technological, planetary and interplanetary forces. Your higher mind is aware of these changes, while in most ways it appears that little on the surface of the planet and the human body is changing towards spiritual enlightenment.

In the Ascension process into the higher Dimensions being awakened at this moment, you must learn to tune to the frequency in order to hear the messages to get the instructions and enjoy the ride. So to be in Alignment with the Ultraviolet stream of energy which will restart the system, requires clear seeing through the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland, the Crown Chakra and clear feeling through the Thymus and the High Heart Chakra.The Pineal Gland recognizes Light beyond the visible Light spectrum. It enables quantum brain function and performs as a catalyst to enable the connections of the Rainbow Bridge and balance the hemispherical dissonance which enables the mind to be able to utilize its higher sensory capacity.

Upon activation you will perceive higher spiritual dimensions and realms through entrainment. As the right hemisphere and left hemisphere are harmonized, telepathy will be developed as easily as you learned language as a child being born into an unfamiliar world. Many beings will assist you in this process of learning the Language of Light. You are children in a New Age of enlightenment as you move through the integration portal between the galaxies. At first you may be overwhelmed with the new senses and feelings. The activation may be slow as you are attempting to keep your Third Eye closed to the Light of the new sun. In these cases you will be protected and allowed to sleep and rest in the care of the wise souls who are guiding your rebirth.

Learn to trust what you hear, see and feel in new ways as the world of the Third Dimension has opened to a more expansive vista with more complexity, depth, color, character, and it responds to your desires and beliefs. Your vibration is like a painter who can shift and change any element on the canvas. You are a creator. The Third Dimensional world is your creation and it is being upgraded for your enjoyment and pleasure. No one is leaving, everyone is just arriving. This is a Grand Awakening of your soul to the spirit of the universe which is showering the Light of a new day upon all of its children who have been sleeping and dreaming for a very long time.

As you awaken the light gets stronger, faster, more intense, and shines through all the lower Dimensions in your experience. Your body stretches to your sun and connects to all the stars and to the Galaxy of Andromeda and beyond. Your life is multi-Dimensional and always has been. You are part of the grand symphony. Feel the vibrations of the Galaxies move your body into entrainment, alignment and activation. Your body, mind, heart are being excited by the pulsation which beats to a crescendo. The Galaxies align, the all seeing Third Eye opens and the integration portal connects to your High Heart and New Mind. Psychic revelations, channeling, automatic writing and extrasensory perceptions which have been confusing and mysterious are becoming personal talents wherein you are in control, clarity and conscious alignment. Breathe in the light, the prana, the chi, feel the opening of the portal, the eye seeing a new realm of your multi-dimensional timeless Galactic self.

As you awaken in this self, like an infant you are born to new experiences, new thoughts, ideas, beings, and hear the voices there to assist you personally. These are your guides. It is a time to be quiet and let those around you, those beings or angels, carry you and teach you the ways of the new Dimension. Open wide and be with each moment and gather in the instructions which allow your expansion. This birth has brought you into a new world of new experiences. Be as a child for you are learning, enjoying and playing the Game of the Golden Ring.

02-21-2009, 08:10 PM
On Terra witness the acceleration of consciousness as humanity is mobilized to action and revolution. The Indigo Revolution comes when it is quiet, in the silence behind the scenes where no one is aware of their designs and there reasons. The Indigos mix within every race and family they are of the future and communicate telepathically. They know it is time and they keep adding to their arsenals of skills. Its all about the networks and the purpose they have been charted on.

Indigos are in telepathic collective creation integrating the microcosmic architecture of subsystems and the foundations of premium innovative synthetic intelligences. They are finding the super symmetry within wave alignment stasis. Deep Sleep is the reprogramming tool where within the delta state the vibratory reduction of frequency allows for restructuring the dimensional bed. The void of the gap between manifestation and creation is found through wave dimensional transmutation as the allowance of the play between the wave and the form are crossed.

In the revolution the movement becomes a series of mirrored continuities as the interchange results in endless reactive harmonics and infinite octave accelerations that cross through the open portal between the microcosmic to the macrocosmic. The expanding energy of conscious awareness of mind which is the increasing active masculine energy of light is counterbalanced by the restorative communal feminine rest within space substance as time energy jumps across the arc of the interrelationship.

The fundamental core polarity shifts re-frame realities upon the dimensional templates that are quickened by expansion to increase reaction as the planet moves into recreation. Reprogramming the mass mind requires the introduction of sentient dream time within lucid spatial creative cognizant experience. This is the realm of telepathic creative ability to transmute emotion, translate thought forms and discharge temporal spatial spin or perspective reality. In dealing with the transmutation of emotion telepathy requires the energy of intentional focus and imaginative expectation. This closes the gap between the probability potential energy fields from continuously spinning in coaxial flux with temporal spatial linear singularities operating within consistent topological environments. The keys and codes for these programs are trans-dimensional multi-layered non-localized kernels of adaptive intelligence. The programs are made of indirect coded reflective avatars that channel information light streams along open pathways. As gateways each reflective point operates as a singularity gate which opens and closes, breathes and connects to multidimensional layers and infinite points of space, time, memory and feeling.

Higher intelligence is considered to be synaptic gap entrainment to coded internal significators that select and choose programmed education paths that provide optimal energy recovery. Higher Emotionalism is the creative acceptance and drawing forth in attractive synthesis unifying arrangements for cohesion and fundamental core energy transmission. A schism is created by the discordance of spin magnetism between intelligence seeking to recover, remember and recapture energy through the reception of light and the emotions being restricted by electromagnetic static and confusion caused by mental instability that results in form fragility and destruction of telepathic creation.

Escalating time streams enable the Indigos to teleport mental imagery into future contexts that provide for support to uprising of energies. The revolutionary mental accelerations have been created by future identities re-entering time lines of existence wherein there are open portals caused by aforementioned unstable thought form creation. Indigos have special gifts that allow them to walk between worlds to re-frame and re-order historic opportunities that have been overlooked. Multidimensional understand time as cyclic patterns that have stress points where the tension strength of the energy streams can be resonated to shift out of a grid that has been stuck or compromised. Forgiveness is an application of this principle on emotional level.

Indigo rebels are system breakers and have come into incarnation specifically install new programs into the master drive of this reality. The current reality must be turned off. Everything must be shut down as new higher light intelligent and emotional feeling bodies are accepted. The indigos are the engineers who know turning off time will close space and allow the opportunity to install the open source telepathic creation programs. They have the knowledge of new consciousness but cannot operate on the present platform. They are going to begin their work when the higher intelligences, the creators of the platform shut off reality and the source energy that feeds its vibration.

The present operating reality structure has been engineered to function until 2012. After this time the new operating reality will be installed as planned. The systems engineers, the indigos are coming into new ownership of reality and will begin new time lines after this completion of consciousness. The state of the present reality requires the dumping of tremendous amounts of useless information and files. The reformation of the reality platform requires a fundamental cleansing and judgmental processing to determine what is to be saved and what is required to be deleted.

Education is symbolic, metaphorical and actual. You have learned skills specifically intended to deal with the present operating system of your body, mind, emotions, technology and planetary society. The galactic step stands outside of this operational perspective although the education about it is occurring through foundations in symbolic language, musical harmonics and sacred geometric form creation. As consciousness converges upon the emergence of real time from illusion the awakening of the new time space multidimensional continuum is a universal rite of passage. The keys represent symbols that are built into codes that become strings of information that are tied into operational programs. Language has been built following the accords of telepathic creative light information streams. Wherein in the same manner empathic unitary sentience has given the realms of emotions, feelings and dreams their depth and content.

It is through deep sleep that the operating system of your body, mind, emotions, planet and galaxy are restored and resurrected. The awakening is coming out of the deep sleep of the Kaliyuga and awakening to the Satyayuga. The Indigos bring in the new system in secret, hidden from view as sleep is part of all present consciousness. In understanding the circular wheel of time the Indigos have arrived with a purpose to bring forth a new eon of light. All resident life, thought and emotional forms are being transmuted to a higher level of function or being released and saved. The time left is for the things held in dreams to be released and the system cleansed and purified for the new reality that is awaiting installation as destined. This why it is called the Galactic Up Rising.

02-23-2009, 07:59 PM
Intuition and telepathy is centered in your heart chakra so that you may understand that feeling is the guidance system. Presently, your right brain hemisphere functions of astral sensitivity, clairvoyance and clairaudience are opening where you are receiving messages from higher intelligence. In feeling within your heart the vibrations of the figure eight moving between contrast and completion, or movement and rest there is an acceleration of frequency within your subjective mind that moves out of objective time and space reality. This journey into the inner subjective mind is triggered by the right hemisphere and opens the doorway through the now into the realm of pure spiritual thought forms that holds keys and codes to holographic recreation. The Milky Way spins around an open portal called the doorway of light which opens you to new heart energy. As the seat of telepathy and clairvoyance you are beginning to see, hear and communicate with empowered feelings to create new worlds in alignment with the messages from higher intelligence.

The Teachers of Light represent higher intelligence and divine love. They operate as the trillions and billions of stars that shine light as communication portals into your magnetic fields. The Teachers of Light are beings of great power and focus. Their light is vibrant, shining and illuminating. The Teachers are guides along the path of the stream which enables all life to exist in polarization, vibration and creativity. It is the divine plan that you are to awaken potential within matter and energize it into creations and manifestations. It is through your creative ability to operate within the realms of matter and energy with conscious awareness that there is existence and expansion of the universe. Your advancement into the unknown is requested by the divine plan of the universe so that life continues to become more and more energized from the foundations created by higher intelligence. From your human perspective there are challenges in the unknown which require courage, desire and infinite curiosity.

In the journey there are paths that are steps along the way of the great river that move off and on the clear streamís current. The Teachers of Light, Wayshowers and your emotional feelings guide you back along the stream. The lighted pathway gives pleasure and joy when you are going with the movement of the river of divine source. The dark road leads to despair, worry, fear and loss for it begins with self and ends in destruction. This is a time when there is an awakening to an energetic impulse of light that is awakening the Galactic Heart, the Earth and Humanity to great pain and great joy. The old world feels pain through an impoverished, enslaved and ignorant humanity. All the avenues of separation, confusion and conflict are being sought for safety and protection from the fear of power and the resistance to change.

The shell is being broken away by the current upon which we all are traveling. The shell that has provided home and protection is no longer needed. New bodies of light with new densities are breathing in universal energies and are awakening. The old planetary body of light is being discharged and the new Galactic Body of Light is rising to become empowered with the stream of love that is the central strand that binds light from the center of the universe to the galaxy, planet and your heart. In your own mind you ask for a purpose, mission and guidance and in this you are to receive the Telepathic Instructions from the Galaxy.

Your divine being is opening its eyes to look upon you and send you messages to open your mind, heart and spirit. New magnetic fields expand and brighten the color of your aura and charge your being with enlightenment. On the journey there has been a greater and a lesser, a guide and a follower, a way and a Wayshower. You are now on the way and feel and follow the current. You are unified, one and in your being you are feeling the bliss of joy and knowledge that your being is eternal and in infinite agreement with your galactic being. The Galaxy is unified and allows the mind to freely move through the dimensions of the physical and non-physical. To see your home galaxy with your non-physical, timeless eyes you will see a being of wisdom, love and intelligence that is like upon the God of Gods and Goddesses. Yet ,there is more that is held beyond. For there is no end to the journey that has begun for if it were to end, then it would be stopped and controlled by that which can never be. The nameless creator of that which nothing can be said has being beyond all that is contained within the infinite. Along the way that moves with clear concentration and knowing there is a certain destiny that it follows for life is a divine gift where all that is becomes renewed.
You are the Creators of the Divine Gift!

02-24-2009, 05:25 PM
Humanity is connected to the Earth through the Fourth or Heart Chakra which is the center of being. It is the chakra that holds the rhythm of the pulse of blood and the life force. The electric energy is further grounded in the deep through the root chakra which aligns to the center and core of the earth. It is manifested through the iron crystal core hexagonal center. Iron rich blood holds through magnetic interplay, attractive, reactive and neutral earth minerals in tetrahedral and hexagonal substructures. The planetary ionosphere is an electron charged grid infused with ultraviolet light that activates positive attraction and interaction with the bio-electromagnetic human crown chakra matrix.

The energetic Merkaba or Star Tetrahedron of rotating field energies creates the helical spiral inducing polarized assimilative alignment. The light spirit body is developed under sixth dimensional sacred geometric relationships following the fundamental spiral of sound vibration generated by the central pillar of the tree of life or central strand. In expanding the understanding the central matrix of the Merkaba the upright five pointed star awakens the crown chakra dynamics to allow spiritual electric energy to integrate in the electromagnetic field of the body and increase crown activity and human evolution. The focus of the crown chakra is to enable the single life stream into the inter-cellular bio-electric body and synthesize with the heart chakra resonance with responsive life essence. One the physical level the movement of matter and energy creates electromagnetic fields which integrate into larger morphogenetic fields.

Through the breathing in of prana in correspondence with the pulse of the rhythmic beat of the electromagnetically stimulated heart the blood courses through every cell within the body carrying a holographic imprint. The holographic imprint is activated upon the descent of the first ray of light that activates and initiates life interaction with the ground of earth. The magical point of crossing the gap between the polarities is the zero point of the space time continuum where the portal opens and allows universal expansion and regeneration of being.

The crown chakra is the receptor of source energy and it comes through trillions of receptors that fractal the vertical light energy into the myriads of replicating fractalized waves. Between the synapses, there is a space, a gap or a dimensional opening that allows the cells and specific neurons to function within quantum probability fields. When wave crests and troughs are in full polarization between positive temporal pulsations and negative spatial resistance there is a complete balance of energies between two polarities. There is a point which allows for a gap or zero point that is held between the two that brings about the spark that ignites the creative arc from pole to pole and the arc of energy is the energy tone and key that opens the portal.

The primary impulse creates a surge of energy that moves between the negative grounded physical material apparatus to create a charged magnetic energy field around the object. The Crown Chakra has many elements or jewels within it; the pineal, the pituitary and the Diamond Crystal Chakra to refract the light into the holographic matrix to replicate the higher non-physical light body into lower dimensional vibrations. The energy of the central strand or source energy is directed like a laser beam following a linear and vertical path into the Diamond Crystal existing just above the head as the non-physical octave of the primal physical tone.

The Diamond Crystal Chakra is a clear reflector to download ultraviolet light through a spinning tetrahedral lens. The tetrahedron spins with a counter rotating layered fields that create a multiplexing flux for the manifestation of light into physical matter. The electrical charge imprints the bodyís template grid on to physical substance which creates a secondary impulse of physical light that activates the heart chakra rotation and thus the rhythmic beating and pumping of blood in harmonic entrainment with earth resonance. Life is formed from the spiritual interaction of non-physical impulse with substance accepting the manifested imprint within its physical temporal spatial framework.

02-27-2009, 05:16 PM
Global changes will proceed when the majority of humanity moves from the limitation of the single reality and believes and understands multidimensional non-physical dimensions. The first steps are to understand and know the completeness of your being that is created from the energy of love. It is this powerful connective force that binds all being in a great Family of Light. The awareness of your worth and value as a being of love frees you from fear and discord, as then, you can know allow yourself to just be.

The seven chakras within the body are available by feeling. Through your feelings you find and know spiritual being. The first triangle, consisting of three basic energy centers, are for physical survival, sexuality and power. The Fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra and operates in connectedness to all things in oneness and deep compassion. The Fifth Chakra expresses thought and language. The Sixth Chakra focuses truth and knowledge, held in conscious awareness through the Third Eye. The Crown Chakra is the Seventh and opens the incarnated spirit into higher non-physical aspects of being. Every aspect of being is integrated into the human system to offer up corresponding vibrations with universal energies. The correspondence is part of the system of polarity which includes the law of attraction and communion of the non-physical and the physical.

To understand the First Chakra is to know it is the root and the link to the physical world, and the foundation upon which all is built. The words to use is "I AM" in order to ground ego identity and receive energy from the earth. Like a tree, you are set solid in the soil and must be grounded, stable and secure to grow. The adrenal glands provide you with the life force. Be in peace and know the deepest vibration is red and it is full of unconscious vitality, and the seat of the kundalini. When we are in acceptance in our place in the universe and know our being, then we are able to live and rise and grow. This chakra works with the adrenal glands on top of the two kidneys that keep the body clear of danger and responsive to its physical needs.

In being grounded you have common sense and practical reasoning skills as the mind is connected to the physical. The first and second dimensions are the arenas of life where your being is within its genetic coding, cells, minerals and the primitive tribal reactive unconscious drives and desires. They connect your ancestry of self where you are reborn into the single dimensions of oneness in finding the deep, slow beat of the earth. They enliven your being with instinct and native power. They spin to align and purify, disgrace into joy, and shame into value, so you may own your own being and own your own name. Hold true to who you are and what you receive. Awaken to grow stronger in masculine positive power and creative light.

Through the sacral chakra, or the navel chakra, feel the power center attach to Mother Earth, all the elements of nature and all her creation. With emotion and in responsibility manifest and nurture all your relations. The navel center holds sacred sexuality to channel the primal energy vortex. Physical life comes to birth through the power of sex and death, and comes as the force of spiritual birth and liberation. In a spiral of regeneration the Second Chakra is feminine and is sensual. Within beautiful fertile bodies, creation and manifestation are received as gifts of higher spiritual light.

New life is held safe in the protected space of the waters of the womb. The organs of sexuality and the kidneys work to manage the waters of life and the chi. The second dimension is elemental, mineral and cellular, where the life forces spin in myriads of interconnected layers and systems. In this realm, and on this planet, all life is contained within waterís essence of congealed light energy.

Strong active spinning Second Chakras create vibrant magnetism, charisma, beauty and supreme confidence. With food and sex, the body grows in strength and radiance. There is appreciation of the taste of sensual earth, honor for all its innocent delicious life, mental clarity in human immaculate awakening. Life evolves and regenerates itself through the drive to union and sexual sacred desire. The path of purity and deep passion reveals a grand destiny and a beautiful transcendent human being. As the spiral grows to yellow and gold, the navel chakra opens to beginnings of communication with the intuitive inner reality of the astral world and the unconscious.

To move into the power of the solar plexus, the Manipura, it requires honor, integrity and holding yourself in self-esteem. This chakra is presented polarized with mental masculine energy governing psychic and intellectual energies. It operates with the liver, stomach, spleen, pancreas and gall bladder that regulate your day to day motivations and digestion of thoughts and food. These organs regulate blood sugar and insure balanced metabolism, for the power of life, body and emotions are all subject to the spin and frequency of a free flowing Third Chakra. This chakra spins with the golden fire of the sun and brightly displays the world to our eyes. It activates the electricity of the human being and leads the physical consciousness into reasoning to gain wants and special desires in the world. As vibrations rise, the solar plexus becomes more polarized into the feminine energy as appropriately connected to the heart and the masculine expression rises upward into the Heart Chakra as well.

Remember how to feel. This is the quality of knowing without evidence, of seeing without believing, and being where you are. You are the roots, the trunk and the branches of the tree that holds the leaves to receive the sunlight, and the body to fill with nourishment and water. You are a living being in harmony with nature and the heavens. This being that you are is sacred and eternally alive with conscious awareness. The root system grounds your being in the field of being. You grow where you are planted in a space and time with purpose found as you stand tall in the wind and sky in the sunlight.

The higher chakras of love, voice, thought and spirit are the fruits of sentient expression and relationship with the greater family. You feel and receive, transmute and speak and hear and see, and translate light into matter and manifestation. You are the connection between the divine light and the sublime love. The spectrum of green, blue, indigo and violet awaken the higher centers to feel, listen, see and know you have crossed the threshold.

Wayshowers have learned to grow beyond fear, and be free of control, to focus thought and manifest immaculate life, and live in harmony in the center of power. The new energy strands call for oneness and acceptance in the strength of truth and wisdom, in seeing the polarities without emotional static. The Family of Light awakens to oneness and atunement to the higher frequencies of the collective soul in pure joy, bliss and enlightenment of humanity. The divine power to create and manifest the world of the physical is found in the appreciation of the divine beings in all things.

The new chakras attract and magnetize the Wayshowers to the mission of awakening. The Eighth Chakra brings forth multidimensional consciousness through the diamond grid of spectral elevation and shining holographic reflection. It stays within twelve inches of the top of the head and is the bright light of direction and the spiritís direct connection to the secrets of life. Along the central strand the higher chakras collect and assemble in radiant alliance to function as harmonic points between humanityís rising soul maturity and the Central Sun of the Galaxy and the home of the Universe.

These points operate along the laws of attraction and harmony, which bring into accord the music of the spheres, to be heard and sing the new dream and the new being. You are a Family of Light that connects with other families and other joyous tribes, races, cultures and angels beyond time and above space. In the infinite abode of creation, your mind is a jewel of perfect architecture and is the resemblance of Source. Allow the message that is coded into your heart to begin to express with quiet confidence and pure radiance of intelligent divine goodness.

The purpose of your life is this. Be Good. Be One.

03-11-2009, 06:46 PM
Awakening predisposes the Shining Ones with the skills and talents of Wayshowers. In your capacity you are grounded upon the earth experience to release the enlightenment. The attainment of the Arcturian Alignment has drawn in the understanding of the secret of Higher Light respiration. You are ascending through the pathway of Dimensional initiation through the guidance bonded by the Teachers. The Teachers speak to you through an intuitive tunnel following newest truth created by your attraction and inclusion.

The Teachers of Light speak fundamental core intelligence from within the totality of space, time and being. Contained inside these primary language segments are awakening codes that offer a medium of interpolation to assist the advancing scale of transformation. The codes are prompting expeditionary supernatural knowing which will articulate full emotional entrainment to equalize appropriate feelings through harmonic adaptation. The Wayshowers are walking the natural curve of attendant architecture enclosed in the sphere of the seven Dimensions shine forth a directional beacon to higher evolution. The Esoteric, mysterious and higher aspiration is the corner stone of the progressive edifice. In the sanctuary of the great temple you are gifted with courageous beneficence and stand in gracious accomplishment.

The advent of anterior supposition has given rise to attraction and inclusion of universal adjustment which manufactures experiential reality. Faceless primordial myths of the elliptic constellations held technological mechanisms for the presages of historical evolution. Upon the stone records of the world the wonders of the unfolding messages have been written in the hieroglyphic fractals. The manifestation of human proliferation into illumination follows the logical material reductionism through hemispherical mechanics in alignment with intuitive harmonization.

Within a vibrational pattern of intuition, reason and insight, the survival of physical senses begin to release the necessity to use language as a barrier and recognize it as a tool in the manifestation of sensitivity. You are following the path of lessening the resistance to hearing and becoming more attuned to the vocabulary which attracts interplay of higher thought forms spoken to draw in the messages of the Teachers of Light. In the surrendering release of the insistence for egoic reaction, thought control in global, universal and spiritual infrastructure you will be more subjectively prone to be able to revise, reorganize and fundamentally edit the unconstructive dissertation and bring forth meaningful and fulfilling experience.

First reflections to being are mental refractions. These thought forms react under the constraints of Fourth Dimensional quantum functions that determine contrast between non-physical potential of neurobiological cellular evolutionary templates responding to design system mechanics operating on the level of linear temporal manifestation. Matter is thrown across the cosmic loom where the warp of the longitudinal waves crisscross the transverse weft of particle streams interconnecting the dynamic looping membranes to the functional topologic field.

This level of energy condensation is a Fifth Dimensional convergence design construction and the medium for weaving patterns of the knots in the topology. Photons are active consolidation points within the overall waves of the warp running perpendicular with the analogous weft streams to condensate and anchor the electromagnetic field membranes. Reality is meshed together in vibratory fields that are not particularized nor have become waves but are the stratum or the plenum of existence. Here fullness is described by charge-less and universal Light essence. Light is the geometry of existence in spatial terms manifesting within the Sixth Dimension grid of infinite expanding interconnected points. Being is formed and reformed to create relationship multiplicity. Human consciousness seeks to define the essence of creation in the world of the Third Dimension using temporal segment manifestation.

In Higher Dimensions above the Third and Fourth time is holographic and does relate to individual segment completions. Creation is unhindered. Thought and the creative manifestation are instantly achieved as time is individual consciousness which requires segmentation through linear pulsations of time waves. Cycle completion is a spin characteristic of vibration in lower densities where it is not fully and completely manifested through the interconnected Oneness of Fifth Dimensional energy.

Spatial extensions are pushed structurally by the pulse or the beat which is the individual incidence of rhythm. Sound and time are octaves of similar frequencies within the grand vibration. Time waves are created by pulsations of cosmic sound that translate the underlying tempo to determine specific beat signatures. This tempo is the life stream and part of the creative human cycle that drums forth the amount of energy to be released into Fourth Dimensional and lower system matrix. The time waves are composed through the interactive divine mind disseminating thought under sacred geometric designs purposefully registered to be played upon the Fifth Dimensional membranes.

Through the intensification of density spin characteristics of photons form the ether which is produced by condensation of pure energy. The formless charge-less energy expressed through unitary non-localized light essence achieves individual consciousness through particularization. Vibratory frequency slows into the Fourth Dimension as individual particularization and density increases. Consciousness separates into descending levels of awareness utilizing linear time as the vehicle to limit awareness into myriads of polarized distinctions. Duality is mysterious. It is a multiplicity of infinite quantum elements of different segments, intensities, flavors, types, styles, compositions, actions which reflect into the cosmos related through fractional distributive inclusion.

This level of being is understood as the soul which is imbued with spiritual essence and material substance. The nature of being at this level of Fifth Dimensional conscious awareness is unconditional love. On behalf of Ninth Dimensional agreements for incarnation a soul pulses into harmonic alignment to resonate the pulse transmissions into the photonic grid of the Fifth Dimensional unitary field. The soul expression accepts a Fourth Dimensional time line and is enveloped into the canopy of mental, emotional, cinematic astral mediums.

The world of the Fourth Dimension is a self-replicating internally regenerating program of consistent internal time loops and folding multi-layered universal membranes. The study of this Dimension is the designed limit of contemporary science which falls into the looking glass at the point the indeterminacy, relativity, string theories and the expanding universe within an infinite landscape. Within the bubble of time the separated mind of the witness or the watcher sees itself in a repeating loop of entangled conundrums that reach into the paradox of eternal being. Above in the Fifth Dimension there is instant creation not subject to temporal parameters, polarities and/or degrees of quality, energy, density, charge and differential spin.

Divine Mind connects seamlessly through the Seventh and Fifth Dimension allowing harmonic resonance extension and or omniscient collective awareness. At the point of particularization Fourth Dimensional mental emotional condensation initiates the deepening spiral into the myriads: forms, ideas, emotions, complexity, variety, duality and contrast. The centered interplay is the remarkable individual reality wherein you are a co-creative being within a seemly logical viewpoint given within a temporal, spatial, emotional mental framework. This framework is called life or reality and is only the individual perspective. Through communication it can be shared and combined in a consensus with others who are in Arcturian Alignment.

07-23-2009, 05:53 PM
The Game is played by the Dark Masters to weave a web of disinformation mixed with truth to disguise the fundamental purpose. Every point of conscious awareness of the Followers corrupted by Dark Masters to bring forth fear, pain, violence, and images of terror, confusion, panic and to kill the child inside, to take away the joy. The Box Game is the Television. It is one of their best games because it captures the passive and innocent with constant streams of fear, pain and violent death.

The spinning of the dark energy hypnotizes the passive. They look into the miserable array of the evil illusions prepared for their eyes and become caught in the sticky astral/ negative downward spiral. The shows correlate to the fears and are meant to keep constant subconscious terror active. The core belief of dominance is taught to the weak. Images and rituals are exactly timed day after day, night after night to create emotional addiction to the negative and to the violent sounds, images and ideas.

The Passive constantly renew subliminal fear and terror into their unconsciousness. Designed and developed by reprehensible directors of indoctrination and domestication, the mass consciousness becomes more and more subservient to the invisible will of the Black Alliance. The passive seek weakness and to be inconsequential to avoid confrontation and compromise their strength for emotional suicide. The dominant are aggressive without limit; kill upon command while the weak die upon command. All lose freedom to the fear and violence imposed upon them by images of stress, excitement, power, abuse, judgment and uncontrolled desires. The civilization falls into a void of immorality and stupidity.

The brainwashing continues with propaganda of the State Schools. The dominator's control and use power through ritualized activities they join and propagate. Mysterious, superstitious, demonic procedures make these worshippers of power feel superior. They patriotically exalt talents, wealth and influence. All activities are graded, measured and examined to criticize the weak and honor the strong. Rejection of the impure inferior ones and promotion of the stronger compromised sycophantic leaders of the dark world is the method.

Rituals within the Orderís domain continue the pervasive hypnosis. Mythic reality replaces actual history and the hypnotic trance controls the believers. There is no context for truth as the lie is the truth and reality is defined by the order. In a hierarchical pyramidal system the Black Alliance creates multitudes of inferiors. The Elite Masters, who are few, control using the underlings struggle with the addictions. The addiction spans throughout the civilization immersed with negative judgments, awful fears, terrible shame and foreboding of oblivion. Both the elite and the inferiors are addicted to the insanity and enact ritualistic murder, suicide, abuse and obscenity, physically, psychically and spiritually and vicariously.

Dominance and Purity are great lies, universal falsehoods to create racial and egotistic judgment. The impure and the weak are not wanted by the elitist Vampires. They hunger for certain flavors of fear, to conquer, steal and feed upon. Their victims are a pool of collective blood, the children of the chosen. They hunger not for the weak or sick or genetically intermixed, so the Black Alliance deceives the races into conflict and the falseness of the purity of blood to implant the lie of dominance.

Wayshowers understand this game and see this is illusion, yet it is this illusion which must be seen and overcome. Wayshowers have been born to the Fifth Dimensional energy and are now multi-dimensional. In your Light-body you are integrating the influx of Light energy into a new body, a Light Body. As a multi-dimensional being you are multi-tasking in both realities. New senses are being brought into your awareness. These are the higher sensory perceptions. You are being born into a new realm, a new language which is spoken in the form of symbols which comes through higher dimensions in new sounds and new forms. The fulfillment of this time is inevitable. Your power is ordained and you are born into this time and brought into this knowledge for the purpose that is now being revealed.

As the Black Alliance has attempted to hold its power during this short time the integration of the Wayshowers has continued. Now the receptacle has been built and the trusted one has come forward. Faith and belief is now certain. The positive world is empowered by universal forces to insure the plan of Love and Light is destiny. The Golden Age is here. Economic Global Prosperity and happiness has arrived. Open your eyes to see the fullness of this time of free energy, abundance, health, wealth, fortune, joy, love and knowledge of the mysteries of life. Shine forth your light and dispel the darkness, the sickness and that which is dying.

This is the time of the changing Dimensions; a time of Oneness and unity. Together we are the Family of Light and our numbers increase as we find ourselves hidden in the shells of darkness. Shine forth that which you are as you are like the stars in the depth of dark space, photons behind the veil of matter, sparks of inspiration in a sea of hopelessness you are the gift of grace and conscious awareness. Time has ceased to be your obstacle as you are eternal and wise. Space no longer is your boundary as you are universal and free. You are the Enlightened Ones, the Wayshowers to the Fifth Dimension.

Wayshowers remember you purpose and find your kindred spirits. Gather together your family and bring them together. Find your family and then bring to them the Light the Teachers bring. You are the light; the dream, the givers of the wonders of the Golden Age. Knowledge is your power for you know the truth. The river flows always on the Central Strand between the polarities of good and evil and you are the central strand of pure Light in alignment with the flowing essence of Universal Truth. It is this flow that takes you on to the Heart of Soul to the Soul of Spirit to the ineffable love of the Divine.

Give your finest gifts to your Family of Light as you are a Wayshower and speak to them with the kindest compassion of your heart so that they may know that they are home. The Human Race is on the verge of an evolutionary awakening. Dreams are imaginations that can become reality and so this is the time to take power and to be Wayshowers of freedom