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06-14-2015, 09:05 PM
Have to be attentive when discussing concepts.
Time is a concept.*
Just like zero is a concept and 1-9 are the actual numbers.*

To know.
Is to remember.*

To experience an then remember happens quickly.*

To have no memory, is the unknown.

Man constantly remembers and forgets.*
Every night you sleep and forget everything.
Upon waking you remember.*
Awareness, or specifically self awareness is synonymous with attention.
Mental attention is extremely limited.
Humans are pilots in the cockpit of a jet.
Attention is the pilot.
The body is the jet.
Unite the two.
This is an old goal.
Also an extreme one.*
Every night you sleep, the attention is united with the body,yet you loose self awareness.
This is a physiological function.
So. Replicate those same movements without the impulse to sleep.
I believe the east calls this samadhi, nirvana,the tao.
The west calls it hypnosis.*
The issue has always been loss of consciousness.
The mainstream word kundalini refers to the spark gap effect of the body; this force is brought about via manipulation of vagus nerve ganglia (sympathetic and parasympathetic).

[These ganglia connect to the carotid arteries heavily.*
The sound of breathing is made by pressure fluctuating in the throat upon the vocal chords.*

Breath. Control pressure and use to stimulate blood flow of carotid arteries. Change in blood flow and pressure stimulates the nerves attached (vagus nerve ganglia),
When done right, the condition of the spark gap ( kundalini) forms.
This spark gap does not manifest In alert waking state of mind.
A slight alteration in mental state *trance* is needed.*
A trance happens any time you fixate your attention on something. It is likened to zoning out or zoning in.
Samadhi/nirvana/the tao are names for the final form of controlled trance. Hypnosis has also been known to *throw* people into these states.*

Cultivate samadhi to enter the unknown/unconscious willingly (not through sleep) and cultivate the spark gap, in this way you stay conscious while in unconsciousness.
The knowing enters the unknown.
The mind rides the dragon through the gate of unknowing, in this way, you come out the other side.
This is two thirds of physiological alchemy.
The last third is utilization of attention upon the feeling of emotion in the body located often at the solar plexus area below the sternum.
This center of emotion is the heart of mind and IS the very vagus nerve itself. This heart of mind which is the nerves of the vagus in the solar plexus runs right up into the memory and Feely part of the brain.
This is you*
Through controlled hyperventilation one stimulates the peripheral nerves of the body *paresthesia*
Through concentrated effort of the mind upon the heart, this stimulation brought about by breathing is made to *enter* and stimulate the vagus.*
*the spirit follows the mind and enters the heart*
For mind: This creates a mental loop which cultivates conscious samadhi*
*for body: this causes natural celibacy as one looses the feeling for sex. This is often referred to as an upward course of sexuality. *the body follows the heart,which ascends to the mind*
In this way, the condition of tantra becomes manifest *only when you have no desire for sex are you ready*.
When the condition is strong, sexuality activity being had, turns the body solid red, increases physical vitality and all associated functions including the self aware attention we call us.
This will cause a rising which goes to the ears an causes much inner ear itching.*
When united we call it kundalini *spark gap*.
Thus the mind becomes continually conscious.*
The body becomes young through constant renewal.*

Tid bit.*
Duality vanishes in deeper states of trance. This loss of duality is due to a change in perception.*
(When you look at a word, your mind automatically reads it. Look at a word and try not to read it*, this state is behind automatic recognition, thus you perceive, yet there is no mental process past that). Thus duality vanishes in mind. The heart or feeling equivalent is equally important, an comes if the body is transformed.*
Thus you create the knowing and unknowing worlds.*
Knowing and not knowing.*
You realize you are the door.*
You open and close the door.*
Yet there Is no more darkness.*
Thank you for reading.
This post has no been edited for grammar nor spelling.*
This post is a personal opinion upon the mystery of life.


No time.
No space.
No memory.
That Is samadhi, the tao, nirvana.
They are like death.
Deep sleep is similar.
The previous post by Avaar is simply a proposed methodical way to keep the self coalesced during transition.


06-15-2015, 06:05 AM
No time.
No space.
No memory.
That Is samadhi, the tao, nirvana.
They are like death.
Deep sleep is similar.

I would say :

Bliss (Bliss in not "there" in the Vacuity, it located in you while you experience the Now-here/Nowhere).

It is completely different from deep sleep.

Since you are fully conscious, and not fully unconscious.

(I speak by direct experience here. Just my 2 cents)

06-15-2015, 07:08 AM
Very deep sleep with full wakefulness. And aware of it being so.

Like being wide awake/conscious, but your brainwaves in deep Delta, approaching zero/'dead'.

So, almost dead according to the brainwaves (and possibly the other 'normal' body functions), but still very much 'alive'...

A bit similar to the 'vampire' archetype :)

Very similar to deep sleep and also very similar to wide awake :)

And we CAN be in deep sleep (at night in bed) AND fully conscious at the same time, we just forget when we wake up :)

06-15-2015, 08:19 AM
There's a big big difference with just being "awake" and being "awaken". In deep sleep or not.

06-17-2015, 02:49 PM
Deep sleep is like samadhi.
The difference is.
Sleep happens in an uncontrolled manner.
The body enters sleep and drags the mind down with it.

Samadhi. The mind enters into a very similar state willfully.
This similar state is had through fixation of mind.
Withdrawal of senses *just as in sleep*.
Until all that Is left is awareness and the object of awareness.
Then you let go of yourself, or you let go of the object.
This can results In loss of self awareness.
This is actually fairly easy to do.
I have not purposely done it in many years.
When I meditate my focus does intensify to the point of loosing peripheral awareness *surroundings etc*, yet I am working on something other than kundalini and samadhi.
Anyway. Once you understand the process of fixating the mind efficiently, it is quite easy.

There is little difference between the awakened and the awake ;)
We can split hairs all we want.
Yet in short.
It is the process of waking.
Any man who masters sleep; he no longer looses self awareness while asleep. His waking self and sleep self are one.
He who masters samadhi. No longer sleeps. He enters samadhi instead. For samadhi is more refreshing than sleep ;).
If I may.
Normal sleep is only a trance state.
Samadhi is mastery of trance.
Kundalini a physiological phenomenon which manifests in trance states.

06-17-2015, 02:56 PM
As well.
I agree that *physiological bliss* is not present in the deeper states.
The bliss talked about from deep Samadhi is the self liberated from all things.

The bliss of the lower states Is a physiological phenomenon.

06-17-2015, 03:47 PM
My 'goal' is similar to what you describe, but only as a gateway. A 'Universal Gateway', for lack of a better term...

Brainwaves, etc - approaching zero (no measurable 'life-signs'), yet fully aware and active/alive appearing, IF needed.

'Conscious sleepwalking' can be one way to approximately describe it (I have had few and brief experiences of this state and it's... well... words can not really describe it :) ...)

I am working on something other than kundalini and samadhi.

What are you working on?


06-17-2015, 07:42 PM
Interesting post, thanks! Do share more of your insights / experiences in this regard. To try to relate - An excercise we have been given is to simply state I am Consciousness, Existence, Bliss (crude translation of Sat-Chit-Ananda). Soaked in the Presence and then simply aligning with this threefold truth can be enough to enter the experience thereof. The crackle of what from the previous posts can be understood as kundalini sparks can sometimes be heard going ta-ta-ta below / inside the ear (?)

06-25-2015, 02:22 AM
For the past 9 years I have worked upon tantric alchemy.
To be simple *rejuvenation via the transformation of sexual fluid*.

As a disclaimer: I am aware of the many facets of tantra an associated sects. The words I choose are meant to convey the idea with ease. this idea is not limited to any culture*

Few males and female during sex experience a sex flush.
This sex flush is a reddening of the skin. It is usually a light reddening. It happens to those who are heavy breathers during the act.

What I call the *condition* is generated via manipulation of breathing. Over the course of a few weeks this condition is strengthened. most obvious signs and symptoms are: an extreme increase in urinary continence; loss of all sexual feeling.
During this condition if one engages in sex ; the entire body will turn solid red. One is not able to reach release, it is naturally withdrawn. You can try, you will only succeed with extreme difficulty.
As well, Not partially red, solid red. This extreme sex flush also results in a semi permanent increase.
*just as the condition is semi permanent, so it's result is semi permanent. Both can be reversed through indulgence in sexual release.
The effects are accumulative.
Meaning: doing it 5 times is greater than once.
I did it 3 times in succession.
After which I purposely destroyed the condition so as to consciously learn how to create it.
In 9 years I have tried everything out there.
Thus I focus on my own knowledge and direct experience as a foundation.

I have replicated it 6 times In 9 years, albeit each of these times were low intensity and accidental. The methods I was utilizing were not efficient. Simple fluke results.

Increased physical vitality.
Increased natural heat generation.
Sweetening of body odor.
Self awareness during dreams, self awareness when leaving dream and waking up.
Less need for sleep.
Increase in light of the eyes.
Extreme increased in mental capacity.
Spontaneous peripheral nerve firing resulting in waves of overwhelming joy.
Spontaneous silence of mind.

The method I am currently testing.
Controlled hyperventilation causing peripheral nerves to fire.
I concentrate on the emotional center of the body *solar plexus*. In attempt to make the nerve stimulation penetrate the vagus nerve.
This is my current theory.
I need 35 hours concentrated time spread over 7 days or more to properly test this method.
I am pursuing it as a few hours testing gave a small amount of result. Yet further testing is needed to determine if it is a workable direct method.

This is the theory of accumulative regeneration.
It is often spoken of in more lofty terms via ascetics.
I have never seen it fully revealed.
Most ascetic recommend celibacy for lack of knowing this process. * many years of celibacy and intense meditation result in low amounts of transformation over a long period of time*.

Anyway. I apologies for any errors. I shall correct and edit this post later when I can utilize a proper computer

06-25-2015, 03:34 AM
Hello Avaar186,

I practice with sexual energy as well, a form of Taoist cultivation and sublimation within Qabalistic framework. Not strictly a 'traditional' path, as there are no schools where I live and I've had to piece things together with books and practice and re-reading books; so it is interesting to hear about your practices.

The longest I've been able to maintain my practice was for 70 (ish) days before becoming "overwhelmed". The sublimated energy moved to my third eye and opened a few restless nights of visions, particularly one of Ganesh (remover of obstacles, from what I read) However, I was able to create a sort of union within my Self, which was quite worth it.

I have never tried any techniques with the vagus nerve or solar plexus other than 'conditioning' before fixation, so again, thanks for posting about this.

The tantra work you do is specifically towards the awakening and strengthening of kundalini energies?

06-25-2015, 05:53 AM

I personally do not know of any school in any area which teaches this path. When talking with people, i mention reddening of the flesh in order to determine their experience. I would gladly welcome being naive and an incorrect fool all this time if it meant finding a teacher.

The fact that you had to *maintain* and were *overwhelmed* means the sexual energy was not being transformed.
Accumulating yes, some transformation? Most likely. Yet the bulk remained below.
When the energy presses upwards, a type of natural celibacy happens. In this i mean, you do not think about sex, because there is not urge.
when the condition is strong, even thinking about sex doesn't cause sexual movement. Thus sexual engagement in this condition is difficult. Usually it is a spontaneous movement. An erection or swelling without sexual feeling. like a morning woody.
When sexual urge is transformed, urinary continence also increases into the extremes. This is a sure and consistent sign of the condition.

The solar plexus is simply a junction of the vagus nerve. A very strong junction. This emotional center of the body leads directly into the head. I believe it is also responsible for the upward transformation of the sexual organ.

Depends by what you mean of kundalini.
Kundalini being the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The sympathetic and parasympathetic are ganglia of the vagus nerve. In short, they are the same nerve. Kundalini is the balance.

Directly, my method has nothing to do with kundalini. Indirectly, it is working with similar systems.
Sexual sublimation being more of a feed back loop. Kundalini is a spark gap.
Take two wires. (+ and - ) Kundalini is the spark between them.
Sexual sublimination deals with the level of electricity running through the wires. Yet is not the spark.

I have worked with many different methods over the last 9 years. Most will have some sort of effect. All i have tried are incorrect.
The current method i spout, is still a theory in testing. It has resulting in some increase in urinary continence. This is a good sign. Yet, it needs much more testing before i can confirm its validity. I have had this method for a few weeks. Have been making the time so as to test it. For it will need 5+ hours a day for two weeks. In that allotted time i should be able to measure its effectiveness. The path truly is quick and efficient as well as fairly easy. Yet it takes a specific groove to cultivate.
Keep in mind the increase in urinary continence. It is a sure sign of the correct path. "stage fright" while peeing is a slight state of tension, this is similar but not the same. the slightest sphincter tension causes urine to complete reverse its course. It returns to the bladder, one must start all over. Yes, it is quite annoying. There is no pain, no issue urinating. It simply seems as if a reversal is present. An indeed there is.

06-26-2015, 04:10 AM
If i may ask.
What form of Taoist cultivation are you utilizing ?
I apologize if i come off as authoritative.
I am merely stating my views.

As for my current theory. I am still testing it, its chance of success is unknown.
I have theorized and tested for 9 years.
Albeit 4 of those years were spent learning controlled hyperventilation.
Besides *spiritual* cultivation, controlled hyperventilation has a great many uses; it comes as an extreme surprise to me that something so simple has not been exploited. One of my favorites is the ability to run long distance without ever becoming winded. I smoke cigarettes an could go outside right now an run easily until my calf muscles gave out. This is accomplished simply by keeping co2 levels in the blood at bay.

On a side note. Since i am expelling my knowledge of physiological phenomenon.
Tai chi is an interesting tid bit. In short it is influence of blood flow through movement. It is easily done, its effects accumulate quickly. Yet it must be done everyday otherwise that which is accumulated withers. One hour of this an my arms will float ( the floating is like that of the isometric party trick, an individual holds their arm out, they press up and you press down on the arm, when the man releases the downwards force, the arm seemingly floats up).
When it comes to taiji, as my knowledge is sub par. I have difficulty influencing blood in the legs. As well, taiji with the breath and belly is that used to increase blood flow of the aorta and inferior vena cava. Well, it is belly movement which influences the blood flow, breathing often has to be synched with this.
The opposite of soft internal movement *taiji* is hard external force. This is not a force of the blood, it is a force of the nervous system. This is literally and simply conscious contraction of the muscles. When applied, the nerves output a maximum force.

06-26-2015, 02:52 PM
Don't know whether this is valuable, but a non-celibate method for western sophist is the core teaching of e.g. treatise sexual alchemy by samael aun weor. His teachings caused a bit of a gnostic revival and there are groups working with his teachings in many countries. They may have "teachers" who can contribute or relate. Samael himself claimed to have been able to enter other dimensions via this practice.

06-26-2015, 06:31 PM
I have no doubt samael aun weor was aware of tantra.
Yet his words are more story telling than anything *in my opinion*.

As well, what I advise is neither celibacy nor indulgence. It is a literal in between.

The only books I can recommend are the secret of the Golden flower. Unfortunately the entire book is a translation an is ultimately cryptic.
Kundalini yoga by swami sivananda.
This book illustrates hatha yoga. Within the pages are some interesting notes.
Siddha vedam moksha soothram by swami sivananda.
This book is simply an interesting one.

An interesting note.
Parmahansa yogananda in his book describes kriya yoga as decarbonization of the blood, stopping accumulation of venous blood an recharging it with oxygen.
Sivananda describes this same process shortly in kundalini yoga text.
Talk to anyone practicing these methods or under a kriya yoga lineage. They often do not know or simply state they do not talk about it, and or that it happens automatically through their particular practice.

Know that is it simply controlled hyperventilation.
For controlled hyperventilation is breathing in an out without the natural pausing.
In this co2 levels drop.
The bond between hemoglobin and 02 strengthen, thus less o2 is released.
Thus a painless paresthesia is experienced (rapid firing of the nerves, a very noticeable tactile sensation).

This is the Pranayama of the body that no one will practice.
There is gross and subtle breathing.
This is the mechanical breathing, and cellular respiration.
In this they act like balance and counter balance.

Thus you have.
Balanced breathing.
No pause=hyper ventilation
Extended pause=hypo ventilation.
This is increased co2 and decreased co2.
Thus is the Pranayama no one talks about.

06-27-2015, 02:24 PM
If i may ask.
What form of Taoist cultivation are you utilizing ?

Hi again Avaar,

I've been working on a couple techniques for cultivation, which involve purification of the organs and channels, and also techniques of 'circulating light' and the subsequent fixing of the light into the skeletal system. I'm taking a break for a bit right now to adjust and digest some experiences I recently had, and also in order not to over-work my nervous system. I also recently moved into a new apartment with my little brother, and I'm having a difficult time keeping the environment 'clean'.

My main goal is what the Taoists call the 'immortal fetus' or 'spiritual embryo' -- from what I understand, the pre-natal state of vitality accomplished through pre-natal breathing -- so it is interesting to hear about your experiences with the reddening of the body through your practices and controlled hyperventilation.

Is this controlled hyperventilation similar to modern kundalini yoga's 'Breath of Fire'?

The only book I've read on the subject that seems traditional is Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality by Lu K'uan Yu. From what I understand, the majority of the 'good' texts haven't been translated into English yet, or they end up reading like a confused translation.

But there are interesting correspondences in western alchemical theories/texts and this book by Lu K'uan Yu. Recently I've been researching/contemplating the 'dragon' mentioned in one of the Thirteen Secret Letters by Boehme (I can't recall which letter at the moment, but I'll post the part I'm intrigued with when I find where I stacked the book).

As for my current theory. I am still testing it, its chance of success is unknown.
I have theorized and tested for 9 years.
Albeit 4 of those years were spent learning controlled hyperventilation.

I have been practicing for 2, so still very new at it. While on my self-imposed break, I've been practicing mental vacancy type meditations -- which seems very necessary in order to cultivate a 'pure' essence, as the essence comes off as 'sticky'. Looking back on my technique/practice now, I agree with you when you say it was most likely not fully transformed. Also, I may have been working with too much at once, which then became overwhelming.

I apologize if i come off as authoritative.
I am merely stating my views.

Authoritative in a good way! There is nothing better than hearing about other people's practices. I appreciate your postings.

06-28-2015, 02:15 PM
Hey agian,
From the Sixth Letter in the book by Boehme,

Then, in the beginning with a slow fire, drive the dragon over, then pour it back, so that, through the cohobation, the dragon gets his tail, which is a pure fire.

In the beginning the dragon is very arsenical, but by the seventh cohobation loses his poison and will at last become a Theriac. The ancients have compared our materiam crudam to a black dragon and said:

The dragon is salt and earth, his spirit from poison transforms
The elements separate and transform their power.
By means of the rotation NB, thus, the poison becomes heavenly,
What initially seemed toxic and full hell-wine.

I find it interesting how similar this is to Taoist practices, particularly the techniques of the slow and quick fires (breathing techniques), and the idea of the circulation of light.

07-01-2015, 04:01 PM
I swore I replied to this? Yet it seems I forgot to post.

Breath of fire is an equal breath an does not lead to hyperventilation nor hypo.
This is because the breaths are short.
If one was to increase the length of breath during breath of fire. Then one would hyperventilate.
If there was significant speed during this, one would also perpetrate.

My previous theory was unsuccessful. It caused upwards moment to a degree.yet like many other second hand methods, it stagnated.
I also was not able to make nerve stimulation penatrate the vagus nerve. Even utilizing taiji with controlled hyperventilatin, the nerve stimulation being drawn solely to aorta an middle of body, it does not enter the vagus. Extremely difficult to enter directly.

New theory. I am going to play with the carotid channels again. The blood vessels of the neck. See their effect once again. See if anything is significant.

I apologize for this sub par post.
I originally had written out a superb response. Yet it was lost I believe. So the next time I am in a heightened mood. I shall write another as such.

07-01-2015, 04:13 PM
I will write again a post on various methods I have used an come across later. I apologize for loosing the response.

A tid bid. Controlled hyperventilation is necessary for the red body.
Why? I do not totally know.
If done during sex, an ejaculation is had. Only sweet smelling clear fluid results. This Is prostate fluid. Seminal fluid is withheld.
Woman experience sex flushes *lightly redened skin* because of they way they breath, which is a type of controlled hyperventilation.
Many people do not experience this red skin because they hold their breath.
One can abstain from climax, an incorporate controlled hyperventilation. This will result in a low amount of transformation plus more heat and red of skin. Yet, again this is not Jing turning into qi, and qi in shen. This is more an accumulation of pure jing.
Although some transformation can be had in this way.
The flow falls back down, causing more sexual excitement, for a semi permanent reversal of said system has not been strengthened. Transformation with weak condition.

07-18-2015, 03:56 AM
Hi again. I guess I missed your response to this thread a while ago. Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for the clarification on controlled hyperventilation. Yesterday I started practice again with this breathing technique. After about 20 minutes of circulation I began the breath of fire (quick breaths) to see what would happen, and it ended up feeling more natural to make the breaths longer and without pause like you describe. I began getting an interesting sensation below my throat chakra after a couple minutes of this breathing. And after a few more, sudden sweating of the palms. Afterwards, I did some external energy work and found an increase in perception.

One reason I stopped practicing for awhile was that the circulating energy began collecting in my head. The numinous was distilling but not recondensing. After incorporating controlled hyperventilation, there was no 'pressure' building up. Which is wonderful.

I'll keep up with this and see what happens.

06-15-2016, 03:24 AM
The fact that you had to *maintain* and were *overwhelmed* means the sexual energy was not being transformed.
Accumulating yes, some transformation? Most likely. Yet the bulk remained below.

I've recently discovered that you were absolutely correct. But from a recent success, I know now that it was because there was no free circulation of generative force (sexual energy).

As soon as I integrate what I've learned from it, I'll write it up all nice and shiny.

06-15-2016, 05:01 AM
from a recent success

Did you turn all red?

06-15-2016, 12:01 PM
Hard to say, I've been working in the sun and already look like a lobster. Maybe not by the 'red body' standard, but it's been a fun ride for the last few weeks.

06-15-2016, 03:05 PM
First is the development of the microcosm.
This is the development of internal nature and life, specifically life according to the movement of breath.
Breath must circulate freely, otherwise nature is stifled and stagnant and "leaks out" on account of the "volatility" of the breath. Basically, we must create a pelican-like flask and Hermetically seal it.

The Mind/Breath (life), Vitality, and Generative Force (nature) are the three microcosmic treasures. The three macrocosm treasures are Samadhi, the Heart-Fire, and Kundalini. These are synonymous.

(I am working on a different definition of Samadhi, not only as a state of mind, but the force behind the state of mind)

The development of all these requires our external alchemical agent, the Azoth. It is the Azoth which gives life and levity to nature, which causes it to circulate. It gives stillness to the mind, allowing us to concentrate. And it gives motivation to our vitality, encouraging us to practice.

After the development of the microcosm (fully developed nature and life-according-to-breath), the inner fire begins to circulate. The inner fire must circulate in all channels to provoke Kundalini, and after this, Samadhi. Their union ignites the Heart-Fire, which could also be seen as the Spiritual Heart, or as Avaar mentions, the creation and action of the spark-gap.


Increased physical vitality.
Increased natural heat generation.
Sweetening of body odor.
Self awareness during dreams, self awareness when leaving dream and waking up.
Less need for sleep.
Increase in light of the eyes.
Extreme increased in mental capacity.
Spontaneous peripheral nerve firing resulting in waves of overwhelming joy.
Spontaneous silence of mind.

As well as the highlighted, I also have noticed many, many energy blockages being released throughout the whole process. An extreme peace and feeling of 'groundedness'. Electric shivers and an increase in the sensitivity of the senses. An intense energy radiating from the Heart that left me quite spaced-out and disconnected from all concerns of the physical world.

At one point after meditation, I specifically remember not being able to remember who I was. I remembered my name and where my physical incarnation came from, but for some reason my consciousness couldn't relate to that identity. There was something missing as I focused on the Above and Below, like I was drifting along. After this most recent experience, it feels like "my cup has been filled."

There is also quite a bit of emotional and physical purging still going on.

06-15-2016, 04:15 PM
For the past 9 years I have worked upon tantric alchemy.
To be simple *rejuvenation via the transformation of sexual fluid*.

As a disclaimer: I am aware of the many facets of tantra an associated sects. The words I choose are meant to convey the idea with ease. this idea is not limited to any culture*

Few males and female during sex experience a sex flush.
This sex flush is a reddening of the skin. It is usually a light reddening. It happens to those who are heavy breathers during the act.

With a good breathing technique and some practice it is possible to do the same without involving sex.

In my own case, I don't like to include sex in my practices because I give it a different value (probably a very sacred value or one of the most extreme manifestations of love in the context of a couple... so I don't like ANYTHING that interferes with such thing... it's not a moral issue, it's mostly that I would feel as if the two of us were having a "threesome" with tantra or a technique... and I mostly love to keep it romantic rather than as a "practice"... but that's ME, I am not saying it's wrong).

With a good breathing technique and the right mindset it is possible to do the same. The "red skin" and the kundalini ascending through the spine (if you keep on doing it, it somehow feels like something very hot or very cold dividing the back in two and a very strong energy)... and after a practice like that you feel very much as if you had drunk an elixir of caffeine or an absurd amount of "vital energy"... without involving sex in a direct way.

I do it using a square breathing of 4x4 with both nostrils.... then 3x3... then 2x2... then 1x1... and then increasing the speed... and then balancing by using one nostril only and then the other one.

This can be done sitting on the floor or even in a chair (no need to do any kind of strange contortion if you are not flexible... keeping the back straight and being relaxed and comfortable is good enough).

And it's nice to finish it with a long apnea with empty lungs as to "get out" of that state in a more relaxed way and not finishing abruptly.

The activity of the mind is a key too... but the body technique is easier to explain, because the right mindset is not specially complicated, but hard to put into words (if you have problems getting *there* I suggest this *trick*... fake a very long relaxed yawn and don't interrupt it and see what your mind is doing during that induced yawn... that's the "right" mindset).

10-20-2016, 02:52 AM
So after finding this forum and realising that i wasn't the only alchemist in the world, i got a little excited and started running around this website like a kid in a candy store, re-visiting all the paths and i long forgotten about, re-reminding myself about the core of our Art and the theory behind life as we know it.

I have concluded that it is this transmutation of "sexual energy" (I will address that title shortly- it is inaccurate i believe) that is the TRUE AND REAL philosophers stone.

Each morning i feel energy, coming out of the earth, which condensation causes a heavy sexual desire, quite blinding, raw, powerful, yet un-focused energy that if not controlled or released causes the root of disease, being stress, anxiety, depression, jealousy, and the whole band of evil vices.

If i then have sex with my wife or masturbate (my wife is busy 'spawning') and release the sexual fluid (sometimes refereed to as astral fluid) then, momentarily i feel released from these powerful currents, but only to then, to have flooding in all the same negative feelings i was wrestling with, but in a more 'semi-permanent' yet milder tone.

If on the other hand, I sit up, centre myself, take a few deep breaths and then practise a technique that i learnt myself while training in ChiQung; then i feel the transmutation of sexual energy into e 'nurturing' life force that can be moved to any part of the body, and if moved to a sick or injured part of the body, is quite literally a miracle pain relief technique.

I'm not sure about the red part (I don't bonk in front of a mirror) but i have filled my body with this energy, had sex, and have felt all the things that have been previously described. aka, more vitality, less urge to ejaculate, feelings of increased strength. When i then did choose to ejaculate, there has been no more potent form of pleasure, my entire body surged with orgasmic power, in the way that the describe the female orgasm as being more of a 'whole body' experience rather then the more localised male orgasm.

Before i get to my technique, i would like to challenge the definition of 'sexual energy', for it is my opinion that this energy is only 'sexual' while it exists within the lower two chakras. In the heart centre it becomes love (Step up the romance zoas ;) ) in the mind it is creativity and awareness. in the crown, it can open a direct channel to the Holy Spirit, in order that you may know, of yourself, the Will of God.

This 'sexual energy' is in fact the celestial fire (lifeforce). It is the same celestial fire that engenders quartz into gold under the earths crust. It is the same celestial fire that is collected by the philosophers to create the P- Stone. It is this technique and others like it that IS THE: One Vessel - One Matter - One Fire. And in fact, is the only TRUE translation of such a thing, since all other ways of captivation of this energy require some kind of ingenuity on the part of the artist.... this does too, but all in the one flask, with one matter, and one fire.

To transmute sexual energy:

Step 1: Give 'him' a little tug. It gets the blood flowing. (IMO, it is best to only do this technique when a NATURALLY OCCURING woody takes place. This is a sign that ture celestial fire has gathered, and not just a self propelled increase in bloodflow.)
Step 2: Stop giving 'him' a tug. Orgasm is the road to disease and hell. (and I think i'm almost there :cool:)
Step 3: Try any relaxation techniques you know to become centred, relax the body as much as possible, and focus inwardly, to the breathing, and to the sexual energy.
Step 4: Tense and hold, or pulse the prostate muscle for a while, this again stirs up the energy and releases any tension that might still be in the prostate.
Step 5: Use your mind, or your finger, to find the lowest vertebrae in the spine (remember the bottom one is quite small)
Step 6: Take a deep breath (Buddhist breathing style) and during inhalation, tense up this bottom vertebrae as much as you can. When you exhale, try to feel tension flowing out from that vertebrae so that it moves into a deeper relaxed state. If need be, repeat this 3 - 5 times on that vertebrae.
Step 7: on the final exhalation, try to 'drag' the celestial fire up into that vertebrae. This could take some practise and is hard to describe in words, but energy will 'follow' the mind, but it will 'flow' into relaxed areas of the body.

Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 with each of the vertebrae.

When complete, you can use the same technique of tensing up during inhalation, and relaxing during exhalation, to move this energy from the spine into any organ you choose, greatly kick starting healing, removing pain (seriously, its better than marijuana when done properly).

Pushing this energy into the heart will bubble up feelings of love toward your spouse, into the brain and you will have increased mental capacities.

In my experience, doing this exercise to completion in the morning, basically guarantees you to have an awesome day, with syncrinocities popping up everywhere, increased attention from the opposite sex... the list goes on and on, it is the first stage of the REAL P-Stone, after all.

In fact i am beginning to think that to "fill" the body completely until it "drowns" in this water, is what is meant by the Christian Baptism, considering that Baptism is a representation of the 'death' of the natural man, and the 'birth' of the Spiritual man.

Jesus: "Unless you are born of both water and spirit, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

You will notice that all of this is only the first stage of the process of creating the elixir of life within you, which is said to drip out of the brain and onto the back of the tongue, giving long life and P-Stone like miracles...

Jesus then, after immersing himself in this fluid 'Baptism' moves into a period of 40 days worth of fasting, this in order to mature and fixate the stone.

Yep... tantra is a very well worth it pursuit. Cheapest and best way to make the philosophers stone. If you are capable of completing this, WITH a partner aka raising ANOTHER PERSONS contagiousness into union with yours, you will be welcomed into the kingdom most assuredly and be most properly considered 'A god'.

09-22-2017, 07:52 AM
So. If you have sexual desire in mind or body. Then the condition needed to rejuvenate the body is not strong enough. It is that simple.
When it is this strong, even urinary continence will be effected.

You do not need a partner to accomplish it.

Clear enough?

The bodies condition must be strong like a hot dry pan.
Thus when the moment comes, there is no risk of ejaculating because you cannot even reach that point.

As well. The method of decarbonization of the blood must be known.

Check it. Kundalini is when vitality rises up the central channel.
For rejuvination to happen, the outer channels must push upwards. The left and right side upwards, the subtle body goes up even when not in the central channel. That is the key.

This is not no half assed I kinda feel better by practicing half assed methods. The condition is made strong because it is done correctly, an then rejuvination is done. An the vitality doubles. Like smoking the fattest bowel of life. The first time you will feel brand new, you will move because you feel good. Movement out of joy vs movement out of obligation. The dying move out of obligation.

09-22-2017, 03:44 PM
As well. The method of decarbonization of the blood must be known.

Where can we find more information on this?

Edit: after some research, it seems the decarbonaztion occurs through breathing without pause?

09-23-2017, 09:23 PM
Where can we find more information on this?

Edit: after some research, it seems the decarbonaztion occurs through breathing without pause?
Probably the work of Svami Satyananda Sarasvati "Svara Yoga" might be of interest to you and Avatar. There he writes a lot about breath. The other books of this author are also awesome. Personally, I didn't read Svara Yoga in depth to the end myself, I only took a small glimpse, just not enough time to read all the books I want :)

09-26-2017, 06:30 AM
The breathing practice often described as decarbonization of the blood is none other than controlled hyperventilation.
This does not mean breathing quickly.
It is simply breathing without pause no matter the speed.
Sometimes for various reasons it can be difficult to do.

Yet short and sweet this is it. Lowering the co2 level of the blood.

10-06-2017, 07:31 PM
So. I do apology for being aloof. Yet being older and weighed down by a slow accumulating heavy spirit, I do not practice as often as I used too.
Now, at 17 I regained an ability that appeared with my first rejuvination at 8. The ability to feel anything I put my attention on. The light is sight, light of the eyes. What I am about to say in a moment has remained elusive for so long. See, I can even feel what I hear, yet it is through the power of sight I feel what I hear. Focused light of seeing allows me to feel what I hear, and all other things.

Last Tuesday I didn't sleep well. My knees ache when I do not get enough rest. So I went to nap, yet could not fall asleep, so decided to do old meditation, valid but old, a meditation I rarely do now days. I realized I could raise the energy in the channels that rise up to the ears.
There are two poles that rise up the body to the ears. For all real purposes this is your ida and pingala, seeing how it is the same channels I manipulate to make kundalini manifest, the dissolution of the two channels into one.
YET! I realized I could make both poles rise to my ears as easily as I can project my spirit with seeing.

On note real quick, when it comes to this stuff, sivananda, the secret of the golden flower, and Naropa of Buddhism speak most clearly.

Now. In secret of the golden flower it talks about crystallization of the lights. My half assed crystallization of the light of the eyes takes about a week. An then crazy effects start to happen. BUT.
They are different from what I seek.
Crystallization of the light of the eyes is like your cliche Naruto sharingon (sorry for the horrible example but mirror touch synesthesia doesnt do justice). It gets to the point where I can perceive all body language of others to the point of mind reading in depths, then I can read my own body language, then I am liberated from myself for I can alter my own subtle expressions. Then bliss for you enter yourself. The extreme of this merging with your core, the mind stops thinking, you legit feel stupid because you cannot think in this state, yet you are merged with your core, so you know exactly who you are because you feel it. You are complete.
Now! That is extreme use of light of the eyes after like 2 weeks of half assed consistsnt use.

Light of the ears is concentrated hearing. I just realized I could do this ( I am a slow learning, but persistent).
In rejuvination I never experienced kundalini (the dissolution of the 2 channels into the central channel). BUT the two channels did rise up my body to my ears with great ferocity. My inner ear would itch BADLY with great noise and bliss.

So last Tuesday i realised I could focuse my hearing and purposely rise the little energy in my body to my ears.
In theory the consciousness rising to my ears is the other half of my brain. It is the part that allows me to lucid dream and be awake while in deep sleep. It is also the part connected to the vitality of my body.
So in theory I must breath deeply and stimulate my nerves, while crystalizing the energy at my ears. What I mean by crystallize IS: as of now I must put slight attention to make the energy rise to my ears. Where as when crystalized it will rise up on its own to my ears. See?
At first there is effort, when crystalized it rises up on its own.
This is concentrated light of the ears.
Now remember, consistsnt breathing that is rythmical without pause, once the heart aligns with this breathing you start to hyperventilate causing seemingly unnessary stimulation of the bodies nervous system, yet this stimulation feeds the light of the ears.
Full breaths deep breaths must be had. Basically deep breathing whole focusing the hearing. It is weird how easy it is for the focus of hearing to loose itself and fall away.
If the light is risen to the ears when you fall asleep, you will be concioise while sleeping. It is odd how the energy of the ear channel control this.
I feel the ear channel is connected to the vitality and rejuvination process. The light of the eyes is connected to the higher mind part of it all. In fact the sight is used to focuse the hearing. Anyway. This is my theory for now that I am testing. Seeing as consciousness follows the energy of the ears. When mind sinks the light of ears sink. When the light of ears rises up so does consciousness.
Anyway. I will let you know how this method pans out.
I am currently offsetting my practical alchemy for internal alchemy at the moment. Internal alchemy is my main pursuit as I have much more first hand results with it. As accidental as they may have been. 12 years of reverse engineering and failing, it is hard to continue sometime. Although I did spend 4 years perfecting controlled hyperventilation. Which! I must say, can be used for much more than you would think. And has nothing to do with breathing quickly!

10-06-2017, 11:34 PM
Very interesting!

10-10-2017, 04:01 PM
I must give a note to this old meditation I did. I've spent many years seeking and experimenting and seducing, working on reverse engineering the perfect method of rejuvination.
12 years in fact.
6 months prior to that 12 years, I discovered a way of meditation from a cliche book.

It had to do with laying down, letting go of all the bodies movement like you are dead.
Then moving feeling through the body.
Feel the foot, then feel the ankle, then feel the lower part of calf, then upper part, then feel the knee.

Now each time I would feel, I would stimulate with attention. Each time I would let go of the feeling.
Feeling is subtle tension.
Feel it, let it go. The is relaxation.
There are two forms of letting go/relaxation.
One makes the body heavier, one makes the body lighter.

Heavier is actually increased subtle stimulation in a relaxed manner. Like a dilating blood vessel, more blood yet relaxed. Lighter is true subtle relaxation. When the flesh is light the body feels good.

Anyway. There are two nerves in the body to release.
The spinal nerve and all its branches.
The vagus nerve and all its branches.

The subtle tension properly runs from the spine, from the spine the left side of it runs around to the middle of the body. The right runs around the right side to the center of the body.
This is the path of relaxation, you can focuse on the spine or front of body.

I advice taking the method, doing it for at least and hour before picking a spot and hyper focusing relaxation.
If you loose feeling of a spot, you have lost mental stimulation, an thus lost the ability to relax that spot.

So. This is how you open the subtle body.
The body itself has a subtle state, released the gross mind and senses run through eachother easily.
For the gross, your mental capabilities and emotion range increase. Everything increases a bit.
Once your inner world was as stone, now it is filled with water. It can become as light as air, and fire is magic.
Fire = lighter than air, an updraft of force.

Anyway. This is the best way of opening the nerves that I know of.
Hour a day.
Hatha yoga uses too much tension in its methods. Proper hatha yoga actually attempts to use paresethesia.
Paresethesia: lower blood co2 levels.
Hatha yoga uses this breathing coupled with tension techniques. Although I suppose if correctly used, you would apply the tension technique, the stretch or bandah, an then you would relax. In the same way real taiji can utilize tension, and dark hado can utilize relaxation.

Anyway. A dedicated individual could become completely immortal in 1 year.
Rejuvination only takes 14 days to 30 to start.

I started with my entire nervous system closed.
Rejuvination doesn't need released subtle tension
When I was 15. An hour a day and 6 to 12 months and your entire nervous system will be open.
Want to be super about it? Do two hours.

The real issue is dedication.
Isolation of living is sought because those who are content and alone learn to relish in themselves. In having no physical human contact they only have themselves to reflect. In this they gain momentum.
I apologize for the ramble.

Oh yes. If you can pop your spine, it has subtle tension. This is am easy sign.

10-10-2017, 08:52 PM
Anyway. A dedicated individual could become completely immortal in 1 year.
Rejuvination only takes 14 days to 30 to start.

What you described is basically Shavasana (some its variation). It alone won't rejuvenate body. It is used mostly to train the body to relax before working with preparatory practices, such as Nadi Shodhana (series of classic breathing practices) to clean energy channels. Becoming good with Nadi Shodhana might take a couple of months, so it is a good time to also practice some classic Asanas (specifically Siddhasana). After that you are ready to start with initial Eastern practices. If you are serious about it, then be ready for lots of near-death-events on your path (with very high mortality factor) - that's one thing that noone speaks loud about. Good preparations lower the chance to die or get lost to illusions of your mind.

10-13-2017, 08:59 AM
You are correct. This is nearly exactly what I was describing. I apologize if I lack clarity.
Shavasana will not rejuvenate the body. Although it can invigorate it.
Nadi Shodhana done correctly creates the condition for 'kundalini' as some call it.
Nadi Shodhana is a watered down practice meant to ease people into experience, this is why it takes months.

Nadi Shodhana is not very proficient in releasing the subtle body.

Nadi Shodhana is not very proficient in creating the condition for 'kundalini', this is because it is a technique given simply with little explanation.

Asanas are nearly useless for opening the nerves unless you can energize the nerves.

There is no need to fear death on the path.

Shavasana will not cause it. Nor will Nadi Shodhana.

Hell Nadi Shodhana will only create the condition for 'kundalini' if you practice it profusely. A slight adjustment can shorten this couple months down to 1 day. maybe a couple days if you have no experience in breathing practices.

The most dangerous practice is profuse pranayama. Yet there is no danger if it is kept to a medium level.

Becoming lost in the illusions of the mind. This happens constantly, it does not matter if you practice the internal art or not. I see many speak of spiritus mundi and magical effects of the moon. Yet reality is reality.
Even in the mental arts such as Samadhi and avishkara.
Avishkara would be the more dangerous practice. Without Samadhi it is illusionary. With Samadhi it is still delusional, yet the mind is a delusion. Samadhi simply allows you to fulfill a delusion. You can fake being an artist, or become the artist an thus produce art equal to the personality taken on.

If you are having near death experiences and many of them, this is due to your own situation. karma.
A lack of foresight coupled with clearing karma can lead to many undesirable situations. Even those with teachers rarely listen to the foresight of the teacher.

IF you have caused psychosis in yourself the diagnosis is variable.
When I first released the majority of my subtle body, I could feel all things. It took me a year to adjust. Even then, I do not use it full power.
In short, done correctly practice does not make you crazy.
I dish out the passive subtle method of releasing the psychic system.
Eastern practice is more forceful.
If the body psychic system is clear, then unintentional madness is rare. Diety yoga as its called, is a form of avishkara, which indeed can cause madness. Diety yoga and avishkara being the path of spirits.

This specifically is why mantra is taught. Mantra is a long soft approach.
Tulpa in Buddhism, avishkara in the yogas. This is manipulation of identity. For identity is a self ingrained delusion. This is the part that can cause madness.

Although I suppose releasing the subtle body can also cause such crisis in a person, as anyone not ready for it will experience extreme changes as their mental and emotional capacity expands past what they even knew was possible.

10-13-2017, 03:11 PM
Nadi Shodhana is not very proficient in releasing the subtle body.

Nadi Shodhana is not very proficient in creating the condition for 'kundalini', this is because it is a technique given simply with little explanation.
Hell Nadi Shodhana will only create the condition for 'kundalini' if you practice it profusely. A slight adjustment can shorten this couple months down to 1 day. maybe a couple days if you have no experience in breathing practices.
Nadi Shodhana doesn't have its goal to provoke Kundalini's movement, it is just to clear and balance Ida and Pingala. it is interesting to see the adjustments made for that practice, which allows to cut the work down to 1 day. I know, each school and teacher have their own approaches to these practices, and some of them aren't as good as the others.

11-11-2017, 08:41 AM
Is this so?
I thought that was the point of the practice!
= P Woops. Haha.
Clearing ida and pingala is much more difficult than I think it is made out to be.
Summoning prana will of course always quicken the practice of clearing.

Yet 'balancing' is a key factor in summoning kundalini.
You see the body itself does not work on a balanced system. It works on a counter balance system. Meaning by nature it is unbalanced.
Nadi shodhana if working traditionally brings equal pressured breathing in both nostrils. Meaning there is equal pressure in the carotid arteries.
The condition of kundalini.
The second being a slight trance state.
I have no school nor teacher.

03-11-2019, 07:21 AM
Figured out how to create the heat via breathing. Finally.
Pretty easy. Spacific subtle change causes it. Certain wind instrument players do it inadvertently.
Yay for figuring out actual tummo. Basically.
SO! I quit smoking. Now to practice.
Will let you all know if I succeed in rejuvination.

05-08-2019, 07:36 PM
You have to clear your inbox so I can PM you. your message box is full.
On that note. This group should participate in this post.
I tried to advertise that I figured out what I have been seeking. However I suppose my posts have been fragmented over time. Ha. Wanna revolutionize the world. Join my cult. It is all about personal personal freedom above loyalty, growth, etc etc. Never will be charged for admission nor acceptance. Finance at least.

08-28-2020, 05:40 AM
Yes. I'll be on for the next few days. Maybe a month.
I finally figured it out. It is easy. Yet elusivly specific.

On here all I will say is. Enter the middle. Get into the middle. Call it sashumna,smashan,central channel etc doesnt matter, get in and breath continuously and silently. Fully.

When you get in the middle, the body will start making heat automatically. This isn't heat from increased body activity. Heat comes just by being there.

Spinal breathing. Samyama(focusing between eyebrows). Tip of the nose. Plumb line to the heart.
Putting hands together to pray intensely. These all can cause results because they are all attempting to do the same exact thing. Enter the middle. An once you understand that, they all become inferior. An you'll be able to enter the middle repeatedly anytime you wish. The more you are there, and practice remaining there while doing pranayama. The more you will enter the middle outside of practice while doing nothing. You'll quickly become a perfect bramacharya. An if you know how, you can multiply the life. I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Ah yes. Controlled hyperventilation. Breathing continuously without pause, silently. Is the special pranayama.
The former method I spoke about in this thread was the valsalva maneuver. It is the reason trumpet players turn red. It indeed causes vaso dilation. I thought it was the key, cause up in the excitment of hope. I was wrong. I apologize.

I am very excited, as I just recently learned this, accidentally.
After 15 years. SO. I hope you all learn to enter the middle.
Remember. Over the course of 10 years I only entered the middle twice. Even when I tried. Now I can do it anytime.
That is because the method is easy. Yet exclusively specific.
MIDDLE. Enter it.
Although I may be excited again. This time subtle heat rises in me. I slip in and out of the middle without intention. My libido slips away and genitals become cold.
However I have just started. I wont attempt a rejuvenation until urinary continence increases. Until when observed, it seems even the urine desires to rise up more than flow out.
Until all libido is gone.
Should take 1 months with an hour a day practice.
A hint.
Pretend you are 2 dimensional. Like a piece of paper.
Now, draw a line in the middle of the paper. Now focus on it and not your body. Feel the middle in front of you. Not the middle of your body, the middle in front of you. There's reason for this. It's all I'm saying. Good luck.