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solomon levi
06-23-2015, 01:12 AM
So i've been noticing for a few years how the alchemical path of awakening and multiplication follows the sephira on the tree of life. Sometimes it's tricky to know where you're at because there are trees within trees, or each sephira is exponential, with ten stages in it. The 10s are significant, as i just pointed out, exponentially means by the powers of 10. Dimensions are also dime/10 N sions, N being any integer. The electromagnetic spectrum is measured exponentially and is a significant indication of time/frequency folded within frequency.
Anyway, i thought i'd outline my progress so far in case it helps others. My latest "initiation" was in 7/venus/copper/netzach/victory. One notices by the many symnchronicities and correspondences. For example, I've been into phoenix imagery lately, and ouroboros. Φοινίκη, Phoiníkē actually has the name Nike in it - goddess of victory. But the initiation was simply a vision or understanding or realization - for me it was seeing that the One Infinite Omnipresent God cannot be in competition with anything - it is always victorious for there are no challengers that aren't it.
I've had similar experiences beginning with 10/earth/antimony/four elements/cross/malkuth/kingdom; 9/moon/silver/yesod/foundation; and 8/mercury/hod/glory... and i know the next initiation will be 6/sun/gold/tiphareth/beauty because i already start to see pieces of it, glimpses, foreknowledge.
In brief, the earth initiation really has to do with becoming present, the cross, X marks the spot - the here and now, without which everything is conditioning, programming - you are being thought instead of thinking; you are a product of the previous moments, history, knowledge. This Presence is the prima materia and the stone the builders rejected. It is everywhere, but men do not see it or value it because they love their knowledge, and all knowledge is known/past - the present is unknown and has never happened before. It could be anything, but it is usually what the past conditions it to be unless you know how to be present. Without this direct experience of presence, which is everywhere and nowhere, the vertical journey doesn't begin - you are locked in horizontal, linear, cause and effect time. Now time is vertical/perpendicular and opens up a new dimension.
During this period, i received many messages from the earth. One of the things i realized was that we shouldn't view the alchemical symbol of earth, the cross in a circle, as the element earth... it rather means the earth entire, including all organic and inorganic life, and electromagnetic life. The earth even showed me how she produces our electromagnetic life through masculine iron which carries feminine magnetism and feminine quartz which carries masculine electricity. This allows the whole mind/matrix to play out - the earth is a true mother/matrix, and we, as human forms, were grown/evolved from it over a very long period of time. We are it! We're not ON it. This level allows you to access the memories of earth. Malkuth is kingdom, because direct experience is what makes you an authority and able to "burn your books". let's proceed to yesod...
The 9th sephirah is all about the moon and the mind/mens, imagination, reflection. I'm not going to say much about this. The moon has many secrets and complex intricacies. Yesod, ISVD, even contains the word "secret"/SVD. There's a lot of duality and polarity in this, the phases of the moon, that it reflects the light of the sun... this reflecting has to do with the mind as the self-reflection of thought... thought thinking about thought gives the illusion of a thinker. Yesod is foundation - "all is mind".
At this point i thought i might be on a middle pillar path and leap right to the sun, and in some ways I did... this is shown in the 22 paths and the lines that connect the sephira in various ways. But later i realized i had indeed journeyed into Hod/mercury.
Just as in alchemy, each level is realized a little quicker than the last. The multiplication has to do with that exponential/dimensional/holographic/fractal toroidal journey to the singularity :) (or something like that). In mercury, things begin to be fun and play. You've seen that everything is equally true/false/existant (the dualities of luna and sol joined into a triunity - opposites are complements, two sides of one cloth). You become familiar with Infinity/8 and see how everything is subjective and relative compared to Infinity - the hierarchy only appears when we compare things to other things. But Infinity is not a thing, it has no limit, edge, boundary... it is in-de-finite... it cannot be defined! Everything you say about it is not the whole... all knowledge is partial. Knowledge is known; Infinity is unknown... it's the macrocosm to the microcosmic now which is also unknown. Here we already see glimpses of Sun/tiphareth whose symbol is the circumpunct - a dot in a circle; microcosm macrocosm.
So there's a lot more. It's a daily thing... little pieces of the bigger picture. But this might enough of a short summary that you may find it familiar. Please respond if you've had any experiences with the tree such as these.
For me it is something that just happened. I know there are people who intentionally work the tree paths in meditation and such, but for me i was just being present and evolving and noticed the correlations and began to put it all together. I only recognized i was following a template because of my familiarity with the tree and the planetary metals and the martial regulus path.
The sun/tiphareth is going to be a big deal :) I'm very excited for what i have seen is to come.

11-08-2016, 07:58 PM
The word secret derives from secretion, whatever the great secret is has to deal with a fluid. In alchemy there are many terms for this..the fountain of youth, the elixir of life, the crystal river and many more.