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solomon levi
12-19-2014, 12:44 AM
so philosophically, i have this vision of mercury sulphur and salt as spirit, soul and body, understanding these as different frequencies/densities - "adaptations of the One thing".
when i consider mercury spirit as the unconditioned infinite no-thing (things are finite, having boundaries, definition, beginning and end, etc) which when conditioned is called soul, conditioned further is known as matter...
i remember, i think from Frater Albertus, that mercury is one and the same throughout a kingdom: alcohol is the mercury of the plant kingdom... soul is more conditioned and varied, recognized in color, odor, taste - the essential oils of plants.

so i'm just wondering, why are there varieties of alcohol in the plant kingdom when the mercury should be one? why ethanol and methanol? is there one mercury? is methanol just an evolved ethanol? it seems it must be soul which makes something different from something else.

i see clearly that at a universal level, the mercury is one and soul is the beginning of differentiation from unity. so shouldn't the plant kingdom reflect this same principle, as above so below? is there one mercury in the plant kingdom? if so, what is methanol?

12-19-2014, 09:41 AM
1. There is a difference between Plant-derived Spirit and Plant-derived Mercury. The former comes before the latter in the evolutionary progression.

2. Alcohol/Methanol is not the Plant's Mercury. It's not the Plant's Philosophical Spirit either.

3. The Plant-derived Spirit is also known as SVP (Philosophical Spirit of Wine). It is not the same as the Plant's Mercury, but it has qualities/properties of Universal Spirit, which is 'carries'.

For example, SVP can volatilize the Salt of Tartar by itself. Common SV (ethanol, etc) can't.

4. The Plant's Mercury is derived from the 'Activation'/'Awakening' of the Plant's dormant Sulfur(s)/Salt(s) by the Agency of the Spirit (SVP).

5. The Plant's Mercury, Simplex/Common or Duplex/Philosophical, may be seen as a Plant Alkahest of sorts, to various degrees - as opposed to the first Plant-derived Spirit (SVP), which is not an Alkahest.

6. The Plant/Vegetable Principles (Spirits, Salts, Mercuries, Sulfurs), follow the Universal Template (of the Universal Work), only differing in degree. So, no disparity.

12-19-2014, 10:01 AM
As can be seen below Methanol contains components that metabolise into formaldehyde.




It is the formation of Formaldehyde that makes Methanol poisonous to the human body.

Strangely the body prefers to metabolise Ethanol and thus Ethanol can be used as an antidote to Methanol consumption as while the body metabolises the Ethanol the Methanol is excreted.

Weird hey!


solomon levi
12-20-2014, 08:08 PM
thanks yous!
so methanol is less evolved/complex/digested. hmmm