View Full Version : Blue and Black or White and Gold

02-28-2015, 02:20 PM
Most of you probably know by now about the famous dress that is flooding all over the internet, as I can see the dress is mostly blue and mostly black and a mixture of colors being reflected from the light. Even tho at first it seemed as a dumb thing to waist time surfing the internet about this thread until I randomly asked my sister and confident that she will see the colors, when she said that she sees white and gold, that struck me and made me realize that something is wrong here. To me this is a sign, a clear sign why people most of the times disagree with each other and why they misunderstand one another. As in colors also in different views people always have a bit of their judgment in their head, as they have built it through life.
By confirming the true color of the dress, that leaves the white and gold people doubtful and to be examined :D
The dress that people were confusing was the one in the middle. wile the 1st shows how it would look if it had more light wile the 3d shows how it looks originally.