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01-13-2015, 09:12 PM
after reading about alchemy and getting to know the principles behind it, and doing some of the alchemical works inner and outer work.

i desided that it would be a good choice to start to do work with a prime materia that comes from the self, as i found it to have a wonderful as above so below aspact to it,
creating perfection from the self, to inturn perfect the self with :)

after a good long fermentation of my golden water that was collected at the full moon a fuw months ago, i desided to start my first distillation, to capture the spirit of this putrified dark liquid.

i setup the distill apparatus took some blocks of ice and added it to the condencer water, i also set the receiver in a ice bath i closed the apperatus with a baloon so non of the spirit could be lost,
i started heating the dark and fermented golden water very slowy and after some time some volatiles would come over, a clear liquid came over, a very small amount, after some time crystals formed in the clear liquid that came over, this seems one of the hidden volatile salts of golden water, "ammonium bicarbonate/carbonate"

after a day of low tempreture distillation i switched to a different receiver and started to turn up the heat, this would allow the plegum to come over, there was quite a bit of foming and it took quite a wile to distill the amount,
after the plegum was distilled i was left with a dark matter the corpus mortum.

i recetifeid the plegum 4x to make it pure using some hematite boiling stones, i distilled the spirit 2x to make it as volatile as posible.

i was thinking at first to seperate the spirit from the hidden fixed volatile spirit, but after thinking a bit more i thought it to be a nice addition to the spirit and would make it more potant.

so i have now 3 things, a dead body a plegum and a combination of spirits.

now my next step i would do "not knowing if its the right thing to do "though having a good feeling"" is to add the spirit to this corpus mortum, and set it sealed to solve for some time, to see if this would allow the soul to come free from the dead body. so it could be distilled and putrified.
after this the body would be purified, "taking care to capture the second hidden salt "ammonium chloride""

updates will follow when the experiment advances.

kind regards.

01-15-2015, 08:43 PM
Didn't think of adding them back together...look forward to your results WWM


01-16-2015, 01:00 PM
Hi Wigwamman,

I think that's a very good start!

I also think there could be a few ways to continue.

One way could be to attempt to volatilize/'spiritualize' the salts from the residue and combine them with the volatile spirit(s) you have already distilled. This can make for a more potent/philosophical spirit.

Another possibility is mentioned HERE (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?1351-Ether-extraction-method&p=7829#post7829).

I'm sure there are other possibilities as well...

Good Luck!

01-17-2015, 02:12 PM
hi androgyus and ghislain.

first of all thanks for you replys on the post :)

Androgyus i have some question about what u wrote, the volatezation of the salt seems indeed something that needs to be done, Flying the eagle. but i my eyes and i dont know if this is true or not but to my understanding i need the soul of the work as well, AKA the Red oil of the work, this is to create a stone, though for a alkahest i dont know if this is needed, the volatization of the salt would indeed give a strong spirit, but is this alone good enough for it to become a alkahest..?

the link to the part of extracting the soul with ether is interesting, though i would like to do it in a tradisional way "nothing is taken away and nothing is added",
this can to my knowlidge be done in 2 ways, one is using the spirit to free this soul, or to dry distill the corpus mortum so it releases the soul,, after that the body is calcined and extracted and recrystalized using the plegum, then the eagle my fly to spiritulaize the body..

so the question here is do you need the soul as well to create the alkahest or is the volatilized body and spirit enough..?

kind regards,

01-18-2015, 12:28 PM
Hi Wigwamman,

It's difficult to answer, since there can be a wide variety of ways to proceed to similar ends, and it also depends on what you intend to obtain, eventually.

Maybe you could read The Secrets Of The Adepts (http://www.abardoncompanion.de/Alex/Weidenfeld.pdf) by Weidenfeld, concerning the Philosophical Spirit of Wine (SVP), which, according to another Author, is best sourced from either Wine or Man.

I think it may be of great help with your current work, possibly even with clues on how to proceed.

The Circulatum Minus (http://www.levity.com/alchemy/circulat.html) of Urbigerus may also be helpful for your work, even if it doesn't 'seem' directly related (because it is tied with 'plant work', but don't let this side-track you :))

I would like to do it in a traditional way, "nothing is taken away and nothing is added".This can be interpreted in more than one way.

"Nothing added except what is of its own/similar nature" may be another way to read this, and quite a few Authors make specific mention of this little 'double meaning'.

So, it doesn't have to be absolutely Black & White.


01-18-2015, 01:56 PM
[...]according to another Author, is best sourced from either Wine or Man.

This Author is John Pharamund Rhumelius (a student of Paracelsus) and the book is titled 'Spagyric Medicine'.

From page 80 in the RAMS PDF:

Since it is established by experience that this dissolution cannot be made with any corrosive water, another must be found that is neither corrosive nor destructive but has so much affection and affinity that it can unite with the gold to extract from it the pure and leave the impure at the bottom of the vessel. This can only be achieved by Wine and Man. At which we must stop.

01-19-2015, 02:17 PM
hello and good day again..

thanks for your links Androgynus, after doing some reading and some thinking i came to the conclusion that for a alkahest u dont rely need the soul, as the souls is the thing that is extracted with this strong alkahest, in the case of wine you would get the spirit and then clean the body and volatelize it with the spirit,

if we look at the golden water, it seems that we would not need the soul for it to become a alkahest, only pure body and spirit,
now the goal of my experiment was not to make a alkahest, but to make a stone, the stone of golden water, now for this stone i do need the soul, this if im correnct :P and i dont know if i am so we will see :P

i figure that i will try and dry distill the soul of the corpus mortum and work forward from there, though i find it a good plan to make a wine alkahest as well, as it should not be to difficuld, and at the same time it should be very useful.

I would like to do it in a traditional way, "nothing is taken away and nothing is added".
This can be interpreted in more than one way.

"Nothing added except what is of its own/similar nature" may be another way to read this, and quite a few Authors make specific mention of this little 'double meaning'.

this is totaly true :)
i do think it can be done in more ways and with more things, though, in the sake of experimentation it would be nice if only goldenwater could be used "as this must be posible", just as the same with wine, only parts of wine are used, no external resources needed, exept a distillation apperataus of cource :P
this for me to learn the correct way of working with the 3 priniciples, using the principles to get to the principles..
after i have succeded in that i can use different ways of going at it :) just to set my own learning curve :)

so for what i am plannig is this (still dont know if this is the right way but it hes a good feeling)

distill again my spirit from the corpus mortum
turning up the heat to capture the soul "red oil"
slowly add more heat so that the sal ammoniac can sublimate and bring some of this wonderfull volatile salt over,
then calcine and puriefy the body so that it can be made fuly volatile.

so 4 small steps to get to a pure substance from the impure corpus mortum.

i will post back with results when i have some hehe..

kind regards...

01-19-2015, 04:43 PM
Hey Wigwamman

now the goal of my experiment was not to make a alkahest, but to make a stone, the stone of golden water, now for this stone i do need the soul

What are the properties of 'the stone of golden water' after it's completed?

01-19-2015, 04:58 PM
hallo and good day kiorionis,

well i believe it to be a wonderful medicine for the mind body and soul. spacialy made for the person from what it was made.
in a way every stone prob hes its own properties and its own special workings on the mind body and soul,

i think as well that with this stone and some gold or silver u can seed it, so that it would be a transmutable stone depending on the seed that is added. and would as well get the medical properties of this seed of coice.

kind regards...

02-27-2015, 03:58 PM
Hallo and good day to you all again..!

i did some more experients on urine and i thought to share again some of my results with you all.

as i wrote in a previus post, i obtained a nice and concentrated spirit from my fermented urine,
the next step was to abtain the SULFUR of the work, new at first i wanted to extract it using the spirit, but this did not work out for me in the amount of time i gave it to solve the corpus mortum, so i desided to do something els, and that was to dry distill the corpus mortum, at first not allot happend, ut after some time a white think smoke began to form, after some time this stoped and, ad this time i had 2 thinks in my receiver a yellow oily substance known as animal vinegarm and a red oil known as the red sulfur, i did not get a whole lot of sulfur only a fuw drops of it, but it is supose to be very strong if used as a medicine,

some of the white smoke seemed to be sal ammoniac, as it crystalized in the condeser,
new what i think happend is that the sal ammoniac was strong enought to free the sulfur from the corpus mortum when it sublimated under the dry heat that was given to it,
this is something interesting and i will explore on this some more, as there are allot of writhings about sal ammoniac,

new i did make a big mistake and that was that my distillation apperatus was not closed properly once and so my spirit evaporated away, so for my spirit i will have to start over again,
the next thing i will do on the corpu mortum is extract the salt from it, just for experimentation how this can be done in a correct way, i do think this is not that hard to do though,

what i will do next as well is use a nother 2L of fermented urine and use that to make a new and concentrated spirit.
i will aswell ferment about 10-15L of urine and boil this off in a stone pot, so that i can have loads of corpus mortum for a good amount of salt and sulfur, and sal ammoniac as this will come in handy for some other work, as it seems but im not sure one can use it to fix the sulfur of metals quite easy, this is what Glauber tels in on his work, he could be talking about nitry "ammonium nitrate" as well though, but i can find more good reasons to want to have some good sal ammoniac :)

i desided as well to go for the alkalest of urine and not for a stone at this time,
so i will have to clean the salt good and make it fly with the spirt to create the alkahest if im correct this alkahest can be used to extract minirals and metals of its sulfur,
the sulfur that iwill obtain frm the urine itself is not used n the alkahset, but will be cleaned with wine spirit, and than made into a very diluted ticture. for medical perposes,
if im correct this would be a great medicine for man,

well thats it for now, will be back with more shareware when i have more to share.. ;)

kind regards...

06-12-2016, 09:37 AM
How are these salts volatized? It seems different to the normal spagyrics process. Although, I'm struggling with that too.

There must be a secret to the volatizing of salts that I have not found because I've distilled them in spirit, I've distilled then in essential oil. But my eagle has no wings. It's more of a kiwi bird. Cute but not much of a hunter.