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06-06-2016, 01:47 PM

One of the persons I do admire the most interviewing one of the persons that Dev admires the most.

''Make Room for the Mushrooms' was a title that Jhonn Balance dreamed into his far-too-brief lifetime for a future Coil project/manifesto, and this interview with "counter-cultural" writer Terence McKenna in the mid to late 1990s must have played a part. The funny and sly McKenna is interviewed at length on mushrooms, psilocybin, consciousness awakening, the solstice, the Mayans, and a rather grand conclusion about it all. Unsurprisingly, Balance is quite enthusiastic to hear it. As I hope you will be, because whether you agree with all of McKenna's theories and philosophy (skeptics will file it under 'pseudoscience') - most Coil fans should be receptive, and I - like Agent Mulder perhaps - Want To Believe. One thing is certain - its a lively 55 minutes of two searchers sharing their visions, and the genesis for the 'Time Machines' album surely starts here....
The interview starts abruptly and in mid-sentence, small talk, as Christopherson was presumably arranging the microphone and possibly camera. It was part of a series of interviews Jhonn and Peter made for an unrealized "Spoken Word" project that would have been called ''Black Sun Magazine' or "Wounded Galaxies Tap From My Window." Other writers/ artists featured were William S. Burroughs, John Giorno and Taylor Meadee.

Note: I have released this before, but I now offer it with dramatically louder sound as the original uncompressed file was very hard for some computer systems to convey. Hopefully the compression preset I used with Adobe Audition was the wise choice, but I'm certain it's so much better to HEAR - and thus appreciate and think. In fact, I think I'll play it again right now, and ponder and dream...

I must confess that I'm not a HUGE McKenna fan, but I truly truly truly love John Balance. A gift for Dev & I... and others who can be interested in McKenna, Balance, both of them or the interview itself.

Bonus Track:

(John Balance reading Blake's "The Rose")


Bonus Track II:

(John Balance and his LSD - Love's Secret Domain - song inspired by Blake's rose)