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12-08-2014, 02:21 PM
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...and this flash is a feeling that I am me. Can you see how odd that is? Of course I am me, I know it and the people I try to explain this to know it so how is this a sign you may ask. It is the feeling that comes with it, that it is strange to be me among a population of billions, that I am not someone else looking at me I AM me looking at everyone else, I am responsible for everything I do and say and my thoughts are my own. I have never been able to get others to see how strange this feeling is.

Recently I've been listening quite a lot to Alan Watts and in one of his talks he covers this concept of "I am me"... which has aided me in my own thinking on the matter. In short the I is an illusion.

There is no "I" so there can be no "me".

You talk about how strange the feeling is to know that "you are you"... but there is no I, there is only the experience of being an I. Which in a way makes it even stranger.

In one of my most recent ayahuasca ceremonies I did separate my own mind, the "X" from the "I"... the X being the it that was having the experience of being an I.

It was a most peculiar feeling.


12-08-2014, 03:26 PM


In short the I is an illusion.There is no "I" so there can be no "me".

There is no I, and yet there is.

There is no me, and yet there is.

'Truth' is a Continuum. And a wonderful Paradox to behold and internalize :)