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02-14-2015, 11:41 PM
A real 'Treasure Chest' exists 'out there', filled with Alchemical, Hermetic, Philosophical and generally Occult-related texts, Eastern and Western alike, that are not yet accessible to potentially interested readers who are not fluent in the language(s) those works are currently available in.

Therefore, recognizing the need to render such materials more widely available and accessible, we have created this Sub-Forum of 'Translations', to hopefully bridge the current gaps and bring together people with a common interest to participate in this sort of endeavor.

You might possess privileged access to some 'rare' texts... Or, you might be a potentially interested Reader, willing and able to act as Patron/Sponsor for one or more translation project(s)... Or, you might be a professional translator, preferably specialized in translating works of this nature... This is a place to get together, combine efforts and make it all happen.

One of the purposes of this Sub-Forum is for people to suggest texts that they genuinely want to have/read, but are not currently available in English or in their native language.

We can create a 'pool' of potential texts for translation and see if there is actually any real interest in such a project.

A 'pool' of potential professional alchemical translators (from/to various languages) is already 'in the making', and emails from various (potential) translators offering their services have already been received in this Forum's Inbox.

The Source Texts may be in German, Latin, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Sanskrit, etc...

So please, post your suggestions here on this Sub-Forum and let's see if there is any interest!

Let's see how this goes...

To sum it up - this Sub-Forum is intended to explore potential 'candidates' for translation, options for funding such translation projects (including crowdfunding) and any other discussions on this topic, including networking between interested parties and/or any other avenues we might find worth examining towards this end.

You are welcome to create dedicated threads for suggested books, threads for exploring funding options, threads to discuss the best ways to approach and perform such translation tasks, etc...

Welcome to the Treasure Chest!