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01-22-2016, 12:13 PM
Hey everyone :)

I'm just another seeker of knowledge and insight that happened upon Alchemy Forums while searching for a place to converse with like-minded people.

Personally, I'm regular guy, mid-thirties, a father, and a life-long seeker of truth and meaning. I'm particularly interested in how hermetic and other philosophical principles can help us to filter and make sense of our very complicated times.

At it's base, I'm just looking forward to connecting with people and sharing ideas of all kinds, on all subjects.

01-22-2016, 12:40 PM
greetings mate :) now that your here I am no longer the new guy XD.Enjoy the community,speaking from personal opinion I not just found what I was seeking here but even the information/topics which I didnīt even know I would love to seek out.your going to love it, hf! :) ^^

01-22-2016, 12:59 PM
Welcome to Alchemy Forums!

May I inquire about the meaning of your chosen forum name, 'Dhateia'?

01-22-2016, 02:34 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome folks :)

Dhatheia is the name I've given my personal philosophy; a meaningless gesture, but it helps to give the endeavour meaning :)

The word is of my own creation, based itself on three individual words, each representing what I believe to be the most important realizations we can achieve as individuals:

Daemon is the Latinized version of the Greek “δαίμων,” a word meaning “godlike” and “replete with knowledge.” This term represents for me the power and strength of masculinity, found not only in men, but in all things.

Theia is the Latinized version of the Greek “Θεια,” a word meaning “goddess” or “divine.” This word represents for me the beauty and grace of femininity, found not only in women, but in all things.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word associated most often with Indian religions such as Buddhism, and means “decree” or “custom.” This word represents for me the need to find balance as a rule between all things as a way of life.

Dhatheia represents to me what I see as an ideal way of being, and also the need for balance and for investigation in establishing one’s own customs.

From a personal standpoint, it's really more about being a father than anything else; I want to be able to pass onto my children the importance of establishing a way of being that isn't wrapped up in any particular ideology; this, I hope, will give them something personal to grasp when they have a need in life for symbolism and philosophical grounding.

All of that really comes full circle to my reason for joining the forum - learning and growing is a life-long process that I'm very committed to, and my evolving ideas will always be reflected in my writings under the heading of Dhatheia. So far my learning and growth has been a solitary effort, but I'm seeing more and more the importance of the social aspect of developing as an individual.

01-22-2016, 02:44 PM
Awesome name :)


01-24-2016, 04:22 PM