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Hi there.

Not post here for some time but I would like to offer some insights into those who are trying the Artofferus Method.

I have posted this particular post in another forum but I would like to hear your opinions for those who may have got far into the system. Here is the post:

I would like to discuss the work of Artofferus.

The book is very complex, purposefully hiding the keys of the work and sometimes giving clues that lead to blind alleys.

However, the experiments I have performed from the book I will illustrate here:

"The Wet Way using Mercuric Chloride"

We combine Mercuric Chloride (Metallic component) with HCL (Acidic Component) and with calcium Oxide (Carrier Component). This is placed in a jar and then Sodium Hydroxide (Alkali Component) is added slowly to cause a COLLISION of OPPOSITES. This gives a RED-ORANGE PRECIPITATE.

The Precipitate is is washed with Distilled Water and dried at room temp. We then , once again, add alkali to to the red precipitate, wash it out again and redissolve with HCL. It is re-coagulated with Sodium Hydroxide.

This is heated slowly to dryness, placed into a test tube and heated below 300 Degrees Centigrade. The powder then becomes ghostly pale white and dunked into water. This is then washed and should result in a red powder as the residue salts dissolve into the water.

My Opinion --- DO NOT INGEST THIS. It is still poisonous and can cause my ailments, even after the heating the compound. I only write this to make you aware of the experiment.


I have no idea why its called process 6, Arthur only told me that I will find out later (which I never did).

This process is very simple. We take RED Iron Oxide and mix it with HCL until we get a supersaturated solution. The Liquor is then filtered and set aside. We then take LEAD powder and add it to the now Iron Chloride Liquor.

My Opinion and Observations: Adding the dark LEAD POWDER cause effervescence once added to the red liquor. A stinking smell comes over and the DARK LEAD PARTICLES now turn to a light grey, similar to the process of calcining Stibnite. The red colour of the liquor is then replaced with a green colour.

He states in his book that the resulting powder will be a white shining powder, which is not the case. I do not know what to do with this powder. It's like as if it was just a fun experiment to do with no meaning or purpose behind it.

Anyone who has performed this experiment, please let me know.

"Appendix D"

Here, at the end of the book, is a secret instruction manual of practical alchemy.

It describes a YELLOW SUBJECT MATTER (he does not explain how you obtain it) that is combined with molten sodium hydroxide and then combined with Ammonium Nitrate. These two "helper salts" cause the birth of the red stone and then you put this powder onto lead which makes the PAX GLASS, as he called it.

Does anyone have this book? For several years I have tried to decipher how to proceed but I always hit obstacles and Arthur himself confuses the issue when I contact him.


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My friend bought the book, but he says it was outrageously thick.


The first process with Hg is interesting. I'm not sure why one would combine HCl with Hg chloride, there would be no reaction at all. Does he mean to dissolve Hg in HCl? That would make more sense. The process somewhat reminds me of the Caro work.

As I understand in that work, we have HgS + KOH. They react to form HgO and K polysulfide, or liver of sulfur. So essentially a salt of mercury and a potassium salt which is digested.

It seems something similar is happening here. The orange red precipitate would certainly fit as a mercury oxide. The whole "collision of opposites" was pretty nonsensical... it is also known by the non superstitious as... neutralization. But I guess it's not alchemy if you're not embellishing your words and invoking God every other sentence.

So we dissolve and precipitate once. Then we alkalinize it and redissolve it. Then we realkalinize and precipitate it again. (I do take issue with his very imprecise choice of words here, namely "coagulate" which more accurately describes a liquid solidifying, but a precipitation reaction is not a coagulation in any sense.)

Then it gets weird as he claims it turns white? Have you done the process up to this point and seen it turn white? This I cannot explain and it sounds alchemical. But I will say this this process is very similar to ORMUS making wouldn't you agree? It's just two rounds of acid and base swinging. According to ORMUSers, acid base swinging will eventually leave you with a white powder. Similarly, and possibly related, in Indian alchemy there is a claim of making some form of medicinal mercury out of the actual element, and supposedly you drop it into a red hot crucible or something and it's meant to drop to Au. Once it does that you know it's good. Give that a go perhaps? It also sounds quite ORMUSy.

Can you explain some more how far you got in this experiment and what you did with this white material?


I'm not sure how to explain this iron and saturn process. Sounds like you'd just get iron and lead chlorides? Lead doesn't dissolve very readily in HCl anyways, and it'd be even harder if the solution was supersaturated. Try melting the powders together to see what you get. When you collect the lead and iron powder, make sure it's not from a solution you boiled down. Ideally collect the stuff that has precipitated if you can, or gently evaporate the solution. My delusions tell me you get Au out of it. Just a hunch.


That last one sounds promising. In terms of the ions at work it sounds promising. Namely the presence of an alkali and ammonium. Nitre and sal ammoniac aren't part of Hollandus's hand for nothing you know. Yellow. I have two thoughts here as to what it could be. Tell me what you think it could be though so I can get a fresh perspective. It's odd that you say the powder onto lead to make Paxglass. Is this perhaps a misunderstanding. I thought the Paxglass was his term for the stone, and that it should be combined with saturn to make sol?

I also remembered someone on this forum posted a claim that in some region of the world the word alchemy meant "salt fusion" or something like that. Nitre and sea salt was one given example.

Not sure what you mean by Arthur confuses it himself. So you mean to say he's intentionally being vague?


In sum the book sounds like your typical modern alchemy book. Lots of big claims which remain unfulfilled, along with some mildly megalomaniacal content... http://artofferus.com/about.html

Arthur Fehres, alias Artofferus, believes – nay, is most certain – that God chose this ordinary Australian to be one of God's instruments to prepare His new Kingdom, a new Golden Age lasting about 2,500 years. To create energy of such magnitude involves millions of people devoted to this cause.
Didn't that Hitler fellow talk about starting some 1,000 year golden age too? I think he called it a Reich though.

Only recently Arthur realised that the Artofferus mandala/emblem could be the means to gather the required numbers. Please, have a go at this and observe what happens in and around you.
I think Hitler chose the Swastika himself. He to realized he needed a symbol to unite people... Another day another cult.


What is the other forum you refer to?