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12-22-2015, 12:56 AM
I know its not alchemy, but I found this book quite inspiring - google it on amazon

This kid was only 12 yrs old when he built a fusion reactor in his grandma's garage.
It didn't work ...... until he was 14.

There is a club of 32 people in the world who have built fusion reactors - at fusor.net
Some good advice on child prodogies

For anyone with even a passing interest in physics its well worth a look

12-22-2015, 09:47 AM
thank you interesting.Kismet for me personaly since this exact story is coverd in the well know tv show big bang theory as the background childhood story of the main character sheldon cooper.Put it of as an exaggeration for story telling purposes but now seeing your thread it comes back to mind..

without reading any of it I would guess that the key to fusion lies in the understanding of plasma or how to make the state of being both liquid and solid stable in water.Than regarding if one wants to take the cold or hot fusion path you either burn with oxygen external(hot fusion) or you cause an implosion reaction internal(cold fusion) I would guess that a fusion reactor can be build with as little as 2 electro magnets,a reaction chamber and water(+magnetic carrier substance dissolved to enhance the ressonance/energy transfer) if one reaches a point of enough understanding.In fact done exactly right two opposing electro magnetic fields and a compression chamber should be enough to create power/fusion plants more effective than nuclear reactors.

But this is just a mere speculation/discussion opener on my part I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this..especially the macrocosm=microcosm part and how a fusion in phys. reality is done internally on the soul/mind level since alchemical this would be a alchemical wedding of male and female fire and water and therefor a fusion in the phys. world should also be a reaction of fire and water/or their higher states in some way

12-22-2015, 10:44 AM
Two opposing electromagnetic fields and a compression chamber.

This is alike to what is needed, indeed, and it is scale invariant (Micro & Macro alike).

The so-called "Above", the so-called "Below" and the Center.

We have such a 'mechanism' concealed within ourselves as well, our very own 'Liberation Engine'.

It's not about 'weddings', 'male & female', 'fire & water' or other such relative and allegorical notions.

"I" would suggest to discard those romanticized terms and grok the One Principle underlying them all.


12-22-2015, 01:03 PM
Thank you androgynus for your reply!

Can you please elaborate a little bit more on how exactly it is ment what you are saying?Because I really do not understand what in my statements gives you the impression that I see things in such simplistic patterns?I really donīt understand your train of reasoning,no attack just clarification please.

It is an alchemical wedding and it does not matter if I personally call it above=below or alchemical wedding or action=reaction and I never expanded on believing that the world/hermetic principles are merely this dualism. Further it is neither romantic(imo) nor am I leaving things out calling it alchemical wedding because giving a break down from the top spiritus mundi/ homers golden chain or the kabbala tree/fruit of life or the kybalion 7 principles or... there is no need to state the basics becase everybody here knows them better than me.

Sry maybe I am a bit sensitive but I see it as some kind of degrading to be called romantic without explanation just a cryptic the answer is inside you in order to elavate yourself over me when YOU neither know which underlying principles I know(you dont ask) nor explain your view.

Lastly to make an educated guess about electro magnetic fields and compression chambers without reading any on the matter is really hardly to do if all one has to go on is the romantic notion of "weddings" etc as you put it.Since electro/magnetism is on a deeper level than the simple fire,wind,water,earth chain so how do you come to your conclusion?

12-22-2015, 03:09 PM

I didn't call you romantic... Read attentively please. It's those terms/notions that I referred to as 'romanticized'.

Some - actually a lot of - hermetic texts (such as the Kybalion) 'suffer' from the same 'pathology', IMO :)

If anything, my reply was more of an agreement and a strengthening of the concept of the 2 fields and the 'chamber' between them.

This being a fundamental principle (again, in my view), applications may vary depending on personal approach and area of application.

Counter-rotating fields are allegedly used for anti-gravity engines. Just an example.

The purpose of my post was mostly to re-affirm what is, to "me", a fundamental principle, and the better we innerstand it (also by looking beyond form and cultural biases), the better we can Know.

I am actually glad you have expanded the original topic to include potential Alchemical applications.

-> o <-


12-22-2015, 07:20 PM
thank you for your detailed and very helpful reply!

I am currently walking an introspection path and am trying to balance my fire based aspects of my personality like anger and quick judgement...clearly I have stilla good way to go XD so sry for coming at you rather strongly and in some way attacking!

But given the nature of the topic many great free spirits like nikola tesla as the most famous come to mind.Havenīt looked to deeply into him but there should be no doubt that he was not just a publicl recognized genius inventer but also a top notch alchemist.His ideas/concepts/and completed prototpes of free energy harvester/generator/transmitter/receiver should be the polarization of any kind of fusion generator.not generating energy through destruction and mutation of matter (or of "soul essence" in internal alchemy I assume)but through magnetic or electric attraction.By creating energy through the difference in energy between the free energy from either the athmosphere or void and the energy which gives the physical reality its fundamental vibration and all matter and conciousness its motion.Its like fusion reactors are the principal of using a ventilator to cool a room and free energy devices are like opening the window and letting the room temperature and outside seek its own natural balance and flow.

therefor the following should also be true and possible.
1. creating a pepeto mobile by harmonizing the polarity and creating a stable alchemical wedding as in the fusion generators waste needs to be the free energy generators fuel and vice versa.Like for example using the fusion generators matter/energy of fusion as female principle body and the free energy devices energy output as male principle burning/energy/change source.In perfect equilibrium the fusion will never stop and never consume itself endlessly.The opposite using the free energy devices output electro-morphic interference to create the magnet/energyfields needed for the fusion generators stability field would also be true given this asumption.
2.Creating a fusion generator by implosion or vacuum cleaner principle which would result in its polarized extreme in a black hole

And now I understand what one of the answers to the thread about the back handed alchemical path I started should be.
The first stage/step towards ascension is claimed as the night of the soul albeido where one is confronted with the ego and all "dark" or "negative" aspects of the soul/memory/past.Than the first stage of the back handed path is to the choosing of the student either the implosion/void path as in eradicating every "light" "positive" aspect of oneself or the explosion/creation path as in strenghtening every mind,ego and mental aspect only in discarding the love/soul/heart aspects completly.So were albeido is completed with the death of psyche/ego/self and birth of universal conciousness than I dont know maybe degredo in the back handend alchemical path is completed with the death of unity/love/emotion and the birth of the "tyrannical conciousness" or the being one in oneself in contrast to being one with oneself.
Just as a thought

12-22-2015, 09:38 PM
So as to not stray too much off topic, I have replied to the last paragraph HERE (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?4585-Question-regarding-fundamentals-which-I-can%B4t-find-satisfying-answers-to&p=40057#post40057).

12-22-2015, 10:29 PM
This is alike to what is needed, indeed, and it is scale invariant (Micro & Macro alike).

The so-called "Above", the so-called "Below" and the Center.

We have such a 'mechanism' concealed within ourselves as well, our very own 'Liberation Engine'.

Yea its like fusion takes such huge Universal opposing forces, like the strong nuclear force in the nucleus, against the electrical repulsive force of the protons. Once this does happen a new state of the materials and energy state is achieved. You could think of it like Shakti and Shiva finally meet and find their harmony and then change into something else.

https://www.ted.com/talks/taylor_wilson_my_radical_plan_for_small_nuclear_fi ssion_reactors?language=en
https://www.ted.com/talks/taylor_wilson_yup_i_built_a_nuclear_fusion_reactor ?language=en

People have speculated that some successful alchemy involved a type of low temp cold fusion.
I wonder have any modern alchemists ever experimented with dueterium...

JRT - Interesting anecdote, Taylor did visit the set of Big Bang, and while there he noticed an old Geiger counter, and said to the crew that in some of those models the reference radioactive source was not always removed, so he got a screwdriver and opened it and the crew all went running when he pulls out the isotope - which he took home with him :)