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05-17-2016, 08:52 AM
I was reading the rules of the Gold und Rosenkreutz Order (as published by Sigmund Richter). I was quite shocked by its rules (and some of them are quite contradictory).

I was specially surprised by the following rules:

-The Order was ONLY for males... though they were allowed to share minor secrets with their wives (though not important things).

-Married men were NOT allowed to be eligible for initiation.

-Those who were members were allowed to marry, though it was suggested not to do it.

-The sons of the members were not eligible for initiation.

-The Order could have only 63 members... I could not decipher why 63, though my wild guess is that it can be related to Samekh + Gimel = 63.

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I was surprised because I am aware of the existence of other Rosicrucian + Gnostic Orders that work with rules that completely go against these rules:

1) Males and Females are allowed.

2) Marriage is NOT considered as a big deal, though it is definitely not considered as something "sacred" in religious terms.

3) The final grades are ONLY given to males and females who have biological sons or daughters (or adopted sons or daughters) AND a partner. The only exception (in some of them) is homosexuals, who are not requested to have biological sons, neither they are requested to adopt (they are not forbidden to do it either).

4) The sons and daughters of the members are given "advantages" when it comes to choosing new members.


I am also aware of OTHER Rosicrucian Orders that do not follow any of these rules (in short: the private life of the members doesn't matter at all when it comes to wives/husbands, sons, etc).

What's your idea about these 3 different approaches or types of rules?
(my own opinion if that I am not a big fan of *intrusive* Orders and that having a partner, having sons, etc are personal choices which an Order should not even consider... the whole issue is, in my own perspective, a personal choice that is unrelated to the "Orders")... But I wanted to hear other opinions.