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10-15-2015, 12:37 AM
Since I first began dreaming I've never seemed to be able to fly in a dream. I always tried, but ended up just skipping forward (over houses and forests), but never taking to the air... only dropping down again (softly).

A few years ago I once started thinking about what the time was before I going to sleep, and this resulted in me looking at my watch in the dream. I noticed that the watch was utterly messed up, spinning backwards and stuff... so I realized I was dreaming and entered a lucid state. And I instantly began to fly. During this amazing event I kind of lost track of reality/illusion and forgot it was a dream and crashed.

The other night I did not have a lucid dream, but for some reason I could fly. And I fly constantly. All the time. Like Superman. I was aware that I could fly knowing I used to have a problem with this in dreams... but it still wasn't a lucid dream... maybe lucid-light. The only strange thing was that I could not fly over water. I have had some drowning incidents in my youth, and perhaps I have to much respect for the sea?

I guess flying is something to do with freedom? Maybe all my life I have not felt free enough to fly, and for some reason now I can fly at will?

Thoughts? Experiences?



10-15-2015, 08:31 AM
This is hard to explain with words, but BEFORE falling asleep, but when you are about to fall asleep, it is VERY easy to visualize a "dream-like" scene... it's a strange state in which you are neither asleep nor completely awake and it is definitely NOT a lucid dream.

As to borrow an expression from Salazius and taking it completely out of context, it is somehow like an "ersatz lucid dream".

If you have troubles doing it, the EASIEST way is to sleep in a place that is not completely dark (i.e, you can have a candle) and watch it for some minutes, then close your eyes and "see through your eyelids". THis is the easiest way to being an "ersatz lucid dream"... the good thing is that with some practice it is VERY easy to do in this specific state whatever you want without any effort. To "see through the eyelids" is something that can be acomplished without much effort, specialy if you "see" exactly what you have in front of you... once you have done it a few times, you may try to include yourself in the scene and do something very simple that you always do before sleeping (i.e, it can be "going to the toilet" or "going to the kitchen to pick a glass of water")... and after some time you'll be able to choose a scene that is not related to your house and do things which you can't do whilst you are awake.

It sounds like a simple "visualization"... and somehow it it, but at the same time it isn't (at least for me it is VERY different from a "normal" visualization during a "meditation"... it is actually easier and more simple).

The second good thing is that if you keep with the "ersatz lucid dream" you will probably fall asleep and begin to dream (not necessarily a "lucid dream", maybe a "normal dream")... but the scene and theme of the dream will often continue the "plot" and "scene" of the "ersatz lucid dream". So you can begin to fly in this "ersatz lucid dream" and you will probably keep on flying whilst you are really dreaming.

As for the reason of your troubles with "flying", I am not a Jungian... and I don't really believe in "universal symbols of the unconscious mind". So it's impossible to guess what flying REALLY means to you.

10-15-2015, 10:37 PM
Hi Dev,
I have had flying dreams since I was a kid, and when I have them, there is a real sensation of motion/ flying (like when you go over a hump back bridge in a car).

Sometimes in a flying dream I get afraid that I am so high so start coming down again.
I do believe like some authors say, that when you dream of flying, your astral body is traveling further away from your physical body than the normal say 6 inches that usually happens during sleep, and that the motion of the astral body is what provoked the dream of motion.

The really interesting thing for me is that when I do have flying dreams I wake up much more refreshed than usual, like I have had an 8 hr sleep instead of the usual 6.5.

I do find, I am much more likely to have flying dreams if I got get off to sleep on my back, rather than on my side -but I cannot get to sleep on my back unless really exhausted.

I also have had lucid dreams which were initiated when in a flying dream. I realise in the dream, that flying is not possible and then am aware I am in a dream. I then plan of flying to my sister at other end of country, but the excitement causes me to wake up. Sylvann Muldoon had the idea you cannot astral project unless your pulse is under 40 beats per min - a good fail safe as you dont want to astral project while driving that articulated truck. So I think if you get too excited in the lucid dream/projection your pulse speeds up to waking pulse.

I did have just one really vivid lucid dream/OOB where I was 200 ft from my house and was completely awake - but it didnt last long for same reason.

Flying dreams may be more achievable during a full moon