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06-08-2015, 04:21 PM
Hi everyone,

I had a very strange/scary/interesting experience yesterday, which kept me thinking since. I wonder if someone here had something similiar happen to him/her and can tell me what it was.

I was sitting with friends at a table in the city. They were drinking cocktails, I had a beer. I was quiet for sometime because I was analysing my thoughts. One of the persons on our table made me quite angry and I had to understand why.
Anyways. Out of a sudden my whole body began to tingle, and the voices around me became intense. They became so loud, I certainly don't have to question if this happend or not. It was like someone would turn up the volume of everything. But more interesting was, that the talks weren't in a different "loudness". Every chat/noise had the exact same volume, no matter how close/far they were.
At this point I was scared as hell, and leaned closer to one of my friends. I told him, that I might get up and visit a restroom in a bar nearby, because I thought someone put something in my beer. But noone except the barkeeper or the waitress could've done this and I know neither of them, nor did I see them do such a thing. The bar was pretty full so the chance of doing such a thing were pretty low.
A few seconds after I told my friend, it stopped. It didn't last for long... maybe two minutes.

I don't know how many of you have experienced the "advanced awareness/perception" through marihuana (when you see/hear more than usual). It felt exactly like this but a few hundred times more intense.

Well I want to know if someone knows this effect and where it came from. At first I was scared, but it also felt kind of empowering. I must admit it wasn't bad, just unknown.

When I was searching for answers I found this thread (http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Neurology/Surroundings-becoming-weird-and-fast-intense-loud/show/1097402?page=1). Their description fits perfectly my experience, except the "tingling" part. I also want to point out, it didn't feel like sickness or something dangerous.

I am curious what might have brought about this situation. If someone else have experienced the same, maybe we can find out what causes this "effect". I would like to know more about it.

To my conditions in this situation:

- I was tired because I slept less than 6 hours since four days in a row. I normally sleep around 8 hours at night.
- I haven't eaten that much the past few days, and was a little hungry. But I wasn't starving.
- I wasn't drunk, I had half a beer at this moment.
- I smoked some cigarettes the past days. I am not a regular smoker, but sometimes.
- I didn't take any drugs or medications.
- I wasn't thirsty, I drank alot of water the past hours/days.
- I was working in the sun from morning till evening the whole week. (That's something I haven't done in years... That much sun at once.)
- I haven't had the time to meditate in the past days, only once. But this meditation went quite well even though it only lasted for about 30 - 50 minutes.
- I was quiet and angry, as said before.

Found another link with the same experiences: http://www.ourhealth.com/conditions/i-cannot-get-a-diagnosis/fast-feeling-and-amplified-sounds?p=1

greetings, Aaron

06-09-2015, 12:33 AM
I think I have experienced similar things. My view of everything is that we are avatars. So perhaps the connection/frequency of your mind went out of focus (or into focus) and caused this effect. Crossing over, leaving body etc. is in my opinion changing frequency (or it is the change of frequency that allows it).

I have no proof.


06-09-2015, 07:11 AM
I would look at it a little different; note I have no idea what was happening in the case of Aaron.

We are finely balanced entities, bodies, machines...whatever. We synchronize all our senses to give a balanced picture of the whole and so long as it is balanced we can accept it as the norm.
However should it become unbalanced in any way then we start to see the individual information in its separate parts, this becomes information overload and causes a sort of nausea.

Maybe :)

I am working on a GIF image at the moment and once done I will explain the details that are ignored, that should put it into some perspective.


06-10-2015, 05:08 PM
Below is the .gif file I was creating...

http://thealchemyforum.com/Images/Tao/yin-yang and platonics (http://thealchemyforum.com/Images/Tao/yin-yang and platonics large)

This may be a bit small and fast to see the detail, but your minds eye gets the drift.

To see a larger copy of this click on the image.

In the larger image you can see the rough edges of the outer cog, but the platonic solids are easier to identify, there is more detail, but that is sometimes a blessing and at others a curse.

You can see a slower large image HERE (http://thealchemyforum.com/Images/Tao/yin-yang and platonics slow). Note how the meshing of the cog around the yin-yang (Taijitu) symbol appears to mesh better in this slower pic. This is because the eye cannot keep up with the changing pictures in the faster one giving the illusion of a gap, but all these gifs are created from the same set of pictures. Also the rough edges of the Platonic Solids are fuzzier. This could have been cleaned up, but it would have taken too long.

Another important aspect of vision is the resolution, these pics were manipulated in MS Paint and thus the resolution is poor but is sufficient to create the illusion of motion and dimension; the solids in three dimensions and the cogs in two.

Now a question, are the solids in front of the cogs or behind?

This is only a question of personal preference. So as to give the illusion of transparency every other pixel is shared between the two images and thus we may be seeing through the cogs to the solids or through the solids to the cogs...you decide.

It is our brain that decides on the small details without us ever having to worry about them, thus I guess most would see the transparent solids on top of the cogs as it seems more likely...I made the pic so can I say they are behind? :)

It is this expected response that allows illusionists to work their magic.

Now if this filling in by our brain gets a little messed up we start to see things we normally wouldn't and perhaps that is true vision, seeing things for what they really are.

In Aaron's case with the volume of everything appearing the same, perhaps the part of our brain that lets us distinguish from different frequencies of sound failed and the waves just became one. In a similar way that you can't distinguish between the frames of the pictures, giving the illusion of motion.

Is there a resolution to real life? Do we live in a series of Now (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?4335-Length-of-now) images?


Edit: the artwork is not mine, the Platonic Solids (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platonic_solid) were borrowed from Wikipedia and the background can be found on various sites so I cannot give it provenance.

Bel Matina
06-12-2015, 10:57 PM
As you gain skill in exploring your consciousness the force of your attention will begin to move things that previously seemed to be exclusively conditioned by outside forces. In particular the conditions one achieves through psychoactives are often reachable without chemical assistance. Control will come with experience. The inner fire is very immediate to your experience, and there should be no great difficulty working out how to make the changes serve you through trial and error. After a few years stumbling on new states of consciousness loses its novelty, and can often make great stories when it occurs in awkward situations.

For this reason, if I feel the need to contemplate deeply in public, I'm always prepared to quietly excuse myself.