View Full Version : The Mesoamerican Sacrum Bone

12-15-2014, 04:30 AM
A VERY good essay on the Mesoamerican culture's understanding of the 'sacred bone', written by Brian Stross of the University of Texas.


This study links body symbolism, religious experience, and visual representation through a consideration of the sacrum bone and the surrounding pelvic girdle in cosmological traditions of Mesoamerica. An argument is put forward, using ethnographic, linguistic, and iconographic evidence, that the sacrum bone was a "sacred" bone, that it played a significant part in some Prehispanic Mesoamerican iconographic and cosmological traditions as it did in some Old World cultures, that it was related to reproduction, fertility, and reincarnation, and that in Mesoamerica the sacrum represented one index of the more generalized but variously manifested "portals" or doorways permitting translocation of shamans, spirits, and deities between worlds or levels of the cosmos.