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solomon levi
01-12-2009, 08:52 PM
I'm currently working on this one and thought I'd share
what I've found.

This Elixir contains aloes, myrrh and saffron, usually in
equal weights. Each can be treated individually and later
combined, or treat them altogether. The method I'm using
is to make the ens of each and combine the tinctures. I've also
read a method of extracting them with vinegar.

Most recipes call for "Succotrine" aloes, but I don't think it's
too big a deal. Aloe vera is not a succotrine aloe; it's a "curacao" or
"barbados" aloe, but I read in an old herbal that it is actually stronger
than succotrine. What you want, I believe, are the bitters.
I think in the old days they would evaporate
the gel to a powder, but I found this laborious and the amount of
material is greatly reduced. I was able to extract the tincture with the
potassa-carbo from the gel itself.
Don't confuse with Lignum aloes. That's a tree they made/make
incense with - not related.

The saffron tincture came out a nice deep orange.
The myrrh is a reddish brown.
The aloe looks the same color as the gel.

01-12-2009, 10:23 PM
That sounds like an interesting and useful elixir once you get it made. Please let of know the ratios you plan on using.

Have you thought about adding camphor or menthol to the mix? Might make an interesting skin rub once all said and done.

solomon levi
01-14-2009, 06:18 PM
Well, I mixed the three tinctures and tried to get them
near equal amounts, but it's hard to say if the tincture tincted
an equal amount of original herb.

I tried the final tincture yesterday. I like it.
Hard to describe - it's an energy thing. Plus I'm still
taking the melissa ens, so I don't want to take too many
things that might interfere, but I had to try it out.
It smells mostly of the saffron, which was originally
3 (or maybe 5?) grams. (I'll have to check the bottle)
The myrrh was in powdered form and added about 3 oz
to the original ens. The aloe was in pure 99.98% juice/gel
and I just poured in maybe 1/6 th of a gallon to the
ens/potassa carb solution.
So after each tincted the alcohol, Ipoured in equal amounts
of that tincted alcohol to make the final tincture.
I'm probably going to evaporate/distill it down to about 1/3rd.