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G'day from the land down under,

I've been interested in alchemy for about 2 years which stemmed from my spiritual endeavours. Only now am I starting to be in any position where I can start playing so to speak, with a tight budget at that but I'm sure a lot of you can relate. Some might recognise my username from Allelius' old forum, decided to join when I found out he had passed onto the next world, rest his soul.

My history outside of alchemy(in a strict sense because it's all alchemy right? :D) is that I felt very inspired by nikola tesla when I was very young and studied alt energy for some time, even started going to university. I eventually realised that if we had unlimited clean energy we'd collectively just build more cities and destroy nature and therefore ourselves quicker.

So I became interested in Permaculture, studied that for some time and even went and lived on a number of properties that practiced permaculture but found that people's stories and shadows often get in the way of permaculture systems really thriving as intended and what really needs to change is our relationship to ourselves. Thus I have begun the path of healing and am beginning a Chinese medicine degree. I find the classics of TCM read like alchemy texts and so feel it's very appropriate.

I'm also very interested in plant medicines, composting, playing music, personal sovereignty and bioremediation. I can't wait to interact with people on this forum and get to converse with people with similar interests.


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Welcome Philosophical

...from the land down under.

Dendritic Xylem
12-05-2015, 07:14 AM
I also enjoy permaculture.
Aquaponics, worm castings, peruvian seabird guano...wonderful stuff.