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03-02-2016, 10:56 PM
I was looking in a website similar to eBay, but local of my country a few PH meters.

I am used to the little papers and have used them since I was a kid (because I always liked water creatures and you must check the PH of the water at least once a month to make sure that something bad is not going on in the water tank).

I never used an electronic PH meter, but since I saw they are so cheap, I wanted to ask to anyone who has one if they need some sort of "powder" that you have to buy again and again (I am asking because in all the product photos I am seeing, there's a small sealed envelope with something that looks like a powder).

I mostly wanted to get something that works without having to buy something else again and again (except for, maybe, batteries)...

Are there any electronic PH meters that do not need any kind of reactive or "powder" or anything else and the device simply measures the PH without having to go to the store to get an X product again and again?

Lux Natura
08-28-2016, 06:01 PM
Electronic pH meters need to be calibrated, ideally before each use. The powders are something you would dissolve in distilled water, and they create a buffer solution at a specific pH (usually 4 and 10). Then you use those ranges to calibrate your meter, by adjusting the dials while the meter is in one solution, then doing it again with another one.

Instead of the powder you can just buy the solution already in liquid form, but for this you are better off getting it from a plant store instead of a chemistry shop - it's much cheaper at the plant store.