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03-16-2016, 06:08 AM
Something interesting for me is that the ET clearly talks about a fourfold division (fire, water, air, earth), whilst other alchemy classics talk about a threefold division (Sulphur, Mercury, Salt).

The interesting thing for me is not really the elements that compose these divisions, but the numbers 3 and 4.

My guess is that by the time that the ET was written, the original neo-platonism was still very influential and the fourfold division was mostly mandatory... Whilst the division in 3, my guess, is that it was probably influenced by the Holy Trinity (like a paradigm shift).

I remember to have read that the division in Salt, Mercury and Sulphur came from Paracelsus... but it was already there before Paracelsus was even born (i.e, Roger Bacon uses it).

I've seen several solutions to the riddle of 4 and 3.

i.e, the mystic Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin used a threefold division and claimed that "air doesn't exist, except as a mixture of fire and water" thus that the elements were three. I like him a lot, but his views on alchemy are often not of much worth, except to understand his own system.

A text mentioned by Androgynus quite recently, Centrum Naturae Concentratum, has a view that was VERY interesting for me. It is mostly talking again and again about Earth, Water and Air and THEN about the fire, but clearly groups the first three together, whilst the fire is not part of the "group" (or has a different status).

But God, willing to bring the Idea of the world, which from eternity he had a knowledge of in his mind into figures, began to make something new, in which he could set forth the manifestation of himself, and have complacency in it. Therefore he began a new Creation, and by his spirit with his word expanded the Matter, and divided it into three, which working together in one harmony, an effluvium from one to one, by one thing, should be the beginning of all things, yet so that one of those three cannot consist without the other two; so there is made out of this one Chaos, or viscous Water, a fixed, fluid and volatile, Body, Spirit and Soul, Earth, Water and Air. The fluid spirit is too unconstant, the volatil soul too subtile, the fixed body too gross to receive that infused power of
the light to its motion. But when from this threefold union a fourth generation ariseth, there is the seed of love, and the center of virtues and powers

It's not the first time I read this theory (which is also very typical of Qabalah)... but this is probably the most elegant description I've read and I was impressed.

03-16-2016, 03:03 PM
3 + 4 = 7



03-16-2016, 05:20 PM
Basil Valentine, in the Triumphal Chariot, writes something to the effect that the Earth (4th) is generated by the coming together of Fire, Water and Air.

The part I like about what you've posted though is the implications of a new birth.

03-17-2016, 06:20 AM
3 + 4 = 7


I like it that the first comment that came to your mind is "VITRIOL = 7".

This is an old idea I have and I think I've posted it years ago... but I think that ViTRIOL is a formula (they are nominating me for the nobel prize of alchemy after this statement! :p ).

I relate it to what I've said. I don't think of it as 3 + 4.... but as 3 -> 1 -> 3


As if "R" was the mediator between two "trinities".

The first "trinity" would be:

V = Visit
I = the Interior
T= of the Earth

and the second "trinity" would be:

I = Find
O = Occult
L = Stone

My idea is that:

V + R = I --> The "rectification" of Visiting becomes Finding
I + R = O --> The "rectification" of the Interior becomes something Occult
T + R = L --> The "rectification" of the Earth becomes the Stone

I believe that the "R" is the key or the operation that makes a lower "trinity" (Visit the Interior of the Earth) become a higher "trinity" (Find the Occult Stone).

So I think this formula involves a 3, a fourth thing... and then a purified 3.

(Maybe I am unknowingly plagiarizing someone, though I've arrived to these ideas by my own and I never saw them anywhere else).