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Compos Stellae
11-28-2015, 12:08 AM

I'm sure this new publication will be interesting for most of us :D

That's the press release of the book:


A new book brings to light an unexpected and intriguing view about the first Governor of Connecticut: “he was probably one of the most famous alchemist of all times: Eireaneus Philalethe”

Seven years of work, 1500 pages, a great love for Alchemy and History: this is “Philalethe Reveal'd”, a self edited book by Captain NEMO & Fra' Cercone , two Italian alchemists who chose to write under a nom de plume, like many other Alchemy authors. The book is published - in English - by Lulu.com in two different formats: an Economy BW Edition, and a Luxury Full Colour Edition.

The former consists of three volumes, the latter of two, even if the content is obviously identical. For further information:

“The initial part of the work is good news both to scholars and students – tell us the authors - as for the first time ever we conducted a critical study on the three reference editions of Philalethe’s masterpiece, namely "Secrets Reveal'd" (English – 1669), namely "L'Entrée Ouverte au Palais fermé du Roi" (French - 1672), and "Introitus Apertus ad Occlusum Regis Palatium" (Latin - 1695) – accompanied by an exhaustive notes' apparatus.”.

The second part is a fascinating journey into the XVII Century's Europe and New World, focused on the personalities who made the alchemical history of their time. “Our hypothesis – the authors go on - carefully weighted up with documents at hand, is that John Winthrop Jr., one of the Founding Fathers of the rising United States and first Governor of Connecticut, could have been Eirenaeus Philalethe, one of the most famous Alchemist of all times.”.

The hypothesis Winthrop/Philalethe had been advanced by two eminent academics, George H. Turnbull and Ronald S. Wilkinson. The issue was further developed by Paolo Lucarelli – an Italian alchemist and a distinguished scholar of the history of Alchemy, who in 2001 edited and translated Eirenaeus Philalethe's works with a special attention to “Introitus Apertus”.

To verify this hypothesis, the authors have deepened the research, studying and evaluating a great deal of documents, by crossing letters, less known tracts, dates and historical events.

To Buy the first volume of "Philalèthe reveal'd": //www.lulu.com/spotlight/Captain_NEMO__Fra_Cercone

About the Authors

Both the book’s Authors have a scientific cultural background. One of them is a Physicist, and the other an Aerospace Engineer. The former works now in Computer Graphics, the latter is a happy academic retired from a distinguished Italian University where he taught and did research for forty-five years. They know each other since college time, and ever since have been close friends. They have been involved with Alchemy for about as long, as for both Alchemy was love at first sight. Later, when they set up their own alchemical labs, they decided to wear the cloak of anonymity to separate ordinary life from the Great Work. This book is the result of a more than seven years long work where enthusiasm and passion amply justified the hard labor; and it is their way to remind to these unpropitious times the value and beauty of perennial teachings and brotherly friendship, where all individualities fade away.

11-28-2015, 01:35 AM
Are you one of the authors?


11-28-2015, 07:18 AM
According to professors William R. Newman and Lawrence M. Principe, the guy who wrote the "Philalethes" texts was George Starkey. The question seems quite settled after all the research they made, even going through Starkey's surviving laboratory notebooks. It is extremely suspicious that Starkey, the guy who propagated these texts as if they were not his own, never mentions them or their supposed "adept" author even once in any of his private notebooks, which otherwise are quite prolix in references to other authorities. This is a very incriminating piece of evidence. Had those "Philalethes" texts really been written by this supposed "adept" that Starkey knew, we would logically expect Starkey's notebooks to be full of references to them and their "adept" author in his private musings on how to make the Philosophers' Stone. Yet there is not even a single word on the subject. So case pretty much "closed": it is almost sure that Starkey invented that whole story about him having met an "adept" who gave him a sample of the white Stone and so forth, and then he made up all these texts pretending to be written by this "adept" in order to impress his circle of acquaintances and friends and authoritatively propagate his own speculations on how the Stone is supposedly made, which later on would circulate under the "Eirenaeus Philalethes" pseudonym.

Compos Stellae
11-29-2015, 01:03 AM
Dear Dev,

I'm not one of the author, I fear my english is not so good ;). Anyway, they are my friends.

Dear JDP,

Perhaps "Philalethe" was Starkey, or maybe he was John Winthrop Jr...
Following the opinion of the authors he probably was JW Jr, but the real allure of that work is elsewhere. They have donate to us - I think - a little alchemical treasure. For the first time we can see a comparation between three different versions of Philalethe's famous work. A jem for all students. Furthermore, for the first time the authors translated in English a lot of alchemical pieces from Latin, French, Deutch and Italian (among others: Sendivogius, Mayer, Coutan, Da Marsciano, Harprecht). So, a good reading :o

Thank you all
Compos Stellae

11-29-2015, 01:06 AM
I'm not one of the author, I fear my english is not so good ;). Anyway, they are my friends.

Well you have the name of this book as your email account (philalethereveald@...), and then there is also this:

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I fear my english is not so good ;).

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Thank you.

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