View Full Version : Catherine D'Oultremont's "Un Etrange Voyage"

01-14-2016, 10:59 PM
I got this book quite recently and bought it mostly due to my "intuition", since it could have been bullshit or it could have been a true gem. I decided to take the risk and I won.

The book was published in Spanish as "El sueño de un alquimista" ("An Alchemist's dream"), though the edition says that the original title in French is "Un étrange voyage" ("A strange trip/travel")... probably the Spanish publisher changed the title as to make it more attractive and make me buy it :p (well, I would have probably not noticed a book titled "a strange travel", so it was probably not a bad choice).

It's a short alchemical novella (55 pages in my Spanish edition).

I can't find it in French using google! So I assume it had been published as a part of a larger book in French (I am assuming it, otherwise google would give me some results).

It was written in 2013... and it's a very interesting novella. It's mostly a discussion about alchemy between the customer of a bookshop and the owner of the bookshop... but the nice thing is that they talk about many subjects and the notes quote the sources.

If you like those threads by Androgynus in which he brings many quotes by different authors on a specific subject, then you'll love this book.